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HP iPAQ rz1700 series Frequently Asked Questions Manual

Hp ipaq rz1700: frequently asked question
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HP iPAQ rz1700 series
How Do I...?
Look inside to find answers to
frequently asked questions
about product setup, features,
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  Summary of Contents for HP iPAQ rz1700 series

  • Page 1 HP iPAQ rz1700 series How Do I...? Look inside to find answers to frequently asked questions about product setup, features, and more.
  • Page 2 The warranties for HP products are set forth in the express limited warranty statements accompanying such products. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    HP iPAQ?........17...
  • Page 4 HP iPAQ?........35...
  • Page 5: How Do I Find Out What's On My Cd

    This document is intended to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding your new product. For setup and installation instructions, see the Getting Started document in the box and run the HP iPAQ Setup Wizard on the Companion CD. For further support, visit specialist.
  • Page 6: How Do I Power On My Hp Ipaq For Initial Use

    2. Insert the connector on the sync cable into the connector on the bottom of the HP iPAQ. 3. Connect the AC Adapter into a standard electrical outlet to charge the battery. Do not connect the HP iPAQ to your computer until you have installed ActiveSync on your computer.
  • Page 7: How Do I Connect The Ac Adapter To My Hp Ipaq

    It can take up to four hours to fully charge the battery. How Do I Connect the AC Adapter to My HP iPAQ? To connect the AC Adapter to the HP iPAQ, refer to the previous question “How Do I Power On My HP iPAQ for Initial Use?”...
  • Page 8 Window Media Player and HP Image Zone. We recommend that you allow the Wizard to install these applications in order to take advantage of all your HP iPAQ’s functions. 2. When the Set Up Microsoft ActiveSync window displays, click Next.
  • Page 9: How Do I Create An Activesync Partnership

    A Microsoft ActiveSync partnership allows your HP iPAQ and your personal computer to communicate with each other. To synchronize your HP iPAQ and your computer, you must first create a partnership using ActiveSync. You only need to create a partnership once.
  • Page 10 To create an ActiveSync partnership between your HP iPAQ and your personal computer: 1. Insert the Companion CD that came with your HP iPAQ into the CD-ROM drive on your computer. The HP iPAQ Setup Wizard starts automatically. Refer to Microsoft ActiveSync?”...
  • Page 11 4. When the New Partnership screen displays, select Synchronize with this desktop computer, and then click Next. 5. When the Select Number of Partnerships screen displays, choose whether you want to synchronize with one computer or two (e.g., home and office).
  • Page 12 1. Disconnect the HP iPAQ from your computer. 2. On your computer, open Microsoft ActiveSync. 3. In ActiveSync, click File > Mobile Device. 4. Click the name of the HP iPAQ partnership you want to delete. Note: Refer to Microsoft ActiveSync Help for more information...
  • Page 13: How Do I Synchronize My Hp Ipaq With A Pc

    HP iPAQ on the go. There are several ways to synchronize your HP iPAQ with your personal computer: ■...
  • Page 14 Occasionally when attempting to synchronize to a PC, you might receive an “Unable to Detect Device” error message. This usually means your HP iPAQ is not properly connected to the sync cable. If you get this error: 1. Make sure the sync cable USB connector is securely connected to your personal computer.
  • Page 15: How Do I Synchronize Messaging, Contacts, Calendar, Favorites, Or Avantgo

    Note: It is recommended that you check the Synchronize mobile device clock upon connecting so your HP iPAQ and your personal computer always agree on the date and time. If this box is not checked, files can accidentally be overwritten during...
  • Page 16 4. Under the Schedule tab, choose whether you want to synchronize Continuously, On connection, or Manually. If necessary, you can also select options for scheduling synchronization with a server, or using a wireless connection. 5. Click OK to save your changes; then click File > Close to close ActiveSync.
  • Page 17: How Do I Troubleshoot Outlook Errors When Attempting To Synchronize Messaging, Contacts, Or Calendar

    1. From the HP Launch screen or the Today screen, tap Start > Settings > System tab > SelfTest. 2. Select the type of test you want to perform on the HP iPAQ and tap Start. You can choose from: ❏...
  • Page 18: How Do I Protect My Hp Ipaq From Screen Damage Or Cracking

    ❏ Key Test 3. Select the Perform automatic ‘Reset’ before test checkbox if you want to perform a soft reset on the HP iPAQ. This option closes all programs and resets the HP iPAQ before performing the diagnostic tests selected.
  • Page 19: How Do I Obtain Service For A Damaged Or Cracked Screen

    ■ Never use any device other than the stylus that comes with the HP iPAQ or an approved replacement to tap or write on the screen. If you lose or break your stylus, you can purchase extras at ■...
  • Page 20: How Do I Change Between The Hp Launch Screen And The Today Screen

    How Do I Change between the HP Launch Screen and the Today Screen? On some HP iPAQ models, when you first turn on your device, a Launch screen displays. Use this screen to open a program: ■ Music (Windows Media Player) ■...
  • Page 21: How Do I Find Product Id And Serial Number Of My

    It is recommended that you have this information available before contacting HP Customer Support, particularly if you are calling for in-warranty support. To use HP Asset Viewer to locate the product ID and Serial Number: 1. Tap Start > Settings > System tab > HP Asset Viewer.
  • Page 22: How Do I Maximize Battery Life

    Adjusting some or all of these will maximize battery life. ■ Leave your HP iPAQ connected to AC power at all times when not using it. ■ Set the device to turn off after a short time of not being used.
  • Page 23: How Do I Know The Battery Is Charging

    There are two ways to see that you are charging the battery. While the battery recharges, the power indicator light on the front of the HP iPAQ flashes amber. When the battery is fully recharged, the light turns solid amber.
  • Page 24: How Do I Check Battery Level

    If the battery charge level is low, recharge the battery by connecting the HP iPAQ to AC power using the AC Adapter. When the HP iPAQ turns off due to low battery level and does not turn on again, you have only up to 72 hours to recharge the battery before you lose data.
  • Page 25: How Do I Perform A Soft ("Normal") Reset

    ■ if your HP iPAQ stops responding To perform a soft reset: 1. Locate the Reset button. 2. Use the stylus to briefly press the Reset button. The HP iPAQ restarts and displays the Today screen.
  • Page 26: How Do I Reset My Hp Ipaq If It Locks Up

    Soft (“Normal”) Reset?” How Do I Free Up Memory if My HP iPAQ Becomes Sluggish? If your HP iPAQ becomes slow, perform a soft reset to clear the memory. Refer to for more information. How Do I Perform a Hard (“Full”)
  • Page 27 2 on the bottom of your HP iPAQ. Note: Verify the full reset by pressing the Power button. When the HP iPAQ has been fully reset, it does not power on until the battery is reactivated. 2. A hard reset deactivates the battery. The Power button does not function until the battery is reactivated.
  • Page 28: How Do I Clear The Data On My Hp Ipaq

    If you cannot remember your password, the only way to regain access to your HP iPAQ is to perform a hard reset. By performing a hard reset you will lose all data in your HP iPAQ, except for the data stored in iPAQ File Store. Refer to Hard (“Full”) Reset?”...
  • Page 29: How Do I Remove Programs From My Hp Ipaq

    2. Select the checkbox for the programs you want to remove, and then tap Remove. Note: By removing any programs from your HP iPAQ, you increase storage memory (used to store data and document files) and program memory (used to run programs) on the unit.
  • Page 30: How Do I Listen To Music On My Hp Ipaq

    5. In the Items on Device dropdown list, select your HP iPAQ. Note: If you have an SD card loaded in your HP iPAQ, you can select SD Card in the dropdown list to download the files onto the card.
  • Page 31 Note: If you use this procedure for copy-protected audio files, you will see an error message. 1. Connect your HP iPAQ to your computer using the sync cable. 2. On your computer, open ActiveSync by clicking Start > Programs > Microsoft ActiveSync.
  • Page 32: How Do I Back Up And Restore My Data

    How Do I Back Up and Restore My Data? It is good practice to regularly back up the data in your HP iPAQ to your personal computer. This reduces the chance of having to re-enter lost information into your HP iPAQ.
  • Page 33 To use your backup file in your personal computer to restore the contents of your HP iPAQ: 1. On your HP iPAQ, close all applications and connect it to your personal computer. 2. On your personal computer, open Microsoft ActiveSync by clicking Start >...
  • Page 34: How Do I Create File Folders On My Hp Ipaq

    Tap My Documents. How Do I Transfer Data to a Storage Card? Storing files on a storage card frees up memory on your HP iPAQ. To store files on a storage card: 1. Insert the card in your device.
  • Page 35: How Do I Synchronize Contacts Subfolders

    4. Scroll down to find the Categories field and tap it. 5. Categorize the contact by selecting a category. Your HP iPAQ comes with three categories: Business, Holiday, and Personal. You can add to or delete from this list. To add a new category: 1.
  • Page 36: How Do I Migrate Data From Palm Desktop To Windows Mobile 2003

    Desktop to Windows Mobile 2003? If you used a Palm Operating System (OS) based device before purchasing your HP iPAQ, you will need to migrate your data from the Palm Desktop software to Windows Mobile 2003. Migrating your data from Palm software to Windows is a two-part process.
  • Page 37: How Do I Transfer Files From My Pc To My Hp Ipaq

    To copy files (such as photos, documents, presentation files, etc.) from your personal computer to your HP iPAQ: 1. Use the sync cable to connect your HP iPAQ to your personal computer. 2. On your personal computer, open Microsoft ActiveSync by...
  • Page 38 3. In ActiveSync, click Tools > Options > Sync Options tab. Click Files. 4. The first time you synchronize between your device and the computer, a message is displayed stating a Synchronized Files folder will be created on your personal computer desktop.
  • Page 39: How Do I Purchase Hardware Accessories For My

    File > Options > Schedule tab. Under Desktop schedule, select either Continuously or On connection from the dropdown list; then click OK. 6. Copy any files you want to transfer to your HP iPAQ to the Synchronized Files folder for transfer during synchronization.
  • Page 40: How Do I Find Information On Topics Not Covered

    Getting Started or User’s Guide, refer to the iPAQ Handheld Forum (a message board) at To receive support from an HP-qualified technical support specialist, visit the HP support Web site at To find information on the support Web site for your specific product, be sure to have your model or product name available.

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