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Haier AB142ACAAA Operation Manual

Cassette air conditioner
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Please read this manual carefully before using the air conditioner
Please keep this manual properly for future use



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  Summary of Contents for Haier AB142ACAAA

  • Page 1: Operation Manual

    CASSETTE AIR CONDITIONER Operation Manual AB142ACMAA AU142AFMAA (HBU-14C03) AB142ACAAA AU142AFABA (HBU-14H03) AB142ACNAA AU142AFNBA (HBU-14CA03/R1) AB142ACBAA AU142AFBBA (HBU-14HA03/R1) 051128*23******* No.0010570833 Please read this manual carefully before using the air conditioner Please keep this manual properly for future use...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Cautions ... Main points of operation ... Name of Each part ... Safety cautions ... Gaide to operation ... Maintenance ... Trouble shooting ... When trouble happens ... Customer Need to know ... Installation Tools ... Installation Procedures ... Installation Procedures,Check and Test Run ...
  • Page 3: Cautions

    Damaged air conditioners are not to be put into operation. In case of doubt, consult your supplier. Use of the air conditioner is to be carried out in strict compliance with the relative instructions set forth in the User's Guide.
  • Page 4 Do not obstruct or cover the ventilation grille of the air conditioner. Do not put fingers or any other things into the inlet/outlet and swing louver. Do not allow children to play with the air conditioner.
  • Page 5: Main Points Of Operation

    There is a telecommunication interface for remote control on the control panel of the indoor unit. After the peripheral equipment have been installed in accordance with the instruction manual of the selected remote control detector, the air conditioner will be computerized and controlled from a far- away place.
  • Page 6 2 timer,the power failure compensation mode will be cancelled. Note: When a power failure suddenly occurs during the air conditioner si working after the power after the power failure compensationis set,if the air conditioner will not be used for a long time, please cut off the power supply to prevent its operation from being res- umed after the power is supplied again, or press the “...
  • Page 7: Name Of Each Part

    Name of Each Part Indoor unit outdoor unit Air Inlet (side) Air Outlet (blow out hot air when cooling and cool air when heating) Swing louver (Air flow direction can be adjusted by using the SWING button on the remote controller) Electrical Components Case Air Inlet Grille Air Filter...
  • Page 8: Remote Controller

    (except for TIMER,SLEEP and SW- ING state). NOTE: 1.Single cooling air conditioner does not have the displays and functions related to heating. 2.This kind of unit does not have the following related functions and displays: 16 19 20 22 23 24 25 27 4.Operation MODE...
  • Page 9: Name Of Each Part

    Name of Each Part 15.TIMER OFF Display 16.HUMIDIFICATION Display 17.TEMPERATURE Display 18.LOCK State Display 19.BATTERY Energy Display Display when in low battery to remind customer to change the battery. 20.STRONG/QUITE Run Display 21.SIGNAL SENDING Display 22.NEW AIR Display 23.ELECTRICAL HEATING Display 24.HEALTH Display Display when healthy run function is set.
  • Page 10: Safety Cautions

    Safety Cautions Carefully read the following information in order to operate the air conditioner correctly. Below are listed four kinds of Safety Cautions and Suggestions: WARNING: Incorrect operations may result in severe consequences of death or serious injures. CAUTION : Incorrect operations may result in injures or machine damages;...
  • Page 11 Use discharge pipe correctly to ensure efficient discharge. In correct pipe usage may cause water leaking. Air conditioner can’t be be installed in the environment with inflammable gases. The inflammable gases near to air conditioner may cause fire hazard. Installed electrical-leaking circuit breaker.
  • Page 12: Guide To Operation

    Press FAN button.For each press,fan speed changes TEMP as follows: SWING HIGH MODE FILTER Air conditioner will run at the selected fan speed. CLOCK When in AUTO mode,unit will adjust fan speed TIMER SLEEP according to room temperature automatically. LOCK RESET 4.
  • Page 13: Temperature Setting

    +2 C, unit will run in mild DRY mode. In ATUO mode,the temperature setting is not displayed on LCD.In this mode,during running air conditioner will select COOL ,HEAT or FAN mode automatically according to the room temperature. In DRY mode,when room temperature becomes 2 C higher than temperature setting, unit will run intermittently at LOW speed regardless of FAN setting,When room temperature is lower than temperature setting,unit will only run FAN operation.
  • Page 14: Air Flow Direction Adjust

    Please carefully set temperature setting when infants,children,old people and patients use the air conditioner.
  • Page 15: Sleep Function

    Guide to Operation Sleep Function Before going to bed you can press down the SLEEP button and the air conditioner will run by the comfortable sleeping mode to make you sleep more comfortable. Before use this function, the clock must be corrected.
  • Page 16: Timer On/Off Function

    Guide to Operation Timer ON/OFF Function Set clock correctly before starting TIMER operation TEMP SWING MODE FILTER CLOCK TIMER SLEEP LOCK RESET Note: After setting TIMER function,the remote controller displays TIMER time.If you want to see clock time, just press CLOCK button once it will display clock time (continuously press twice,you can adjust clock, see page 6 for details), and 5 seconds later it will back to TIMER time.
  • Page 17 Guide to Operation Timer ON-OFF Function Set clock correctly before starting TIMER operation TEMP SWING MODE FILTER CLOCK TIMER SLEEP LOCK LOCK RESET 1.Unit start After unit start ,select your desired operation mode(operation mode will be displayed on LCD) 2.TIMER mode selection Press TIMER button on the remote controller to change TIMER mode.Every time the button is pressed,display of TIMER mode changes as follows:...
  • Page 18 Guide to Operation Filter Up/Down After air conditioner operated for a period, dusts were gradually accumulated on the filter ,and the filter up/down function can be used to clean the filter. 1.Whether unit start or stop, continuously press FILTER 2.Press temperature TEMP 3.Press temperature...
  • Page 19: Maintenance

    Maintenance Clean the unit Turn off the power supply switch Do not touch with wet hand. Do not use hot water or volatile liquid The 4 fixed bolts must be loosed as shown in the figure by arrow if they are bolts, the method is that: push the blots inward till to another edge.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Stop operation and turn off the power supply switch .Electric power is consumed even the air conditioner is in stop. Clean the air filter, indoor unit and outdoor unit,and cover the unit with dustcoat.
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    When the air conditoner is started, when the compressor starts or stops during operation or when the air conditioner is stopped,it som- etimes sounds “ Bi- Bi-” or “Godo-Godo”. It is the flowing sound of the refrigerant , not a malfunction.
  • Page 22 During heating,indoor fan is still running even unit is stopped. Please check the following things about your air conditioner before making a service call. Is the power supply switch on ? Power supply switch is not in ON position.
  • Page 23: When Trouble Happens

    Insufficient cooling Sunlight direct into the room ? When the air conditioner does not operate properly after you have checked the above-mentioned items or when following phenomenon is observed,stop the operation of the air conditioner and contact your sales dealer.
  • Page 24: Customer Need To Know

    Customer Need-to-know Customer Need-to-know Please install the air conditioner according to the requirements specified in this manual to ensure the air conditioner work well. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the case during moving the air conditioner. Please keep the installation manual for future reference when maintenance and changing installation place.
  • Page 25: Installation Tools

    Installation Tools Installation tools The installation tools listed in the following sheet can be used as required. 1. Screw driver 2. Hacksaw 3. Drill with a diameter of 60mm 4. Inner hexagon spanner,shifting spanner 5. Spanner (14, 17, 19,24,27mm) 6. Pipe cutter 7.
  • Page 26: Installation Procedures

    Installation Procedures Installation of Outdoor Unit Selection of installation place Place strong enough to support unit weight, and will not cause vibration and noise. Place where discharged wind and noise do not cause nuisance to the neighbors, and is sufficiently ventilated.
  • Page 27: Selection Of Installation Place

    Installation Procedudres 1.Selection of Installation Place (1) Place above the ceiling where have enough space to arrange the unit. (2) Place where the drainage pipe can be arranged well. (3) Place where inlet and outlet air of indoor and outdoor unit will not be blocked. (4) Do not expose the unit to the place with heavy oil or moisture ( and workshop).
  • Page 28: Installation Of Indoor Unit

    Installation Procedures (3) Install a suspending bolt To support the unit weight ,anchor bolt should be used in the case of already exists ceiling. Fow new ceiling, use flush-in type bolt, built-in type bolt or parts pretared in the field. Before going on installing, adjust space to ceiling.
  • Page 29: Installation Of Water Drainage Pipe

    Installation Procedures 3.Installation of water drainage pipe (1) Install water drainage pipe Pipe diameter shall be equal or larger than that of connecting pipe (Pipe of polythene; size: 25mm; O.D.: 32mm ) Drainpipe should be short, with a downward slope at least 1/100 to prevent air bag from forming. If downward slope of drainpipe cannot be made,lifting pipe shall be installed.
  • Page 30: Installation Procedure

    Installation Procedure 4. Installation of Ornament Panel Install ornament panel on indoor unit (1) Check whether indoor unit is horizontal with leveler or polythene pipe filled with water , and check that the dimension of the ceiling opening is correct. Take off the lever gauge before install the ornament panel.
  • Page 31: Piping Connection

    Installation Procedures Piping Connection Flare connection Indoor Unit (1) Dimension of connecting pipe Gas pipe Liquid pipe Fit the nut on and fasten (2) The maximum length and drop height of connecting pipe The maximum length is 10m The maximum drop height is 5m. To ensure the efficiency ,Pipes shall be as short as possible.
  • Page 32 Note:When piping is extended,first discharge airs in the connecting pipe with outside freon R22, and then discharges the excessive refrigerant using bbove method. As for newly manufactured air conditioner,additional 60g R22 has already been added based on the specified refrigerant quantity.This method is only applied to the first installation to blow off air inside the connection pipe and indoor unit.
  • Page 33 1 2 3 4 N L 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 N L 1 2 3...
  • Page 34: Installation Procedures,Check And Test Run

    Other Instructions 1.Configuration of power supply Air conditioner must use special power supply system (above 20A), and qualified electrician makes wiring and fixing according to wiring regulations specified in national standard. In socket, exactly distinguish earth wire with neutral wire and it is wrong to connect them together.
  • Page 35: Air Purging Method ( To Use Vacuum Pump)

    After attaching the each caps, check the gas leakage around the caps. CAUTION: If the refrigerant of the air conditioner leaks, it is necessary to make all the refrigerant out, then charge the liquid refrigerant into air conditioner according to the amount marked on the name plate.