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Operational Cautions - Hitachi KC18DBFL2S Safety Instructions And Instruction Manual


Table of Contents
Safeguard Function
Overburden Protection
Temperature Protection


Resting the unit after continuous work
(1) The power tool is equipped with a temperature
protection circuit to protect the motor.
Continuous bolt-tightening work may cause the
temperature of the unit to rise, activating the
temperature protection circuit and automatically
stopping operation.
If this happens, allow the power tool to cool before
resuming use.
(2) After use for continuous tightening wood screw works,
rest the unit for 15 minutes or so when replacing the
battery. The temperature of the motor, switch, etc.,
will rise if the work is started again immediately after
battery replacement, eventually resulting in burnout.
LED Light Display
On 0.1 second/off 0.1 second
On 0.5 second/off 0.5 second
Table 8
If the operating with the shift knob set on
HIGH, adjust to LOW and continue operation.
Remove the cause of the overburdening.
Allow the tool and battery to thoroughly cool.
Corrective Action


Table of Contents

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