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HP iPAQ hx2000 Frequently Asked Questions Manual

Ipaq hx2000 series pocket pc
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HP iPAQ hx2000 series Pocket PC
How Do I...?
Look inside to find answers to
Not all models available in all regions.
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  • Page 1 HP iPAQ hx2000 series Pocket PC How Do I...? Look inside to find answers to Not all models available in all regions. frequently asked questions about product setup, features, and more.
  • Page 2 CAUTION: Text set off in this manner indicates that failure to follow directions could result in damage to equipment or loss of information. How Do I...? HP iPAQ hx2000 Series Pocket PC First Edition (August 2004) Document Part Number: 366427-001...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Monitor My System Resources? ....28 How Do I Enable/Disable HP ProtectTools on My Pocket PC? ....29 How Do I Use the Fingerprint Reader on my Pocket PC? .
  • Page 4 Contents How Do I Use Bluetooth to Transfer Files to Another Pocket PC, Computer, or Printer? ..46 How Do I Use Bluetooth to Print? ....51 How Do I Use a Global Positioning System (GPS) Device with My Pocket PC? .
  • Page 5: How Do I Find Out What's On My Cd

    This document is intended to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the HP iPAQ hx2000 series Pocket PC. For complete setup and installation instructions, refer to the printed Getting Started document in the box or the User’s Guide located on the Companion CD.
  • Page 6: How Do I Install Microsoft Activesync

    All of the software and documents are designed to be installed on your personal computer to enhance your ability to use your HP iPAQ Pocket PC to its fullest potential. The CD also contains Pocket PC enhancements that can be installed directly onto your Pocket PC for use “on the go.”...
  • Page 7 Pocket PC. 5. Likewise, the Setup Wizard scans your system to detect earlier versions of Windows Media Player and HP Image Zone. It is recommended that you allow the Wizard to install these programs in order to take advantage of all functions on your Pocket PC.
  • Page 8 7. When the Select Installation Folder for Microsoft ActiveSync window displays, accept the default location offered, or select Change... to specify a different location. 8. When the File Download window displays, click Open.
  • Page 9: How Do I Create An Activesync Partnership

    IT Administrator for assistance. How Do I Create an ActiveSync Partnership? A Microsoft ActiveSync partnership allows your HP iPAQ Pocket PC and your personal computer to communicate with each other. To synchronize your Pocket PC and your personal computer, you must first create a partnership using ActiveSync.
  • Page 10 3. When the Set Up a Partnership screen displays, select Standard Partnership and click Next. 4. When the New Partnership screen displays, select Synchronize with this desktop computer, then click Next.
  • Page 11 5. When the Select Number of Partnerships screen displays, choose whether you want to synchronize with one computer or two (e.g., home and office). 6. When the Select Synchronization Settings screen displays, check the items you want to synchronize between your Pocket PC and your personal computer.
  • Page 12 Do you want to learn more about: ■ setting up a guest partnership? ■ setting up a partnership with a server? ■ setting up a partnership with two computers? ■ setting up a partnership for two handheld devices? Refer to the Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 Web site at Select your region, your device, and your operating system;...
  • Page 13: How Do I Synchronize My Pocket Pc To A Personal Computer

    CAUTION: To avoid damaging your Pocket PC or the cradle, check to be sure the Pocket PC and cradle connectors are properly aligned before pushing the Pocket PC into the HP Desktop Cradle. 4. Connect the USB Cable to the USB port on your computer.
  • Page 14 To synchronize your personal computer and your Pocket PC using the autosync cable: 1. Be sure ActiveSync is installed on your personal computer. Refer to “How Do I Install Microsoft ActiveSync?” this document for more information. 2. Plug the AC Adapter into an electrical outlet, then connect the other end of the AC Adapter to the AC connector on the autosync cable.
  • Page 15 If you get this error: 1. Make sure the USB connector on the synchronization cable is securely connected to your desktop cradle and your personal computer. 2. Make sure that your Pocket PC is connected to the communications port in the desktop cradle. Once the connection issue is resolved, ActiveSync begins synchronizing automatically.
  • Page 16: How Do I Synchronize My Messaging, Contacts, Or Calendar

    5. Click OK to save the settings and minimize the ActiveSync window. 6. The items selected automatically synchronize with the Pocket PC when it is inserted in the HP Desktop Cradle and the computer is turned on.
  • Page 17: How Do I Troubleshoot Outlook Errors When Attempting To Synchronize Messaging, Contacts, Or Calendar

    Number in Asset Viewer To use Asset Viewer to locate the Product ID and Serial Number: 1. Tap Start > Settings > System tab > HP Asset Viewer. 2. To locate the Product ID, tap System. 3. To locate the Serial Number, tap Identity.
  • Page 18 Option B: Viewing the label To use the label under the battery to locate the Product ID and Serial Number: 1. Remove the battery cover by pressing the battery button down 1, then swinging the door up and removing it 2. 2.
  • Page 19 3. The label containing the Product ID and the Serial Number is beneath the battery. Ä CAUTION: Because most of the applications and data you install on your iPAQ Pocket PC are held in memory (RAM), you need to reinstall them if the battery completely discharges or if the battery is removed from the unit for extended periods of time.
  • Page 20: How Do I Manage Available Storage

    How Do I Manage Available Storage? Your Pocket PC normally manages storage for you by moving available space back and forth between storage memory (memory used to store data and document files) and program memory (memory used to run programs) as needed. If your Pocket PC is running low on memory, there are a variety of ways you can manage storage space to maximize the memory capacity of your Pocket PC.
  • Page 21 Pocket PC or if the battery discharges completely. CAUTION: If you have HP ProtectTools enabled and forget your PIN or password, resetting the unit will result in loss of data stored in iPAQ File Store.
  • Page 22 Some units also come with High Speed File Store, a faster version of iPAQ File Store. If your iPAQ Pocket PC has more than 30 MB of File Store space, it has High Speed File Store. To find out how much File Store memory is on your unit: 1.
  • Page 23 (CF) cards. These cards can be installed in the Expansion Slot on the top of your Pocket PC. For more information on purchasing expansion cards, visit the HP Web site at Do you want to learn more about: ■ what you can do with optional expansion cards? ■...
  • Page 24: How Do I Maximize Battery Life

    How Do I Maximize Battery Life? To help your battery last as long as possible between charges, you can change the battery settings on your Pocket PC. Adjusting these settings will maximize your battery life: ■ Leave your device connected to AC power at all times when not using it.
  • Page 25 Pocket PC to “wake up” regularly causing your battery to drain. ■ To ensure you always have battery power available, an optional standard or extended battery is recommended. For more information on purchasing optional batteries, visit the HP Web site at
  • Page 26: How Do I Know The Battery Is Charging

    How Do I Know the Battery is Charging? There are two ways to see if the battery is charging. ■ When the Pocket PC is connected to the AC Adapter and the battery is recharging, the power indicator light on the front of the Pocket PC flashes amber.
  • Page 27: How Do I Check The Battery Charge Level

    If the battery charge level is low, recharge the battery by connecting the Pocket PC to AC power using the HP Desktop Cradle or the AC Adapter, or change the battery. When the Pocket PC turns off due to low battery level and does not turn on again, you have only up to 72 hours to recharge the battery before you lose data.
  • Page 28 For information on purchasing an optional standard or extended battery, visit the HP Web site at Ä CAUTION: Do not allow the battery installed in your Pocket PC to discharge completely. Doing so will not harm your Pocket PC or battery, but your Pocket PC will lose all data not stored in File Store (ROM).
  • Page 29: How Do I Perform A Soft (Normal) Reset

    How Do I Perform a Soft (Normal) Reset? A soft reset does not erase any programs or saved data, but be sure to save any unsaved data before performing a soft reset since any unsaved data will be lost. Perform a soft reset when: ■...
  • Page 30: How Do I Perform A Hard ("Full") Reset

    How Do I Perform a Hard (“Full”) Reset? Perform a hard reset when you want to clear all settings, programs, and data from RAM (Random Access Memory), where data and programs you have loaded are stored. If the battery installed in your iPAQ Pocket PC discharges completely, your Pocket PC will operate as if a hard reset had been performed once the battery has been recharged.
  • Page 31 To perform a hard reset: 1. Press and hold the Calendar and iTask buttons. 2. While holding these buttons, use the stylus to lightly press the Reset button on the bottom of the iPAQ Pocket PC for about two seconds. 3.
  • Page 32: How Do I Use The Todaypanel Lite To Monitor My System Resources

    How Do I Use the TodayPanel Lite to Monitor My System Resources? The TodayPanel Lite displays halfway down the Today screen as icons or as text bars for quick and easy accessibility to the following: ■ Today settings and Options ■...
  • Page 33: How Do I Enable/Disable Hp Protecttools On My Pocket Pc

    User’s Guide located on the Companion CD. To set up security on your iPAQ Pocket PC: 1. Tap Start > Settings > Personal tab > HP ProtectTools. 2. The security configuration screen displays the message “Do you want to configure HP ProtectTools security on your...
  • Page 34 4. Tap Next. 5. From the Unlock Settings screen, select the method in which you want to unlock your HP iPAQ, along with the number of attempts allowed for each setting: ❏ Simple 4-digit PIN—enter a minimum four-digit number ❏...
  • Page 35 ❏ Fingerprint OR Password—successfully enroll a fingerprint OR enter a combination of numbers and/or letters of any length ❏ Fingerprint AND Password—successfully enroll a fingerprint AND enter a combination of numbers and/or letters of any length ❏ Fingerprint OR Strong Password—successfully enroll a fingerprint OR enter a minimum of eight characters including at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number...
  • Page 36 Select whether you want the encryption status displayed. Selecting this option allows you to monitor the encryption/decryption process. For more information, refer to Chapter 7, “Using HP ProtectTools,” in the User’s Guide located on the Companion CD. 10. Tap Next.
  • Page 37 12. Prior to enrolling your fingerprint and/or entering your PIN or password, you are asked for a passphrase. Tap OK, then follow the onscreen instructions to create a passphrase. Note: The passphrase is not something you need to remember on a daily basis, but you should remember it for future reference.
  • Page 38: Disabling Security

    15. Tap OK. 16. If requested, enter your PIN or password two times for verification purposes. 17. From the Set up Passwords screen, select your hint question by tapping the left and right arrow buttons near the question. Answer the question two times for verification purposes. 18.
  • Page 39 Programs tab, then tap Help at the bottom of the screen. Do you want to learn more about: ■ unlocking your Pocket PC? ■ encrypting/decrypting data? ■ changing your HP ProtectTools settings? Refer to Chapter 7, “Using HP ProtectTools,” in the User’s Guide located on the Companion CD.
  • Page 40: How Do I Use The Fingerprint Reader

    How Do I Use the Fingerprint Reader on my Pocket PC? HP ProtectTools suggests fingers for you to use during the swiping activity. You can select a different finger at any time. To select a different finger, tap the finger you want to swipe in the Hand icon.
  • Page 41 To enroll a fingerprint: 1. On the Fingerprint screen, use the diagram to tap the finger that you are going to enroll. 2. Swipe the selected finger, as instructed.
  • Page 42 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to continue enrolling your fingerprint. 5. When that fingerprint is enrolled successfully, repeat steps 1 through 4 to enroll a second fingerprint. 6. When both fingerprints are successfully enrolled, tap OK twice to continue setting up HP ProtectTools.
  • Page 43: How Do I Set Up My Pocket Pc To Use Wi-Fi

    How Do I Set Up My Pocket PC to Use Wi-Fi? Note: Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) is not available in all models. Certain iPAQ Pocket PC models come with the 802.11b standard; otherwise know as Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi). This means you do not need to use cables or plug in to a network wall connection to access the Internet with your Pocket PC.
  • Page 44: Automatically Connecting To A Network

    Note: Even though the indicator is blue to indicate Wi-Fi is turned on, it does not necessarily mean a connection has been established with another device or access point. If Wi-Fi is off, the Wi-Fi icon turns from green to gray. Battery Saving Tip: Turn Wi-Fi off when you are not using it.
  • Page 45 To manually add a wireless network: 1. Be sure Wi-Fi is powered on. 2. In the Navigation bar, tap the Connections icon ( Settings > Advanced tab > Select Networks button. 3. Enter or select the network name (or tap New) you want to use to either connect to the Internet using an ISP or My Work Network for work.
  • Page 46: Searching For Networks To Access

    c. If a network key is provided by your network automatically, tap the The Key is provided for me automatically checkbox. 12. For increased security, tap 802.1x tab and select the Use IEEE802.1x network access control checkbox. You should only check this option if it is supported by your network environment.
  • Page 47 Start > Help from any screen to get help on that screen. Your HP iPAQ Pocket PC can connect to a network using Wi-Fi. Note: Before connecting, familiarize yourself with the following wireless technology terms.
  • Page 48 (Continued) Term Hotspots Infrastructure Internet Protocol (IP) Address Media Access Control (MAC) Address Security Set Identifier (SSID) Definition Public or private areas where you can access Wi-Fi service. These wireless connections can be located, for example, at a library, cyber cafe, hotel, airport lounge, or convention center.
  • Page 49 (Continued) Term Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) Wireless Access Point Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) Definition The Wi-Fi encryption method that protects unauthorized network access by using a setup password (for personal use) or by verifying network users through a server (for enterprise use).
  • Page 50: How Do I Use Bluetooth To Transfer Files To Another Pocket Pc, Computer, Or Printer

    How Do I Use Bluetooth to Transfer Files to Another Pocket PC, Computer, or Printer? Your Pocket PC comes with built-in Bluetooth technology that allows short-range connections and provides fast, reliable, and secure wireless communication with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Bluetooth allows you to exchange information with other Bluetooth-enabled devices located within 30 feet (10 meters) of your Pocket PC.
  • Page 51 3. Under Services, tap the File Transfer tab. The Service Settings checkboxes are automatically enabled when you select a service. 4. Leave only the Enable service checkbox checked, and uncheck the other checkboxes, then tap OK. 5. On the iPAQ Wireless screen, tap the Bluetooth Manager button.
  • Page 52 6. Tap New > Browse files on a remote device > Next and allow the Bluetooth Connection Wizard some time to browse for the Bluetooth-enabled device. 7. Once the Bluetooth device icon appears on the Bluetooth Connection Wizard screen, tap it to begin the discovery process and follow the Bluetooth Connection Wizard instructions.
  • Page 53 8. Once a connection has been established, tap the device icon, then tap and hold a file transfer shortcut icon. 9. Tap Connect. 10. Tap File, then tap Send a File… . 11. Locate a file to send. 12. Tap the file to automatically send it. 13.
  • Page 54 Do you want to learn more about: ■ exchanging contacts, calendar items, and tasks? ■ sending or exchanging business cards? ■ synchronizing with a computer through an ActiveSync connection? ■ partnering with a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and using as a wireless modem? ■...
  • Page 55: How Do I Use Bluetooth To Print

    How Do I Use Bluetooth to Print? You can print e-mails and notes from your Pocket PC using a Bluetooth printer. To set up your Pocket PC to print to a Bluetooth printer: 1. To open Mobile Printing, from the Today screen, tap Start > Programs >...
  • Page 56 12. Tap OK in the upper right corner to exit Print Manager. Note: You should only need to perform the above steps one time for each Bluetooth printer you wish to use. To print to a Bluetooth printer: 1. Tap Start > Programs > Print Manager. 2.
  • Page 57: How Do I Use A Global Positioning

    There are a number of GPS Navigation Systems on the market that can be used with your Pocket PC. The following instructions apply to the HP iPAQ Navigation System, which is available from and supported by HP. For information on using other GPS devices with your Pocket PC, refer to the instructions that came with the product.
  • Page 58 4. When the Map Loader screen appears, determine how you want to load maps and follow the instructions to load whichever maps you choose. Note: Be sure you have enough memory available to load the maps you choose. You can monitor available memory by referring to the Available Memory and Selected Size boxes.
  • Page 59 For detailed instructions on using the HP iPAQ Navigation System, refer to the Getting Started Guide and the User’s Guide that came with the iPAQ Navigation System or visit the HP Web site at For information on purchasing the HP iPAQ Navigation System, visit the HP Web site at
  • Page 60: How Do I Migrate Data From Palm Desktop To Pocket Pc 2003, 2Nd Edition

    Palm Desktop software to Microsoft Pocket PC 2003, 2nd Edition. Note: Do not insert your iPAQ Pocket PC into the HP Desktop Cradle until you have installed ActiveSync and are prompted to do so. To migrate data from Palm Desktop to Pocket PC 2003, 2nd Edition: 1.
  • Page 61 During the configuration process, select Synchronize your handheld with Microsoft Outlook and Palm Desktop software. Note: Microsoft Outlook must be set as your default e-mail program to properly synchronize with the Palm Desktop software. If you need to change your settings, open Microsoft Outlook, then click Tools >...
  • Page 62: How Do I Transfer Files From My Personal Computer To My Pocket Pc

    How Do I Transfer Files from My Personal Computer to My Pocket PC? You may want to take files you create on your personal computer with you on your Pocket PC. To do this: 1. On your personal computer, click Start > Programs > Microsoft ActiveSync.
  • Page 63 5. Click OK to save your changes, then click File > Close to close ActiveSync. 6. If your Pocket PC is in the HP Desktop Cradle, synchronization begins automatically, and a folder is created on your desktop which is named after the name you gave your Pocket PC when you set up your partnership (for example, Pocket_PC My Documents).
  • Page 64: How Do I Protect My Pocket Pc From Screen Damage Or Cracking

    Note: HP is not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of your failure to follow the instructions that came with the HP branded product. Refer to the warranty document included with your Pocket PC for more information.
  • Page 65 Pocket PC or an approved replacement to tap or write on the screen. If you lose or break your stylus, you can order extras at ■ Clean your Pocket PC by wiping the screen and the exterior with a soft, damp cloth lightly moistened only with water.
  • Page 66: How Do I Find Information On Topics Not Covered In This Booklet

    Getting Started or User’s Guide, refer to the iPAQ Handheld Forum (a message board) at To receive support from an HP-qualified technical support specialist, visit the HP support Web site at To find information on the support Web site for your specific product, be sure to have your model or product name available.
  • Page 67 366427-001...

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