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Operation in car SIM mode
Before installing the SIM card, make sure that the car kit is
switched off.
Gently press the catch on the
radio unit casing (1) to open, and
lift the cover (2).
Slide the SIM card holder (3) as
shown to unlock it.
Open the SIM card holder by
lifting it as depicted in figure (4).
Carefully insert the SIM card into
the holder (5). Make sure that the
SIM card is inserted properly and
that the golden contact area on
the card is facing you.
Push the SIM card holder down
into its original position. To lock it
into place, slide it in the direction
indicated by the arrow. Close the
cover of the radio unit.
Access codes for the car SIM card
PIN code (4-8 digits):
The PIN (personal identification number) protects your car
SIM card against unauthorized use. The PIN code is usually
supplied with the SIM card.
Some service providers may allow you to switch off the
prompt requesting you to enter the PIN at power on.
PIN2 code (4-8 digits):
The PIN2 code may be supplied with the car SIM card and is
required to access some functions.
PUK and PUK2 codes (8 digits):
The PUK (personal unblocking key) code is required to
change a blocked PIN code. The PUK2 code is required to
change a blocked PIN2 code.


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