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Additional Security Solutions - HP iPAQ 4500 Overview

Hp ipaq 4500: supplementary guide
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Note: The 54-Mbit/s maximum speed of 802.11g is obtained only when the network contains other 802.11g-based devices.
Users who mix 802.11b devices in that network will see a maximum throughput value of only 22 Mbit/s.
• The 802.1x standard defines the method of encapsulating EAPs over wired or wireless Ethernet
networks. This standard does not define any specific security protocol, but is based on EAP types
documented and ratified by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

Additional Security Solutions

Personal firewalls are the best way to protect your computer-related devices and wireless network.
A firewall keeps computer hackers out and your sensitive data in; it acts as a barrier through which
all information passes between the computer and the network. Personal firewalls monitor all
incoming and outgoing traffic on your computer, including external systems.
Firewalls look at this data and make an access decision based on predetermined access rules. A
firewall can give you the needed tools to protect your sensitive information while you're
communicating across public networks. You have an option of selecting what information you want
to protect, such as credit card numbers or passwords.
Personal firewalls can also prevent Web servers from getting access to sensitive data, and they can
block Java applets and ActiveX controls. These Internet tools can endanger computer security.
Firewalls can provide you with various helpful security needs for your computer hardware and
Personal firewalls are also available for mobile devices, such as Zone Alarm Personal Edition from
Zone Labs, Inc. To download a free copy of this software on to your personal computer or notebook,
go to
for more information.
Bluefire Security Technologies
security solutions help prevent intrusion, provide integrity management, encryption, and
authentication enterprise security. These security features add extra protection across VPNs, such
as protecting lost and stolen devices; and preventing computer-hacker attacks and unauthorized
access. Bluefire Mobile Firewall provides protection of information with encryption of data files,
external storage cards, and personal information such as your mailbox, contact, calendar, and task
databases. By visiting, Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0
users can download a free 30-day trial version of the software.
for Pocket PC provides convenient, real-time encryption of information on mobile devices
as well as external storage cards. User-information is automatically encrypted and stored on your
device. Pointsec for Pocket PCs is a pictured-based application. It is combined with PicturePIN
(access control) and QuickPIN
solution protects sensitive information in any format including Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, Outlook e-
mail, attachments and notes. Your information is secure and instantly accessible. Pointsec
Pocket PC is an integrated mobile security solution that provides users with strong encryption and
fast, reliable speed or performance. You can learn more about security solutions that protect lost or
stolen mobile devices by visiting
These technologies can protect against unauthorized accesses, enforce security policies as well as
monitor activity on devices.
develops software that protects devices, data, and networks. The
to provide fast re-entry to the device and its content. This security

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