Sanyo FWZH776F Owner's Manual
Sanyo FWZH776F Owner's Manual

Sanyo FWZH776F Owner's Manual

Hd dvr & dvd recorder with digital tuner
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with Digital Tuner
Owner's Manual
Manual del Propietario
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Sanyo FWZH776F

  • Page 1 HD DVR & DVD RECORDER with Digital Tuner Owner's Manual Manual del Propietario INSTRUCCIONES SIMPLIFICADAS INCLUIDOS EN ESPAÑOL. FWZH776F FWZH676F FWZH576F To obtain a more detailed Electronic Copy of this Manual or much further contents, go to Para obtener una Copia Electrónica más detallada de este Manual o mucho otras contenido, visite
  • Page 2: Safety Information

    1. INTRODUCTION O UC O Safety Information The Model and Serial Numbers of this unit may be found on the cabinet. You should Record and retain those Numbers for future reference. Model Number: Serial Number: WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPARATUS TO RAIN OR MOISTURE.
  • Page 3 Displayed in the picture. For FWZH776F and FWZH676F, do Not Connect your In case of picture problems with 480 progressive PC directly to the LAN terminal of the unit.
  • Page 4: License

    “Troubleshooting” in this User Manual, the laser SANYO pays a lot of attention to produce environmental- optical pickup unit may be dirty. Consult your dealer friendly products in green focal areas. Your new DVR or an Authorized Service Center for inspection and contains materials which can be recycled and reused.
  • Page 5: Trademark Information

    Symbol Description SANYO is a registered trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Features depend on what model you have purchased Ltd. and is used by Funai Electric Co., Ltd. and Funai features effective on FWZH776F and Corporation, Inc.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 1. INTRODUCTION 5. RECORDING Safety Information........ 2 Information on Recording ....28 License ............4 Before Recording ........29 Maintenance ..........4 Registering an External HDD ....29 Environmental Care........4 How to Insert a Disc........29 End of life directives........4 Basic Recording &...
  • Page 7 7. EDITING 12. OTHER INFORMATION Deleting a Title........... 41 Troubleshooting ........66 Deleting Multiple Titles ......41 Error Message ........... 71 Renaming a Title........42 Glossary ..........73 Protecting a Title........42 Specifications ........74 Language Code........75 LIMITED WARRANTY ......76 8.
  • Page 8: Functional Overview

    "Auto", the Recording mode will automatically be adjusted so the Titles will fit nicely in the remaining space of the Disc. 2TB hard disk (FWZH776F): 2TB hard disk (FWZH776F): This unit is equipped with a 2TB HDD which allows you to Record Programs for up to a total of 2000 hours (with HD mode).
  • Page 9 TV) or download Recorded Titles from the unit to a on a Disc. Your high definition personal archive file is Mobile device for offline Playback. playable in HD quality. For more free Mobile App information, please visit Editing Others EXT. HDD DVD-RW Video DVD-R Video ■...
  • Page 10: Front Panel

    • Press to Stop Playback or Recording. 1 PLAY button * ) The unit can also be turned On by pressing these Buttons. • Press to Start Playback or Resume Playback. Rear Panel Available on FWZH776F, FWZH676F only. ANTENNA DIGITAL OUT AUDIO VIDEO OPTICAL...
  • Page 11: Display Message

    Display Message : Appears when a : Appears when : Appears when disc is loaded on the Disc Tray is the Disc Tray is the Disc Tray or Opening. closing. checking for a disc on the Tray. : Appears when : Appears when : Appears when the External Input...
  • Page 12 H (Previous) button Remote Control • During Playback, press H to return to the beginning of the current Chapter and then press H as needed to go back to previous Chapter(s). C (Stop) button • Press to Stop Playback or Recording. 10 Number buttons •...
  • Page 13 Installing the Batteries in the Remote Control Using the Remote Control Install 2 AAA (1.5V) batteries matching the polarity Keep in mind the following when using the Remote indicated inside battery compartment of the Remote Control Control. • Make sure that there are no obstacles between the Remote Control and the Infrared Sensor window on the unit.
  • Page 14: Connection

    2. CONNECTIONS C O S Connection ■ Read this first: Disconnect the AC Power cords on this unit, TV and other devices from the AC outlet. Make the Connections as illustrated below. After making all the Connections, connect the AC Power cords on the devices. Antenna Connection (Required) Rear of this unit [ FWZH776/676F below w/LAN connector]...
  • Page 15: Connecting To A Tv Using Video / Audio Cables

    Connecting to a TV Using Video / Audio Cables RCA Audio Cables (supplied) RCA Video Cable (supplied) VIDEO IN L- AUDIO IN -R AUDIO VIDEO ANTENNA ANTENNA AUDIO AUDIO AUDIO AUDIO VIDEO VIDEO D EO H DMI OUT S ET 900mA (VHF / UHF) AUDIO...
  • Page 16: Connecting To A Tv Using An Hdmi Cable

    Connecting to a TV Using an HDMI Cable • HDMI outputs the Digital Video / Audio signals without converting to them to Analog signals. • No Audio connection is required as Digital Audio is sent through the HDMI cable. • High speed HDMI Cable (also known as HDMI category 2 Cable) is recommended for better compatibility. •...
  • Page 17: Setting For An External Device

    Setting for an External Device Connect the external device properly to the unit by using either L2 and L2-S (Front) or L1 (Rear) input jacks. When connecting an external device with a monaural output to this unit, use AUDIO L jack L2 (Front) or L1 (Rear). Use S-Video or the RCA Video/Audio Cables for this Connection.
  • Page 18: Connection To The Network

    Connection to the Network FWZH776/676F Only FWZH776/676F By connecting this unit to the Internet, you can Update the Software via the Internet and access Network services. Note(s) • For a stable Connection, Wired Connection is recommended when using the following Features. (Using following Features with Wireless LAN Connection can be affected by other devices using Radio Frequencies.) –...
  • Page 19 Digital Audio Connection HDMI Audio Connection AV Receiver / Amplifier with an HDMI Input jack AV Receiver / Amplifier with an HDMI Input jack HDMI OUT HDMI Cable ANTENNA DIGITAL OUT R AU UDIO VIDEO OPTICAL HDMI OUT (not supplied) HDMI IN HDMI HDMI OU...
  • Page 20: Connecting To An External Hdd

    Connecting to an External HDD Rear of this unit [FWZH776/676F below w/LAN connector] ANTENNA DIGITAL OUT AUDIO VIDEO OPTICAL RESET HDMI OUT U SB U SB 900mA 900mA AUDIO VIDEO AC plug USB Cable 900mA (If External HDD has it) (not supplied) External HDD (not supplied)
  • Page 21 Select “Register External HDD in Important Notes for the HDD and External HDD’s Important Notes for the HDD and External HDD s this device” using [ K / L ], then press • This unit is equipped with an Internal HDD. [ OK ].
  • Page 22: Initial Setup

    3. INITIAL SETUP Initial Setting Before You Start Please follow the Instructions below to complete the Initial Setting. Finding the Viewing Channel on While the Welcome screen is Displayed, Select “Next”, then press your TV [ OK ]. After you have completed all of the Connections to your TV, review the steps below.
  • Page 23 Daylight Saving Time Select “On” or “Off” using [ K / L ], then press [ OK ] . • If you Select “On”, time will move forward one hour on the second Sunday in March and move back one hour on the first Sunday in November. •...
  • Page 24 After the Connection Test, the test result will be Network Connection Displayed. Press [ OK ]. FWZH776/676F • Please move on to ‘Network Function’ on page If you would like to proceed with the Network Connection setting, perform this setting. If you would like to Skip this setting, Select “No”...
  • Page 25 Network Function FL Dimmer FWZH776/676F Select a desired item using [ K / L ], Select “Use” or “Do Not Use” using then press [ OK ]. [ K / L ], then press [ OK ]. Front Panel Display gets Darker •...
  • Page 26: Viewing Tv

    4. VIEWING TV Detailed Information on the Program You can check the information on the TV Program that While Viewing TV is currently On-Air. Press [ INFO ] while viewing a TV Program. Channel Selection Select a Channel using [ CH +/− ] or [ the Number buttons ] on the Remote Control.
  • Page 27: Closed Caption

    Closed Caption Disc Search Closed Captioning Displays the Audio voice of the TV When you Play the disc, you can Play it by specifying Program as Text superimposed on TV screen. the number. • When you view a TV Program, you can Play the For TV Programs, refer to ‘Caption Settings’...
  • Page 28: Recording

    5. RECORDING About External HDD The Registered External HDD can be used in the same manner as the internal HDD. Information on Recording • Recording / Editing on a write protected External HDD is not possible. Before you make a Recording, read the following Information. ■...
  • Page 29: Before Recording

    Before Recording Basic Recording & One-Touch Timer Recording Registering an External HDD Follow the steps below to Record a TV Program. If you would like to make a Recording to an External HDD, you need to Register the External HDD with this Note(s) unit beforehand.
  • Page 30: Scheduled Recording

    Press [ C (Stop) ] to Stop Recording. Scheduled Recording • Confirmation message will appear. (Recording will be continued.) Select “Yes” to Stop You can Program the unit to Record up to 100 Programs Recording. Select “No” to Continue Recording. within a month in advance.
  • Page 31 Enter the Date using [ K / L ], then Alternate Recording Alternate Recording press [ 1 (Cursor)]. In the following cases, the unit will detect and automatically Record to the HDD even when External HDD or DVD is Selected as the Recording Media. –...
  • Page 32: Hints For Scheduled Recording

    To Stop the Scheduled Recording in Progress Skip the Scheduled Recording Period You can deactivate the Scheduled Recording period (Daily, Press [ C (Stop) ] on the Remote Control. TUE-SAT, MON-SAT, MON-FRI or Weekly) temporarily. Confirmation message will appear. Select “Yes”, Press [ SCHEDULE REC.
  • Page 33: Pause Tv

    • The HDD becomes full during “PAUSE TV”. Actual recording Program B • A Scheduled Recording Starts. For FWZH776F and FWZH676F, a program set later ■ “PAUSE TV” Delete: (Program B and Program C) has priority. The Title Recorded with “PAUSE TV” will not be Deleted by simply Stopping “PAUSE TV”.
  • Page 34: Dubbing

    Selected Title Dubbing Dubbing ■ Preparing for Dubbing : • Register an External HDD to this unit. (Refer to Information on Dubbing ‘External HDD Connection’ on page 20.) You can Dub the contents. • Insert a disc to be dubbed or Recordable Disc in this unit.
  • Page 35 ■ Press [ 1 (Cursor)] to move the cursor To Add a Title: Select “Add”. to the Sub Menu. Select all the Titles to be added using [ K/ L ], ■ then press [ 1 (Cursor)] to Select “OK” in the Sub To Change the Title Order: Menu.
  • Page 36: Playback

    6. PLAYBACK Region Code This unit has been designed to Play a DVD Information on Playback with region 1. A DVD must be labeled for ALL regions or for region 1 in order to Play on the unit. You cannot Play DVDs that are labeled for other regions.
  • Page 37: Hint For Hdd / External Hdd / Dvd Playback

    Hint for HDD / External HDD / DVD Playback from the Title List Playback Press [ TITLE ] to call up the Title List. • To Exit the Title List, press [ TITLE ]. With each HDD / External HDD / DVD Recording, a separate Title will be created.
  • Page 38: Special Playback

    Select the file or Folder you want to Play using [ K / L ], For Disc: then press [ OK ]. During Playback, press [ C (Stop) ]. • Press [ B (Play) ] or [ OK ] to move to any lower •...
  • Page 39: Step By Step Playback

    Note(s) Step by Step Playback When you Play a Title being Recorded. • You can also use the special Playback functions such During Playback, press [ F (Pause) ]. as [ g (Forward) ],[ h (Reverse) ], etc. • Playback will be paused and sound will be muted. •...
  • Page 40: Switching Subtitles

    Switching Subtitles Repeat Playback DVD-Video may have Subtitles in 1 or more Languages. Press [ MENU ] during Playback. Available Subtitle Languages can be found on the disc • Sub Menu window will appear. case. You can Switch Subtitle Languages anytime during Select “Repeat”...
  • Page 41: Editing

    Select the Title you wish to Delete 7. EDITING using [ K / L ], then press [ OK ]. Deleting a Title You can Delete a Title which you do not need anymore. Please be advised that the Title once Deleted cannot be brought back.
  • Page 42: Renaming A Title

    Note(s) Renaming a Title • In Character Set, the Number 1 pushed Repeatedly can be used to Input the following Symbols, Press [ TITLE ]. – ., @, -, _, /, :, !, ", #, $, %, &, ', (, ), *, +, ,, •...
  • Page 43: Network

    Manual 8. NETWORK Select “Wired” using [ K / L ], then FWZH776/676F press [ OK ]. This section describes the procedures for Network setup. By performing the Network Connection setup, Select “Manual” using [ K / L ], then you can use the Network features, such as Network press [ OK ].
  • Page 44 Default Gateway : Manual Proxy Setting Proxy Setting Select “Default Gateway” using [ K / L ], then Proxy Address press [ OK ]. Select “Proxy Setting” using [ K / L ], then press • Default gateway Address entry window will appear.
  • Page 45 ■ For Wireless Connection Select “Auto” using [ K / L / 0 / 1 ], then press [ OK ]. Press [ HOME ], then Select “Settings” • Connection test will Start and the test result will “General Settings” “Network”, be Displayed.
  • Page 46 PIN Code Method Easy Connect Easy Connect This method lets you configure the wireless Network Select this if your Wireless Networks has a PBC using PIN Code method. button . It is the easiest way to set up a wireless Select “PIN Code Method”...
  • Page 47: Network Server

    • Depending on the connected Mobile device, Note(s) this unit may convert an HD Title to SD for Streaming. • This function is available on FWZH776F and FWZH676F only. To Stop Video Streaming, press • To use the Network Server function on a Mobile [ C (Stop) ].
  • Page 48: Scheduled Recording For Downloadable Title

    9. SOFTWARE 9 SO Scheduled Recording for Downloadable Title Software Update Press [ SCHEDULE REC. ]. You can check the Software information and set the Network Update setting. Select “New” using [ K / L ], and press [ OK ]. Press [ HOME ], then Select “Settings”...
  • Page 49: Network Update

    You can Update the Software via the Internet. Be sure Prepare a blank disc. that you have completed the Network configuration beforehand. Access the URL:, then download the latest Software to disc Select “Network Update”, using using a PC by following the directions [ K / L ], then press [ OK ].
  • Page 50: 10. Function Setup

    10. FUNCTION SETUP 0 U C O S Video General Settings Adjusting the Video mode or some other picture functions. In the setup Menu, you can customize the various kinds of settings with your preferences. ➠ p. 51 Refer to the following Instructions to navigate through the setup Menu.
  • Page 51: Video

    Aspect Ratio Video 16:9 of the Video Source Select a desired item using [ K / L ], then press [ OK ]. Video Resolution” When “HDMI is set to “480p” or Video Resolution” when you connect is set to “720p” – Setting of this unit to the TV “1080p”.
  • Page 52: Audio

    Still Mode DRC (Dynamic Range Compression) Use this feature to set the type of Still image when This Compression function will reduce the Volume of Playback is Paused. Select “Auto” usually. the loudest sounds and amplify quieter sounds to make it easier to hear voices or raise the average sound level.
  • Page 53: Display

    Caption Settings Display Closed Caption refers to Text of dialog or descriptions Displayed On-screen. Select a desired item using [ K / L ], Use this Menu to change the settings for Closed then press [ OK ]. Caption. Sets the Selected item in references below. Select a desired item using [ K / L ], then press [ OK ].
  • Page 54 <Edge Type> Caption Style Caption Style Edge Type of the Displayed Caption can be Switched. The following settings can be configured. None Raised Depressed Uniform Left Drop Shadow Right Drop Shadow <Edge Color> Edge Color of the Displayed Caption can be Switched. White Black Green...
  • Page 55: Hdmi

    TV Screen Protection HDMI Audio Out While the Setup Menu is shown, you do not operate If you do not wish to output the Audio through HDMI, any key on Remote Control for 15 minutes, then Setup you can set the HDMI Audio output Off. Menu will be Clear and TV Program can be seen.
  • Page 56: Playback

    Note(s) Playback • If your Select ‘Other’ for ‘Audio Language’, ‘Subtitle Language’, ‘Disc Menu Language’, press the 4-digit Select a desired item using [ K / L ], Code using [ the Number buttons ]. Refer to then press [ OK ]. ‘Language Code’...
  • Page 57: Recording

    Variable Skip/Replay Recording Use [ 0 ( O REPLAY) ] or [ 1 ( P SKIP) ] to Rewind Auto Chapter (REPLAY) or Skip Forward by a certain amount of Time when they are pressed during Playback. The unit inserts Chapter marks periodically during Recording.
  • Page 58: Others

    Subtitle Recording Remote Control Record to DVD with Closed Caption or not. Code Select Code Select Select a desired item using [ K / L ], Sets the Remote Control Code 1/2/3 on your Remote then press [ OK ]. Control.
  • Page 59 Select “On” using [ K / L ], then press [ OK ]. Clock Configure the Clock, Time zone and Daylight Saving • Channel selection window will appear. Time settings. Select a Channel using [ K / L ], then press If the Clock is not set correctly, Scheduled Recording does not work properly.
  • Page 60: Channel Settings

    Auto Channel Preset Channel Settings If you Switch Input Signal wires (e.g. between DTV Antenna and DCATV) or if you move the unit to a Be sure the RF Cable is correctly connected to this different area after the Initial Setting or if you restore the unit and you are Registered with your Cable Digital TV DTV Channels you Deleted, it is recommended to do provider when you install Cable Channels.
  • Page 61 Add Channels Antenna Out This function lets you add the Channels that were not Set whether you want the Antenna signal to added by “Auto Channel Preset” due to the reception passthrough when the Power is Off (Standby) mode. conditions during the initial setup. Select “Antenna Out”...
  • Page 62: Child Lock

    Setting TV and Movie Ratings Child Lock Movie ratings lock is the rating system created by You can prevent children from viewing certain types of MPAA. TV ratings lock has controlled access to Programs or Channels by locking the TV controls using individual Programs based on their age and content specific ratings.
  • Page 63 Canadian English / Canadian French Ratings US TV Movie Description You can Select Ratings for Canadian English / Canadian Rating Rating French Broadcasting. TV-MA Mature audience only NC-17 — No one under 17 admitted Select “Canadian English Rating” Children under 17 require or “Canadian French Rating”...
  • Page 64: Digital Audio Preference

    Downloadable Rating Digital Audio Preference You can set Region Rating. You can set the interpretive Broadcasting by an Audio explanation. Select “Downloadable Rating” using [ K / L ], then press [ OK ]. Select “Digital Audio Preference” • If this unit has not received a Rating Table, a using [ K / L / 0 / 1 ], then press [ OK ].
  • Page 65: Media Management

    11. MEDIA Finalize You will need to Finalize DVD-RW/-R to Play them back MANAGEMENT on other DVD players. Finalizing may take several minutes up to an hour. A shorter Recording period on the disc will require a Media Management longer Finalization Time period. Please Do Not unplug the AC Power cord or Power Off or place unit in Standby You can manage media.
  • Page 66: 12. Other Information

    12. OTHER INFORMATION Troubleshooting Before requesting service for this unit, check the table below for a possible cause of the problem you are experiencing. Some simple checks or a minor adjustment on your part may eliminate the problem and restore proper operation. Symptom Remedy The Power does not turn On.
  • Page 67 No image from HDMI Connection. • Check the HDMI Connection. (Check the status of the HDMI related indications.) • Check the correct SOURCE or INPUT on the DTV device that has correctly selected the Signal from this unit's HDMI output. •...
  • Page 68 TV Aspect Ratio does not match • Check the TV Aspect Ratio. (Refer to page 51) your TV screen. Playback picture is distorted. • During Fast Forward or Fast Reverse, Playback picture may be Color of the picture is abnormal. distorted.
  • Page 69 • Cannot guarantee about third party’s Remote Controls. Please contact the Remote manufacturer if you have any problem with it. • If above solutions do not solve the problem, please call our Customer Support at 1-866-212-0436 or visit additional assistance. Continued on next page.
  • Page 70 Cannot connect to the Network. • Check if the Ethernet Cable Connection is properly made. Turn On the Modem or Broadband Router. • Check the Network settings. • Check if the Broadband Router and/or Modem is correctly connected. Sometimes Video quality is poor •...
  • Page 71: Error Message

    Error Messages Error Message Cause Solution Disc Error • Unplayable disc is inserted • Insert a standardized playable disc which Playback feature may not be in the unit. bear the Logos on page 36. available on this Disc. • The disc is upside down. •...
  • Page 72 Error Message Cause Solution —Please check the USB • The connected External • You need to Register an External HDD to Device.— HDD cannot be recognized this unit. Cannot find External HDD, on this unit. Or External HDD which cannot be Recorded in this Device is connected.
  • Page 73: Glossary

    Glossary Analog Audio JPEG (joint photographic experts group) An electrical signal that directly represents sound. JPEG is a method of compressing still image files. You Compare this to Digital Audio which can be an electrical can copy JPEG files from your personal computer to a signal, but is an indirect representation of sound.
  • Page 74: Specifications

    Specifications General FWZH776F FWZH676F FWZH576F 1 TB 500 GB Power requirements 120V AC +/- 10%, 60Hz +/- 5% Power Consumption 35W (Standby: 0.3W) 35W (Standby: 0.3W) 30W (Standby: 0.3W) Dimensions(width x height x depth) 16.5 x 2.4 x 12.0 inches (420 x 60.1 x 305mm) Weight 7.3 lbs.
  • Page 75: Language Code

    Language Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Abkhazian 4748 German 5051 Marathi 5964 Swahili 6569 Afar 4747 Greek 5158 Moldavian 5961 Swedish 6568 Afrikaans 4752 Greenlandic 5758 Mongolian 5960 Tagalog 6658 Albanian 6563 Guarani 5360 Nauru 6047 Tajik 6653 Amharic...
  • Page 76: Limited Warranty

    Contact the Customer Care Center at: trademark, trade name, or logo affixed to it. This Limited Warranty does not apply to any hardware product or any 1 866 212 0436 software, even if packaged or sold with the product, as...
  • Page 77: 13. Español

    Botón H (anterior) 13. ESPAÑOL • Durante la reproducción, presione H para regresar al inicio del capítulo actual y después presione H como se necesite para regresar al (los) capítulo(s) previo(s). Control remoto Botón C (detener) • Presione para detener la Reproducción o Grabación. 10 Botones de número •...
  • Page 78: Grabación Básica Y Grabación De Temporizador De Un Toque

    ■ Para Detener la Grabación de Temporizador de Grabación básica y Grabación Un Toque dentro del tiempo especificado: • Presione [ (Detener) ]. Aparecerá el mensaje de confirmación. Seleccione “Sí” para detener la grabación. de temporizador de un toque Nota(s) Siga los pasos siguientes para grabar un programa de TV.
  • Page 79 1. Título de grabación programada (Contiene el Grabación alterna Grabación alterna Nombre de título, Fecha, Hora, Canal y Estación En los siguientes casos, la unidad detectará y grabará de transmisión.) automáticamente en el HDD aunque se seleccione HDD 2. Fecha y hora actual Externo o DVD como medio de grabación.
  • Page 80: Consejos Para Grabación Programada

    Para detener la Grabación programada en progreso Omitir el Periodo de Grabación programado Puede desactivar el periodo de Grabación programada Presione [ (Detener) ] en el control remoto. (diario, MARTES-SÁBADO, LUNES-S+ABADO, LUNES- Aparecerá el mensaje de confirmación. VIERNES o semanal) temporalmente. Seleccione “Sí”, después presione [ OK ].
  • Page 81: Pausa De Tv

    Grabación real Programa B • Comienza una grabación programada. ■ Para FWZH776F y FWZH676F, un programa ajustado “Pausa de TV” Borrar: más tarde (Programa B y Programa C) tiene prioridad. El Título grabado con “Pausa de TV” no se borrará al detener simplemente con “Pausa de TV”.
  • Page 82: Durante Reproducción

    El DVD de vídeo puede tener subtítulos en 1 o más idiomas. Los idiomas de subtítulo disponibles se pueden encontrar Durante Reproducción en la caja del disco. Puede cambiar los idiomas de subtítulo en cualquier momento durante la reproducción. Reproducción rápida Presione [ MENU ] durante la reproducción.
  • Page 83 MEMO ES - 83...
  • Page 84: Garantía Limitada

    Comuníquese con el Centro de Atención al Cliente al: por la marca registrada, el nombre comercial o por tener el logotipo correspondiente. Esta garantía limitada no se aplica 1 866 212 0436 a ningún producto de hardware ni de software que no sea de...

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