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Test Running; Items To Confirm - Haier AU182XFERA Installation Manual

Outdoor unit r410a multi split series room air conditioner
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Test running

Before starting the test running, please confirm the following works have been done successfully.
1) Correct piping work;
2) Correct wiring work;
3) Correct match of indoor and outdoor unit;
4) Proper recharge of refrigerant if needed;
5)Correct indoor unit addresses setting.
Make sure that all the stop valves are fully open.
Check the voltage supplied to the outdoor and indoor units, please cinfirm that is 230V.
Test running.
1) If the temperature is lower than 16
when the temperature is higher than 30
2) To test cooling, set the lowest temperature at 16
3) Please check both cooling and heating operation of each unit individually and then also check the
simultaneous operation of all indoor units.
4)After ruuning the unit for about 20 minutes, check the indoor unit outlet temperature.
5) After the unit is stopped, or working mode changed, the system will not start again for about 3 minutes.
6)During cooling operation, frost may ocur on the indoor unit or pipes, this is normal.
7) Operate the unit according to the operation manual. Please kindly explain to our customers how to
operate through the instruction manual.

Items to confirm

Check items for test run, put mark "
Gas leakage from pipe connection?
Heat insulation treatment of pipe connection?
Are the connection wiring of indoor and outdoor unit firmly inserted into the terminal block?
Is the connection wiring of indoor and outdoor firmly fixed?
Is drainage securely arranged?
Is the ground wire securely and firmly connected?
Is power supply voltage abided by electric code?
Is there any noise?
Does cooling perform normally?
Does room temperature regulator operate normally?
C, it is impossible to test cooling with remote controller, and also
C, it is impossible to test heating.
C. To test heating,set the highest temperature, at


Table of Contents

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