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Wiring Work - Haier AU182XFERA Installation Manual

Outdoor unit r410a multi split series room air conditioner
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Wiring work

1. Electric wiring
The air conditioner must use special circuit , and wiring by the qualified electrician according to the wiring
rules specified in national standard.
The grounding wire and the neutral wire shall be strictly separated. Connect the neutral wire with grounding
wire is incorrect.
The electric leakage breaker must be installed.
All the electric wire must be copper wire.When wiring,there shall keep a proper distance between the
power line and communication wire to avoid twist together. Otherwise,signal disturbance will occur,and
the air conditioner can not operate normally. Power supply: 1PH, 220-230V~, 50Hz.
The wiring method of power line is Y connection. If the power line is damaged, in order to avoid risk
of electric shock, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its repair center or other similar qualified
person.The connecting cable must be shielded.
Fuse: T3.15A 250VAC T25A 250VAC (Please check with the outdoor unit wiring diagram.)
Please check the circuit diagram about the fuse replaced.
2. Wiring method
Wiring method of orbicular terminals
For the connection wire with orbicular terminals, its wiring method is as shown in
the right figure: remove the connecting screw, put the screw through the ring on the
end of the wire, then connect to the terminal block and fasten screw.
Wiring method of straight terminals
For the connection wire without orbicular terminals, its wiring method is: loosen
the connection screw, and insert the end of the connection wire completely into the Terminal block, then
fasten the screw. Slightly pull the wire outwards to confirm it is firmly held.
Crimp connection method for wires without terminals
Connect the wire with
same diameter to the
two sides of the terminal
Correct Pressing
Do not connect the
wire with same diameter
to the same side
Wrong Pressing
Do not connect the
wire with different
Wiring Method for
Ring Terminal Block


Table of Contents

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