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Configuring X With Multiple Graphics Cards Using Vizconfig Tool - HP xw3400 User Manual

User manual for linux.
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Configuring X with Multiple Graphics Cards Using
Vizconfig Tool
With the advent of dual high performance graphics slots on the xw9300 and the increased
importance of advanced multi-head configurations, HP now provides a multi-head graphics
configuration tool called vizconfig. This tool is designed to make it much easier to setup multi-head
and multi-card graphics configurations. On the xw9300, this tool has a launcher preinstalled on the
Desktop. It can also be easily run from the command line by executing
/opt/hp/viztools/bin/run_vizconfig. Today, this vizconfig tool works only on NVIDIA devices since
that is the current HP-supported multi-card solution for HP workstations. ATI has a configuration tool
called fglrxconfig with a GUI that configures a single graphics card.
Once the vizconfig GUI is invoked, pointing and clicking is all you need to do for most configs. If you
need to do anything that vizconfig does not support, you can edit the config file that vizconfig
generates to add the missing functionality.
The steps to using vizconfig are outlined below:
Login as root.
Launch vizconfig using the desktop icon or by executing /opt/hp/viztools/bin/run_vizconfig.
Select the display arrangement from the pull-down labeled "Selected Display Arrangement."
The options are:
1 Card, 1 Display
1 Card, 2 Displays, (2x1)
2 Cards, 2 Displays (2x1)
2 Cards, 3 Displays (3x1)
2 Cards, 4 Displays (4x1)
2 Cards, 4 Displays (2x2)
2 Cards, 4 Displays (1 over 3)
Once a display arrangement is selected, you can also set different options in the "Options" tab.
Your options are:
SLI Multiview (Xinerama) – enables/disables 2d/3d Xinerama
Use TwinView where possible – enables/disables TwinView
HardwareOverlays – enables/disables using the hardware overlays
Setup the different displays/monitors. The different displays are shown in the picture of the current
selected display arrangement along with how the graphics cards are connected to those displays.
Select the display via the "Selected Display" pull-down. The picture of the display arrangement
will be updated to highlight the selected display.
Set the resolution for this display with the Display Resolution slider.
If you want the display to be connected to the other connector on the graphics card, click the
"Swap Left_Right Monitors" button. The picture of the display arrangement will be modified to
reflect this change.
Repeat steps 6 thru 8 as needed for each display.
Press "SaveConfig" to save the changes to the /etc/X11/<XF86Config or xorg.conf> file.
If the tool was run as root, the system X configuration file (XF86Confg or xorg.conf in /etc/X11) will
be updated. The previous X configuration file is copied aside with a "vizconfig.sav" extension. If the
tool was not run as root, the generated file can be found in /usr/tmp/. To try the saved changes,
restart the Xserver by pressing <CTL-ALT-Backspace>.


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