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Haier AU182XFERA Installation Manual

Outdoor unit r410a multi split series room air conditioner
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Please read this manual carefully before installing the units.
Please keep this manual safely for future use.





Summary of Contents for Haier AU182XFERA

  • Page 1: Outdoor Unit

    R410A MULTI SPLIT SERIES ROOM AIR CONDITIONER OUTDOOR UNIT INSTALLATION MANUAL NO.0010576791B Please read this manual carefully before installing the units. Please keep this manual safely for future use. AU182XFERA AU222XFERA...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Cautions ... Safety precautions... Installation accessories... Choose the installation place... Installation dimensions(mm)... Installation drawings of indoor and outdoor units... Power source... Matching of the indoor and outdoor units ... Limitations on the installation ... Refrigerant piping work... Purging method: to use vacuum pump... Wiring work...
  • Page 3: Cautions

    Damaged air conditioners are not to be put into operation. In case of doubt, consult your supplier. Use of the air conditioner is to be carried out in strict compliance with the relative instructions set forth in the User's Guide.
  • Page 4: Cautions

    Do not obstruct or cover the ventilation grille of the air conditioner. Do not put fingers or any other things into the inlet/outlet and swing louver. Do not allow children to play with the air conditioner.
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions To ensure proper installation, please read this safety precautions carefully before the installation. After installation, start the unit correctly and ensure that you show the customer how to operate and maintain the units. WARNING! Incorrect operations may result in severe consequences of death or serious injuries. CAUTION! Incorrect operations may result in injuries or machine damages;...
  • Page 6: Installation Accessories

    (c) Where there is strong radiation. It will affect the unit's control system, causing malfunction of the unit. (d) Where there are flammable gas, dirt, and volatile matter (thinner, gasoline) exist, these items will cause a fire risk. Installation accessories The following accessories are supplied together with the outdoor unit.
  • Page 7: Installation Drawings Of Indoor And Outdoor Units

    Installation drawings of indoor and outdoor units 1. Do not connected the embedded branch piping and the outdoor unit when only carrying out piping work without connecting the indoor unit in ordor to add another indoor unit later. Make sure no dirt or mositure gets into eigher side of the embedded branch piping.
  • Page 8: Power Source

    Install an exclusive branch circuit of the power. A receptacle shall be set up in a distance where the power cable can be reached. Do not extend the cable by cutting it. Matching of the indoor and outdoor units AU182XFERA Combination AU222XFERA Combination...
  • Page 9: Limitations On The Installation

    Limitations on the installation 3. Limitations values on the piping work . The piping length information, please refer the following table. Item Unit A, B, Cliquid pipe Size of the liquid side connection pipe A, B, C Gas pipe Size of the gas side connection pipe L1 (one way) Pipe length when the compressor connects with two indoor units L2 (one way)
  • Page 10: Refrigerant Piping Work

    Refrigerant piping work 1. Selection of pipe To this unit, both liquid and gas pipes shall be insulated as they become low temperature in operation. Use optional parts for piping set or pipes covered with equivalent insulation material. Liquid pipe Gas pipe 2.
  • Page 11: Refrigerant Piping Work

    Refrigerant piping work 4.Cutting and Flaring work of piping Pipe cutting is carried out with a pipe cutter and burs must be removed. After inserting the flare nut, flaring work is carried out. Flare tooling die Correct 5.On drainage Please install the drain hose so as to be downward slope without fail. Please don't do the drainage as shown below.
  • Page 12: Purging Method: To Use Vacuum Pump

    CAUTION: If the refrigerant of the air conditioner leaks, it is necessary to make all the refrigerant out. Vacuumize first, then charge the liquid refrigerant into air conditioner according to the amount marked on the name plate.
  • Page 13: Wiring Work

    1. Electric wiring Note: The air conditioner must use special circuit , and wiring by the qualified electrician according to the wiring rules specified in national standard. The grounding wire and the neutral wire shall be strictly separated. Connect the neutral wire with grounding wire is incorrect.
  • Page 14 Note:When connecting the wiring,confirm the terminal number of indoor and outdoor units carefully. Incorrect wiring will damage the controller of air conditioner or the unit can not operate. 3. Wiring method of outdoor unit:...
  • Page 15 Wiring work 5. Example wiring diagram. Indoor unit C 1(L) 2(N) Please refer to the indoor unit installation manual to find detailly how to set and check the communication address. Incorrect address setting will cause abnormal to the system. The distance between the signal wires and the power cabes should be at least 50mm. 6.
  • Page 16: Test Running

    Before starting the test running, please confirm the following works have been done successfully. 1) Correct piping work; 2) Correct wiring work; 3) Correct match of indoor and outdoor unit; 4) Proper recharge of refrigerant if needed; 5)Correct indoor unit addresses setting. Make sure that all the stop valves are fully open.
  • Page 17: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble shooting FAILURE STATE OF CODE LED 5-4-3-2-1 Take off the plastic valve cover, you can find the LEDs near to the communication terminal. Symbol means the LED is ON. Symbol means the LED is OFF. TROUBLE SHOOTING Faulty defrost sensor Te Sensor disconnected, or broken, or short circuit Faulty sensor Tao Sensor disconnected, or broken, or short circuit...
  • Page 18 HAIER GROUP Qingdao Haier Air Conditioner Electric Co., Ltd. Address: Haier Garden, Qianwangang Road, Economic Development Zone, Qingdao, Shandong 266500, P.R.China Web Site:

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