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Safety Precautions - Haier AU182XFERA Installation Manual

Outdoor unit r410a multi split series room air conditioner
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Safety precautions

To ensure proper installation, please read this safety precautions carefully before the installation. After
installation, start the unit correctly and ensure that you show the customer how to operate and maintain
the units.
Incorrect operations may result in severe consequences of death or serious injuries.
Incorrect operations may result in injuries or machine damages; in some cases may
cause serious consequences.
Installation work must be carried out by professional qualified people, do not install the unit by
yourself. Incorrect installation will cause water leakage, electric shock and potentially fire.
Install the unit as per the manual. Incorrect installation will cause water leakage, electric
shock or fire risk.
Be sure to use specified accessories and parts. Otherwise, water leakage, electric shock, fire risk
or unit falling down may occur .
Mounting position must be strong enough to hold the unit. Or, the unit will potentially fall down
causing injuries.
When installing the unit, take in consideration storms and high winds. Incorrect installation may
cause the unit to fall down.
All electric work should be carried out by experienced personnel as per current regulations and
this manual. Incorrect installation or undersized electric cable may cause electric shock or fire risk.
All circuits must be earthed. Ensure that no external forces will affect the terminal block and electric
cable. Poor wiring and installation may cause fire risk.
Arrange wire connection between connecting the indoor and outdoor power supply correctly. Fix
terminal cover firmly to avoid overheating, electric shock or even fire risk.
In the case of a refrigerant leakage during unit installation, keep the room well ventilated.
Check the unit upon installation. Be sure there is no leakage. Refrigerant will induce a poisonous
gas subject to heat.
Isolate power supply before touching terminal block.
All units shall be earthed. The earth must not be connected to a gas pipe, water pipe, or telephone
line. Poor earthing could cause electric shock.
Be sure to install a circuit breaker to avoid electric shock.
Arrange water drainage according to this manual. Cover pipe with insulation materials to prevent
condensation occuring. Improper installation of water drainage will cause water leakage.
To maintain good picture or reduce noise, keep the unit at least 1m from T.V . or radio,
when installing the communication wire and power supply. (If the radio wave is relatively strong,
1m is not enough to reduce the interference).
Do not install the unit in following places:
(a) Oil mist or oil gas exists, such as kitchen, or, plastic parts may age, or water leakage.
(b) Where there is corrosive gas. Copper tube and welded part may be damaged due to corrosion
causing leakage.


Table of Contents

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