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Before Use; Operation - Hitachi KC18DBFL2S Safety Instructions And Instruction Manual


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● If the battery is charged while it is heated
because it has been left for a long time in a
location subject to direct sunlight or because
the battery has just been used, the pilot lamp of
UC18YKSL charger lights for 1 second, does not
light for 0.5 seconds (off for 0.5 seconds). The
battery will not be recharged. In such a case, let
the battery cool before charging.
● When the pilot lamp fl ickers (at 0.2-second
intervals), check for and take out any foreign
objects in the charger's battery connector. If
there are no foreign objects, it is probable that
the battery or charger is malfunctioning. Take it
to your authorized Service Center.


Check the work area to make sure that it is clear of debris
and clutter.
Clear the area of unnecessary personnel. Ensure that
lighting and ventilation is adequate.


1. Mounting and dismounting of the bit.
(1) Mounting the bit.
Loosen the sleeve by turning it toward the left (in the
counterclockwise direction as viewed from the front)
to open the clip on the keyless chuck. After inserting
a driver bit, etc., into the keyless drill chuck, and
tighten the sleeve by turning it toward the right (in the
clockwise direction as viewed from the front). (See
Fig. 7).
If the sleeve becomes loose during operation, tighten
it further.
The tightening force becomes stronger when the
sleeve is tightened.
(2) Dismounting the bit
Loosen the sleeve by turning it toward the left (in the
counterclockwise direction as viewed from the front),
and then take out the bit etc. (See Fig. 7)
Fig. 7
○ If the sleeve is tightened in a state where the clip of the
keyless chuck is opened to a maximum limit, a click
noise may occur. This is the noise that occurs when
the loosening of the keyless chuck is prevented and is
not a malfunction.
○ When it is no longer possible to loosen the sleeve,
use a vise or similar instrument to secure the bit. Set
the clutch mode between 1 and 11 and then turn the
sleeve to the loose side (left side) while operating the
clutch. It should be easy now to loosen the sleeve.
2. Confi rm that the battery is mounted correctly.
3. Check the rotational direction.
The bit rotates clockwise (viewed from the rear side)
by pushing the R-side of the selector button.
The L-side of the selector button is pushed
to turn the bit counterclockwise (See Fig. 8).
marks are provided on the body.)
Trigger switch
The push button can not be switched while the
power tool is turning. To switch the push button,
stop the power tool, then set the push button.
4. Change rotation speed.
High speed
Selector button
Fig. 8
Low speed
Shift knob
Fig. 9
Shift knob
Fig. 10


Table of Contents

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