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Cisco 7912G User Manual

Cisco ip phone user guide
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CISCO 7912G Phone User Guide



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  Summary of Contents for Cisco 7912G

  • Page 1 CISCO 7912G Phone User Guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Business IP Telephony The Future is Index CISCO 7912G Phone User Guide...1 Index ...1 An Overview of Your Phone ...2 Buttons and Hardware ...2 Call-Handling and Navigation Tips...3 Going On-Hook and Off-Hook ...3 Choosing and Selecting Calls ...4 Switching Among Calls ...4 Using Feature Menus...5...
  • Page 3: An Overview Of Your Phone

    Business IP Telephony The Future is An Overview of Your Phone The Cisco IP Phones 7905G and 7912G support: • Voice communication over a data network • Familiar telephony features to handle calls easily • Special features to extend and customize your call-handling capabilities...
  • Page 4: Call-Handling And Navigation Tips

    10 Footstand Call-Handling and Navigation Tips These guidelines can help you handle calls and navigate menus on your Cisco IP Phone. Going On-Hook and Off-Hook Some phone tasks and instructions differ depending on whether the phone is on-hook or off-hook.
  • Page 5: Choosing And Selecting Calls

    Business IP Telephony The Future is Dial or NewCall to get a dial tone. Choosing and Selecting Calls Many phone features require that you select the calls you want to use with a particular feature. For example, you might have four held calls, but you only want to join two of them to a conference call.
  • Page 6: Using Feature Menus

    Business IP Telephony The Future is Using Feature Menus The following tips can help you use feature menus. If you want to... Access the feature menus Scroll through a list or menu Select a menu item Go back one level in a feature menu Close a feature menu Exit all menus...
  • Page 7: Basic Call Handling

    Business IP Telephony The Future is Basic Call Handling This section covers basic call-handling tasks such as placing, answering, and transferring calls. Placing a Call To place a call, use one of several options to go off-hook before or after dialing a number.
  • Page 8 Business IP Telephony The Future is Place a call when Press the Hold button. Then dial, redial, or speed dial a number. another call is active Receive notification Call the number and press CallBack while listening to the busy when a busy or tone or ring sound.
  • Page 9: Answering A Call

    Business IP Telephony The Future is Answering a Call To answer a call, pick up the handset. See the table below for more options. If you want to... Switch from a connected call to answer a ringing call Answer a call using call waiting Retrieve, or allow someone else to retrieve, a held call on another phone (such as a phone in a...
  • Page 10: Using The Speaker

    Business IP Telephony The Future is Using the Speaker The Cisco IP Phone 7905G and 7912G each provide a speaker for hands-free listening. You can use the speaker only to listen to a call. To talk on a call, you must pick up the handset.
  • Page 11: Transferring A Connected Call

    Business IP Telephony The Future is Transferring a Connected Call Transfer redirects a connected call. The target is the number to which you want to transfer the call. If you want to... Transfer a call without talking to the transfer recipient Talk to the transfer recipient before transferring a call (consult transfer)
  • Page 12: Making Conference Calls

    Business IP Telephony The Future is Making Conference Calls Conference calling allows three or more parties to participate in a call simultaneously. Your Cisco IP Phone can support several types of conference calls The following conference softkeys may be available on your phone: •...
  • Page 13: Starting Or Joining A Meet-Me Conference Call

    Business IP Telephony The Future is If you want to... Get an updated list of conference participants See who started the conference Remove any conference participant Drop the last party added to a standard conference End a conference Tips • Engaging the Hold feature generates music or a beeping tone.
  • Page 14: Forwarding Your Calls To Another Number

    End a Meet-Me conference Forwarding Your Calls to Another Number You can use Call Forward All to redirect your incoming calls from your Cisco IP Phone to another number. Enter the Call Forward All target number exactly as you would need to dial it from your desk phone.
  • Page 15: Customizing Phone Settings

    Business IP Telephony The Future is Customizing Phone Settings You can personalize your Cisco IP Phone by adjusting settings, as described in the tables below. • If you want to restore your previously-saved settings on the phone, choose Settings > more> Restore.
  • Page 16: Setting Up Speed Dial Numbers

    Change the ring sound Setting Up Speed Dial Numbers You can set up to four speed dial numbers on your Cisco IP Phone 7905G and 7912G. Set up speed dial from your User Options web pages, as described in the table below. (See the “Accessing Your User Options Web Pages”...