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Installation Drawings Of Indoor And Outdoor Units - Haier AU182XFERA Installation Manual

Outdoor unit r410a multi split series room air conditioner
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Installation drawings of indoor and outdoor units

1. Do not connected the embedded branch piping and the outdoor unit when only carrying out piping work
without connecting the indoor unit in ordor to add another indoor unit later. Make sure no dirt or mositure
gets into eigher side of the embedded branch piping.
2.It is impossible to connect the indoor unit for one room only. Be sure to connect at least 2 rooms.
Wrap the insulation pipe with the finishing
tape from bottom to top.
Cut thermal insulation pipe to an
appropriate length and wrap it with tape,
making sure that no gap is left in the
insulation pipe's cut line.
If there is the danger of the unit falling or overturning, fix the unit with foundation bolts, or with wire or
other means.
If the location does not have good drainage, place the unit on a level mounting base(or a plastic pedestal).
Install the outdoor unit in a level position. Failure to do so may result in water leakage or accumulation.
Arrangement of piping directions
Rear left
Rear right
Attention must be
paid to the rising up
of drain hose


Table of Contents

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