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Testing End-To-End Network Communications; Hp Customer Support Services - HP ProCurve 2124 Install Manual

Hp procurve 2124: install guide
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HP Customer Support Services

Testing End-to-End Network Communications

Both the switch and the cabling can be tested by running an end-to-end
communications test — a test that sends known data from one network device
to another through the switch. For example, if you have two PCs on the
network that have LAN adapters between which you can run a link-level test
or Ping test through the switch, you can use this test to verify that the entire
communication path between the two PCs is functioning correctly. See your
LAN adapter documentation for more information on running a link test or
Ping test.
HP Customer Support Services
If you are still having trouble with your switch, Hewlett-Packard offers support
24 hours a day, seven days a week through the use of a number of automated
electronic services. See the Customer Support/Warranty booklet that came
with your switch for information on how to use these services to get technical
support. The HP Procurve web site, also
provides up-to-date support information.
Additionally, your HP-authorized network reseller can provide you with assis-
tance, both with services that they offer and with services offered by HP.

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