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Overview; Security - HP iPAQ 4500 Overview

Hp ipaq 4500: supplementary guide
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Protecting the private information on your HP iPAQ is serious business. There are many ways that
you can protect your HP iPAQ. Taking advantage of the built-in security features is a great way to
start protecting your HP iPAQ. These security features are powerful defenses against data theft.
Your login name and password are great ways to begin protecting your HP iPAQ against theft. It is
important to protect the information contained on your HP iPAQ from unauthorized access. Data
encryption is probably the best way to protect information on mobile devices as well as on external
storage cards. (Data encryption is a conversion process that is used for protecting data.)
This white paper provides detailed information about HP ProtectTools, Odyssey Client
biometric security solutions. In today's world, a lot of valuable information is being stored on
handheld devices. That is why securing your personal data is so important to HP. The HP
ProtectTools security features provide on-device security protection that decreases the risk of you
losing sensitive data and from unauthorized access on your HP iPAQ. In addition, Odyssey Client
allows easy and secure connection to a wireless network. This document is designed to assist you
in understanding security and how it works on HP iPAQ devices.


Security is a crucial issue facing business users today. Without strong security protection, a lost or
stolen mobile device can give unauthorized users easy access to mission-critical data and network
resources, exposing the business to potential legal liability, financial loss, and competitive
For these reasons, strong security is an indispensable asset for mobile business computing devices
such as HP iPAQ handhelds. HP iPAQ devices address these security challenges head-on with a
unique mix of advanced features and tools designed to prevent unauthorized access to user data.
Several important technologies converge to make it happen:
• HP ProtectTools secured by CREDANT Technologies uses many of the same capabilities found
in that company's enterprise-class Mobile Guardian® product, including user authentication and
data encryption. (Authentication is the process of granting or denying someone access to a
network resource.)
• Odyssey Client developed by Funk Software, Inc. allows users to connect their device (HP iPAQ
hw6900 Mobile Messenger series only) to multiple secured wireless networks. Odyssey Client
supports networks that adhere to the 802.11b wireless LAN standards. These networks can be
found in hotels, airports, and other Internet hotspots.
• A special Biometric Fingerprint Reader allows users to easily login with a swipe of the finger (HP
iPAQ hx2700 series Pocket PC only) and/or with a PIN (personal identification number). This
feature provides highly secure, convenient, and fast authentication—without users having to
remember passwords.
• Full virtual private network (VPN) and WEP-enhanced security is included in the Microsoft
operating system. A VPN provides enhanced security when accessing corporate data over the
Internet. WEP provides 64-bit and 128-bit encryption security when connected via wireless
networks (802.11b).
• Even more advanced security for wireless communication through built-in support for 802.1X and
WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) along with support for LEAP and TKIP. LEAP is used for
authentication purposes.
Mobile viruses are not currently a serious threat; but, it is important be aware of potential risks to
your HP iPAQ. Viruses (also called worms or Trojan horses) are malicious and can be widely
distributed. When you download programs or files that are already infected, a virus can spread
between your personal computer, laptop, or other removable storage. To get more information
about mobile viruses, visit
, and

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