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Summary of Contents for Sanyo DVR-SD450

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS ABOUT THIS MANUAL ..............................3 WARNING ..................................4 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS............................5 SAFETY INFORMATION..............................6 WARNING ..................................6 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS..............................6 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS..............................7 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS..............................8 PROPER VENTILATION : ...............................8 NOTES ON CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW AND DVD+R/RW DISCS..................9 NOTES ON DISCS................................10 GENERAL PROPERTIES .............................11 CONNECTION ................................12 ANTENNA CONNECTION ............................12 VIDEO &...
  • Page 3 3.4 LANGUAGE................................33 4. DISPLAY MENUS ..............................33 5. DISC EDIT MENU ..............................34 6. TITLE EDIT MENU ..............................35 7. EDITING TITLE .................................35 8. PLAYBACK................................35 8.1 Preparing For Playback (All Discs) ..........................35 8.2 Inserting a Disc in the Tray ............................36 8.3 Basic Playback (DVD, CD-DA, MP3, JPEG, MPEG) ....................36 8.4 Stopping Playback (DVD, CD-DA, MP3, JPEG, MPEG) ..................36 8.5 Pausing Playback (ALL DISCS)..........................36 8.6 Removing a Disc (ALL DISCS) ..........................36...
  • Page 4: About This Manual

    ABOUT THIS MANUAL Instructions on this manual describe the controls of the DVD Recorder. You can also use the remote controller controls with the same name as those on the unit. Dear Customers We would like to thank you for purchasing this DVD Recorder with built-in FreeView Digital Terrestrial Receiver.
  • Page 5: Warning

    WARNING A Laser Warning safety label has been placed inside the chasis at the location shown below. This set complies with the EMC Directive 89/336 and with the LVD Directive 2006/95...
  • Page 6: Important Safeguards

  • Page 7: Safety Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION CAUTION LASER CLASS 1 Wave length: 650 nm (DVD) 790 nm (CD) Maximum output of accessible laser radiation: < 0,39 mW (continuous wave) Classified according to IEC 60825-1: 1993 + A1: 1997 This unit is a class 1 laser product. However this product uses a visible laser beam which could cause hazardous radiation exposure.
  • Page 8: Safety Precautions

    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Power Source The unit should be operated only from a 220-240V~ 50 Hz outlet. Please do not open the cover by yourself. There is high voltage in the set, which will endanger your life. Please contact local service agent for help and advice.
  • Page 9: Safety Precautions

    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS PROPER VENTILATION : CAUTION •Do not block the ventilation openings or holes. (If the ventilation openings or holes are blocked by a newspaper or cloth, etc., the heat may not be able to get out.) •Do not place any naked flame sources, such as lighted candles, on the apparatus. •When discarding batteries, environmental problems must be consid-ered and local rules or laws governing the disposal of these batteries must be followed strictly.
  • Page 10: Notes On Cd-R/Rw, Dvd-R/Rw And Dvd+R/Rw Discs

    NOTES ON CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW AND DVD+R/RW DISCS · CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R (Recordable) and CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW (Rewritable) discs, recorded by the users, may only be used after finalization process. · CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW discs may not be usable, depending on the disc features, recording conditions and damage or dirt on disc.
  • Page 11: Notes On Discs

    NOTES ON DISCS Do not expose the disc to direct sunlight or heat sources such as hot air ducts, or leave it in a car parked in direct sunlight as the temperature can rise quickly and damage the disc. On handling discs: •...
  • Page 12: General Properties

    GENERAL PROPERTIES 1. DVD+R/RW, DVD Video, Audio CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, JPEG playback, DVD+R/RW recording 2. Integrated FreeView Digital Terrestrial Receiver 3. Low power standby mode support 4. User-friendly OSD menu control 5. Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) 6. NTSC/PAL playback (according to disc content) and recording 7.
  • Page 13: Connection

  • Page 14: Analogue Audio Connection

  • Page 15: Scart Connection

    SCART CONNECTION HDMI Output Socket Video & audio output: HDMI socket can be used to connect the DVD recorder either to your TV set or to your AV Amplifier via HDMI cables. To make this connection, your TV set or your AV Amplifier must have HDMI input connector.
  • Page 16: Component Video & Audio Output Connectors

    COMPONENT VIDEO & AUDIO OUTPUT CONNECTORS • If you have a high-definition or “digital ready” TV, you may take advantage of the DVD Recorder’s progressive scan and YPBPR (YUV) output for the highest video resolution possible. • If your TV does not accept the Progressive Scan or YPBPR (YUV) format, the picture will appear scrambled when you try Progressive Scan or YPBPR (YUV) output on the DVD Recorder.
  • Page 17: Introduction

  • Page 18 : To switch the set ON or OFF. OPEN/CLOSE : To Open/close the disc tray. NUMERIC KEYS (0- 9) : 0 - 9. Also used for channel rename in FreeView mode. PROGRAM+ : Tunes to next program while watching TV. PROGRAM- : Tunes to previous program while watching TV.
  • Page 19: Preparing The Remote Control For Operation

    Preparing the Remote Control for Operation The remote control and its batteries are packed separately in the original DVD recorder packaging. You must install the batteries in the remote control before use. Ø Take the remote control of the DVD recorder and the enclosed batteries ( 2 x 1.5 V batteries)(R03/AAA) Ø...
  • Page 20: Front Panel Functions

    1.2 FRONT PANEL FUNCTIONS 2 4 5 7 6 1 : Switches the set ON or OFF. RECORD : Records the selected video source. OPEN/CLOSE ( : Opens/closes the disc tray. PLAY/PAUSE ( : Playback a disc. If this key is pressed during playback or recording, ►/;) operation is paused.
  • Page 21: Front Panel Connections

    1.3 FRONT PANEL CONNECTIONS S-Video Audio Input Input CVBS Input Input DV in: Input jack for DV connection. S-VIDEO in: S-Video socket: Connection of S- Video source. CVBS in : Video input socket: Connection of composite video source (camcorders, video recorders, set top box).
  • Page 22: Vfd Icons

    1.5 VFD ICONS TITLE : Displays the selected/played title number (DVD) : Displays the selected/played track number (CDDA/MP3/JPEG/MPEG) : Displays the type of inserted DVD disc: DVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW DVD R : Displays the type of inserted DVD disc: DVD+R DVD RW : Displays the type of inserted DVD disc: DVD+RW : Indicates that a CD disc is inserted : Displays the selected/played number of chapter (DVD)
  • Page 23: Supported Discs

    1.6 SUPPORTED DISCS Playback and Recording DVD+RW (Digital Versatile Disc+ Rewritable) DVD+R (Digital Versatile Disc+ Recordable) Playback only Max. Disc Types Recording Disc Size Playing Characteristics (Logos) Types Time Single - sided; 240 min. • DVD co n tain s excellen t so u nd an d 12 cm video due to Dolby Digital and MPEG- Double - sided;...
  • Page 24: Installing Your Dvd Recorder

    INSTALLING YOUR DVD RECORDER INSTALLATION MENU Initial Setup After exiting standby the system turns on FreeView mode. Since this is the first time that the receiver has been used, there are no channels stored in the receiver and the Auto search selection menu is displayed on the screen.
  • Page 25: Setup Menu

    You can also set system time with the same steps as written above. Finish the initial setup. 2. SETUP MENU If you press SETUP key on the remote control, a menu will be displayed. You can use arrow keys for navigation and SELECT key to change highlighted option.
  • Page 26: Modify Channel

    2.1.4 MODIFY CHANNEL It enables to modify last tuned analogue channel settings. You can select “Search Type” and “Band” or edit the “Name” field. The “Standard” item will be refreshed according to the tuned channel’s setting. With “Channel” / “Frequency” field, you can directly enter the channel number / frequency or press arrow keys to do manual tuning.
  • Page 27: Video

    2.2 VIDEO 2.2.1 TV TYPE MULTI: Select this option if your TV supports both NTSC and PAL. PAL: Select this option if your TV supports only PAL. NTSC: Select this option if your TV supports only NTSC. 2.2.2 TV DISPLAY TV Display controls the presentation of the picture on the screen.
  • Page 28: Hdmi

    2.2.4 HDMI If you are using HDMI output you can select one of SD Progressive, 720P, 1080I options. “Off” option disables HDMI output. In order to choose one of HDMI options press HDMI button on the remote control while the HDMI cable is plugged.
  • Page 29: Subtitle Language

    2.4.2 SUBTITLE LANGUAGE You can select default subtitle language for DVD discs by this option. The selected subtitle language will be activated, if supported by the disc played. 2.4.3 DISC MENU LANGUAGE You can select default DVD disc menu language by this option. The selected DVD disc menu language will be activated, if supported by the disc played.
  • Page 30: Parental Level

    2.6.2 PARENTAL LEVEL Parental Level menu option will not be available if the player is in RESUME (Pre-Stop) mode. Playing some DVDs can be limited depending on the age of users. The “Parental Control” function allows playback limitation level to be set by the parent. PARENTAL LEVEL Parental level can be adjusted to one of the eight levels or “NO PARENTAL”.
  • Page 31: Av-2

    2.6.6 AV-2 This menu option allows you to set AV-2 as “Decoder” or “SCART CVBS” output. When “Decoder” option is selected, “SCART” is removed from the available video sources list and an additional menu item (“Decoder On/Off”) is added into “Modify Channel” menu. In the “Modify Channel”...
  • Page 32: Installation

    FAVOURITES Any channel can be a favourite channel and the Favourites menu is used to label those channels you want as favourites. In channel list highlight “Favourites” by pressing 4 key and then highlight each channel that you desire, using the 5/6 keys and press SELECT. A channel selected as a favourite appears in the main favourite list with a favourite icon next to the channel name.
  • Page 33: Configuration

    3.3 CONFIGURATION Many aspects of your FreeView receiver can be set up to reflect your circumstances and preferences. The Configuration menu screen is accessed from the Settings Menu. Press the MENU key to display the Main Menu and use 5/6 keys to highlight Settings line then press SELECT key to open Settings menu. Again use 5/6 keys to highlight Configuration line and press SELECT key to open configuration menu screen.
  • Page 34: Language

    3.4 LANGUAGE Select LANGUAGE from Main Menu and then highlight one of the audio and/ or subtitle options, supplied by the current broadcast, using 5/6 keys and press SELECT. 4. DISPLAY MENUS Display menus are activated by pressing DISPLAY key while disc is in playback. DISPLAY MENU (DVD) DISPLAY MENU (CD-DA) DISPLAY MENU...
  • Page 35: Disc Edit Menu

    5. DISC EDIT MENU Disc Edit Menu will be activated by pressing 4 key of the remote control on the disc thumbnail picture. If you press 5 key while the first title picture is focused, you can view the disc thumbnail picture. For DVD +RW For DVD +R Play: You can play the recorded disc from the first title.
  • Page 36: Title Edit Menu

    6. TITLE EDIT MENU Title Menu lists all the actions you can do with the titles recorded on a recordable disc. It will be activated by pressing 4arrow key of the remote control on the thumbnail picture of the title. Play Title: You can press SELECT and play the selected title on the disc.
  • Page 37: Inserting A Disc In The Tray

    8.2 Inserting a Disc in the Tray Insert a disc in the DVD Recorder tray with the shiny side down. Note that some discs shine more than others. In the case of commercial CD’s, the disc identifying information is printed on the “top” side of a disc. Do not insert more than one disc in the disc tray at a time.
  • Page 38: Repeating A Specific Segment A To B (Dvd, Cd-Da, Mp3, Jpeg)

    8.8 Repeating a Specific Segment A to B (DVD, CD-DA, MP3, JPEG) This method of repeating a segment on a disc relies on designating points on the disc to delineate where to start and end. 1. As the disc plays, press A-B key. “A_” is displayed. 2.
  • Page 39: Changing The Camera Angle (Dvd)

    8.12 Changing the Camera Angle (DVD) Some DVDs provide multiple shots of a selected scene each from a different camera angle, so you can choose which angle you are most interested in viewing. A small icon appears on the screen when multiple angles are available.
  • Page 40: Skipping Ahead Or Back (Dvd, Cd-Da, Mp3, Jpeg, Mpeg)

    8.15 Skipping Ahead or Back (DVD, CD-DA, MP3, JPEG, MPEG) 8.15.1 Skipping Ahead Press SKIP on the remote control or on the main unit during playback. DVD: In any playback state, a chapter or title is skipped forward depending on the information on the disc each time the key is pressed.
  • Page 41: Browsing For A Specific Chapter/Title (Dvd)

    8.18 Browsing For a Specific Chapter/Title (DVD) Press SEARCH MODE on the remote control during playback “once” for titles (if more than one title is available) and “two times” for chapters (if more than one chapter is available). The chapter/title search box is displayed on the screen. You can see the total numbers of titles/chapters as --/xx. Enter the number of the title or chapter using number keys.
  • Page 42: Playback Modes (Cd-Da, Mp3, Jpeg, Mpeg)

    8.22 Playback Modes (CD-DA, MP3, JPEG, MPEG) Press PLAY MODE on the remote control. Display menu will appear on the screen and pressing PLAY MODE consecutively, you can change playing options of the tracks as below. CD-DA, MP3: Program You can prepare a playlist with this option. The same type of files can be arranged to build a playlist (Only valid for CD-DA, MP3files).
  • Page 43: Widescreen

    9.2 Widescreen TV sets are available with screens of the standard (4:3) format and widescreen (16:9) format. Digital terrestrial television broadcasts are also made in both standard and widescreen formats. You can use ANGLE/ WIDE key to change display format (aspect ratio). With a widescreen TV set displaying a standard format program, the ANGLE/ WIDE key switches between displaying the picture with black bars down the sides, and enlarging the picture so that it fills the whole width of the screen but the top and bottom are cropped off.
  • Page 44: Manual Recording

    The starting time for EPG is the current time. You can see the event information for the next two hours. By pressing 5/6 key, you can go to the next/previous hours. If you press SELECT when a next event is highlighted, a reminder is set for the highlighted program and a clock appears on the screen.
  • Page 45: How To Initiate And Stop Recording Process

    10.4 How to Initiate and Stop Recording Process After being sure about your device setup and general recording setup, be sure there is a recordable DVD in tray. Now you are ready to record. Then press RECORD key on your remote control or front panel of device. Recording process will start.
  • Page 46: To Set A Recorder Or Reminder By Epg (Now / Next)

    11.2 To Set a Recorder or Reminder by EPG (Now / Next) During watching any FreeView channel, press GUIDE button to open EPG(Now/Next) page. If you want to set a recorder or reminder for next event, press 4 arrow key to highlight and press SELECT key to activate reminder or press RECORD key to activate timer event The display will ask to choose about recording or reminder.
  • Page 47: How To Check, Change Or Delete A Programmed Recording (Timer)

    11.5 How to Check, Change or Delete A Programmed Recording (Timer) Switch on the TV set. Press TIMER key on the remote control or select Timer Setting Menu from Setup menu. In order change any parameter of the recorded item, choose the related record item, press SELECT key, a popup menu will appear, you can edit from here in order to change any field.
  • Page 48: Specifications (For Dvd)

    14. SPECIFICATIONS (FOR DVD) Power Requirements 220 – 240 Volt ~50Hz (Auto Adjustable) Low Power Standby 3 Watt Power Consumption Maximum 40 Watt Supported DVD+R Recording Media DVD+RW DVD-Video DVD-R (DVD Video or data) DVD-RW (DVD Video or data) DVD+R (DVD Video or data) DVD+RW (DVD Video or data) Supported Playback...
  • Page 49: Specifications (For Freeview)

  • Page 50: Troubleshooting Guide (For Dvd)

    16. TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE (FOR DVD) The picture quality is poor(DVD) · Make sure the DVD disc surface is not damaged(Scratch, fingerprint etc.) · Clean the DVD disc and try again. · Ensure that the DVD disc is in the tray with the label uppermost. ·...
  • Page 51: Troubleshooting Guide (For Freeview)

    17. TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE (FOR FreeView) Problem Possible Cause What to do No signal found Aerial is disconnected Check serial lead Aerial is damaged/misaligned Check aerial Out of digital signal area Check with dealer No picture or sound Tuned to digital teletext channel Retune to another channel No responses to remote control Receiver off Plug in and turn on receiver...

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