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Cisco 7912G At-A-Glance

Cisco ip phone 7912g
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Cisco IP Phone 7912G
Connecting Your Phone
Introducing Your Cisco IP Phone 7912G
Tips for Using Your Phone
Using Additional Features
Where to Find More Information
Safety Notices
At a Glance



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  Summary of Contents for Cisco 7912G

  • Page 1 At a Glance Cisco IP Phone 7912G Overview Connecting Your Phone Introducing Your Cisco IP Phone 7912G Tips for Using Your Phone Using Additional Features Where to Find More Information Safety Notices...
  • Page 2: Connecting Your Phone

    If that is not the case, connecting your phone is easy. Procedure Follow the steps below to connect your Cisco IP Phone to the corporate IP network. Refer to Figure 1 on page 4 to locate ports on the back of your phone.
  • Page 3 Ethernet connection. Once you connect the Cisco IP Phone to its power source, a start-up process begins. After several minutes, startup is complete and your phone is ready to use.
  • Page 4 Figure 1 Cisco IP Phone 7912G Cable Connections Network (Ethernet) port Access port Handset port Adapter port (DC48V) Power supply with DC output connector (provided if power is not supplied through an Ethernet connection) Power cable with wall AC plug (provided if your phone...
  • Page 5: Adjusting The Handset Rest

    Adjusting the Handset Rest When you connect your phone, you might want to adjust the handset rest to ensure that the receiver will not slip out of the cradle. This is especially important if the phone will hang from a wall. Refer to the following table for instructions. Figure 2 Using the Handset Rest Set the handset aside and use your thumb and finger to...
  • Page 6: Cisco Ip Phone 7912G

    Introducing Your Cisco IP Phone 7912G A Cisco IP Phone 7912G is a full-feature telephone that provides voice communication over an IP (Internet Protocol) network. This phone functions much like a traditional phone, allowing you to place and receive telephone calls. It also supports features that you have come to expect from a telephone—such as speed dialing, redial, and conference calling.
  • Page 7 LCD screen Displays features such as the time, date, your phone number, caller ID, line/call status, and softkey tabs. Cisco IP Phone Indicates the Cisco IP Phone Series to series type which your phone belongs. Softkeys Softkeys let you engage functions displayed on the corresponding LCD tabs.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Tips for Using Your Phone This section provides quick tips for getting started with your Cisco IP Phone 7912G. For more feature information, see the “Using Additional Features” section on page 11. To access your complete User Guide on the web, see the “Related Documentation”...
  • Page 9: How Do I Adjust The Handset Volume

    How Do I Adjust the Handset Volume? Press the up or down Volume button when the handset is in use. Press the Save softkey to save your change. How Do I Adjust the Ringer Volume? Press the up or down Volume button when the handset is not in use (in the handset cradle).
  • Page 10: How Do I Operate The Lcd Screen

    How Do I Operate the LCD Screen? Operating your phone’s LCD screen is easy. Use the Navigation button, softkeys, and the key pad to make your selections. To control the cursor: • Press the >> softkey to re-position the cursor. •...
  • Page 11: How Do I Use Voice Mail

    Using Additional Features Once you are comfortable using your Cisco IP Phone 7912G to place calls and accomplish other basic phone tasks, turn to this section for additional feature information. • How Do I Use Voice Mail?, page 11 • How Do I View my Missed Calls?, page 12 •...
  • Page 12: How Do I View My Missed Calls

    How Do I View my Missed Calls? Your phone’s LCD display will indicate if you have missed a call. Use the Directories menu to view (and dial from) call records in your Missed Calls, Received Calls, and Placed Calls directories. A call record contains the time and date of the call, and a phone number (if available).
  • Page 13: How Do I Set Up A Conference Call

    How Do I Set Up a Conference Call? To turn a two-party call into a conference call, follow these steps: During a call, press the Confrn softkey. Doing so Step 1 automatically activates a new line and puts the first party on hold.
  • Page 14: How Do I Transfer A Call

    How Do I Transfer a Call? To transfer a call to another extension: During a call, press the Trnsfer softkey. Doing so Step 1 automatically puts the call on hold. Dial the number or office extension to which you want Step 2 to transfer the call.
  • Page 15: How Do I Use Speed Dialing

    Call Forwarding Tips • You can use call forwarding to send your incoming calls to another Cisco IP Phone or to a traditional analog phone. • If call forwarding is active and there is no answer at the forwarded number (by a person, answering machine, or voice mail system), the call will be redirected to your voice mail system.
  • Page 16: Related Documentation

    Related Documentation To learn about all of the features available on your phone, access your complete User Guide on the Web. Go to the following website and click the Cisco IP Phone 7912G link: on/index.htm Safety Notices Please read the following information before installing or using your Cisco IP Phone 7912G.
  • Page 17 Some LAN and WAN ports use RJ-45 connectors. Use caution when connecting cables. The following warnings apply when you use the external power supply with the Cisco IP Phone: Warning This product relies on the building's installation for short-circuit (over current) protection. Ensure that a fuse or circuit breaker no larger than 120 VAC, 15A U.S.
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