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Hp Protecttools; Using Hp Protecttools; Odyssey Client - HP iPAQ 4500 Overview

Hp ipaq 4500: supplementary guide
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HP ProtectTools

The special security technology found in many HP iPAQ devices is provided by HP ProtectTools, a
suite of built-in, not bolted on security solutions. These security solutions are based on the same
technologies used by market leader CREDANT Technologies Inc. CREDANT Mobile Guardian
(CMG) provides solutions that reduce specific security risks to handheld users. These security
solutions provide certain advantages that allow you to protect your device more effectively. The first
layer of security involves PIN or password access for HP iPAQ devices. A second layer of defense
involves data encryption, which helps ensure that sensitive information remains confidential.
You can encrypt e-mail messages, attachments, My Documents, and other files that are then
automatically protected whether stored on the device or an external storage card.
(By default, all data in the My Documents folder is encrypted.) If you forget your PIN or password,
you can regain access by entering an answer to a pre-selected question.
If a device is lost or stolen, aggressive failsafe actions can be automatically invoked to hard reset
the device back to factory defaults after a pre-determined number of access attempts.

Using HP ProtectTools

HP ProtectTools helps protect your device and the data stored on it. When HP ProtectTools is
enabled, you may have an option to enroll a fingerprint or enter a PIN and/or password to access
the device.
Once you have set the security features on your device and are unable to successfully swipe your
fingerprint or forget your PIN or password, you can access your device with a back-up question and
You should only need to set up HP ProtectTools one time. If needed, you can make changes to any
of your security settings later.
Refer to the HP iPAQ documentation on the
• Setting up HP ProtectTools
• Managing security options
• Changing your HP ProtectTools settings
• Encrypting/decrypting data

Odyssey Client

Using Odyssey Client, you can do the following:
• Connect your HP iPAQ to a wireless network
• Connect peer-to-peer to other devices on a network
• Configure multiple networks to connect to various networks (possibly using different credentials
and/or authentication methods)
• Use 802.1x to authenticate to a network
• Use various authentication methods (such as EAP-TTLS, EAP-PEAP, and EAP-TLS protocols) to
keep your credentials secure
Getting Started
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