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Tascam CD-500 Owner's Manual

Tascam cd player user manual.
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CD Player


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   Summary of Contents for Tascam CD-500

  • Page 1

    D01136920A CD-500/500B CD Player OWNER'S MANUAL...

  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    11 Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer. TASCAM CD-500/500B 12 Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table specified by the manufacturer, or sold with the apparatus. When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart/apparatus combination to avoid injury from tip-over.

  • Page 3: Safety Information

    WARNING This is a Class A product. In a domestic environment, this product may cause radio interference in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures. TASCAM CD-500/500B...

  • Page 4

    There is no hazardous invisible laser radiation during operation because invisible laser radiation emitted inside of this product is completely confined in the protective housings. TASCAM CD-500/500B The label required in this regulation is shown at 1. Cautions: DO NOT REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE HOUSING USING A •...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    1 – Introduction ...7 Differences between the CD-500 and CD-500B models ... 7 Features ... 7 Included items ... 8 About this manual ... 8 Trademarks ... 8 Precautions for placement and use ... 8 Connecting the power ... 8 Beware of condensation ...

  • Page 6

    Contents 9 – Error Messages ...36 10 – Specifications ...37 Media and formats ...37 Analog audio output ...37 Digital audio output ...37 Control input and output ...37 Audio performance ...37 Backup memory ...37 General ...38 Dimensional drawings ...38 TASCAM CD-500/500B...

  • Page 7: Introduction

    TASCAM web site ( Differences between the CD-500 and CD-500B models The CD-500 is the standard model and the CD-500B is a model with additional professional features. These additional features include XLR balanced analog output connectors, an AES/EBU digital output connector (XLR) and a parallel external control connector.

  • Page 8: Included Items

    The batteries are not supplied for Taiwan. About this manual In this manual, we use the following conventions: Unless otherwise specified, references to the “CD-500” • also indicate CD-500B players. The names of buttons and controls are given in the •...

  • Page 9: Cleaning The Unit

    Pull the disc out once and press the eject button and then try inserting it again. (Trying to force the disc in could damage the unit.) TASCAM CD-500/500B...

  • Page 10: Names And Functions Of Parts

    9 REMOTE jack (2.5-mm TS) Use this jack to connect a TASCAM RC-3F foot switch (sold separately). Use this remote control to start and stop playback and other operations.

  • Page 11

    1. When in shift mode (when the SHIFT indicator is lit), pause the unit to enable jog mode. (Alternatively, activate shift mode when already paused.) (See “Using the jog function to search” on page 22.) TASCAM CD-500/500B program random...

  • Page 12: Rear Panel

    (RELAY OUT) jacks (3.5-mm mini-jacks) Use these jacks for fader start and event start, as well as for relay playback of multiple CD-500 and CD-500B units. (See “Relay playback” on page 30 and “Fader and event start” on page 32.) p CONTROL I/O RS-232C connector This is a D-sub 9-pin RS-232C serial control connector.

  • Page 13: Display

    (See “Incremental play function” on page 25.) u KEY ORIG (original key) indicator When the original key function is on, appears. (See “Changing the playback speed without changing the pitch (KEY ORIG)” on page 27.) TASCAM CD-500/500B appears appears RANDOM appears...

  • Page 14: Wireless Remote Control (tascam Rc-500)

    2 – Names and Functions of Parts Wireless remote control (TASCAM RC-500) 1 FLASH button Press to turn the flash start function on and off. 2 DISPLAY button Press this button to change the playback time display mode shown (track elapsed time, track remaining time or remaining time).

  • Page 15

    When the incremental play function is on, press this button during playback to start playback of the next track. When the incremental play function is off, press this button during playback to use skip back playback. 2 – Names and Functions of Parts TASCAM CD-500/500B...

  • Page 16: Preparation

    Connecting a foot switch Connect a TASCAM RC-3F foot switch (sold separately) to the REMOTE connector to enable it to control some unit operations. (See “Controlling the player with a foot switch” on page 32.)

  • Page 17: Preparing The Remote Control

    If remote control reception has been set to • will appear on the display when any of the remote control buttons are pushed. The remote control reception setting (on/off ) is saved • even if the unit’s power is turned off. TASCAM CD-500/500B...

  • Page 18: Panel Lock Function

    NOTE Even when the panel lock function is enabled, the • unit can be controlled by a TASCAM RC-3F foot switch connected to the REMOTE jack on the front panel and external controllers connected to the RS-232C connector and CONTROL I/O PARALLEL connectors on the rear panel.

  • Page 19: Menu

    1 When the display shows the usual playback information, activate the menu mode in which you can select menu items by using the unit’s front panel buttons or the included TASCAM RC-500 remote control. When using the front panel buttons: •...

  • Page 20: Operation

    Depending on the condition of a disc, this unit might • not be able to play it back, or skipping might occur. TASCAM CD-500/500B Directories and tracks on data This unit treats all the audio (WAV and MP3) files on data CDs as “tracks.

  • Page 21: Loading Discs

    To start playback after this, press the Á (play) [REPEAT] button on the player or the Á PLAY button on the remote. During playback The selected track will start playing back. 02 EJECT 5 – Operation TASCAM CD-500/500B...

  • Page 22: Designating Track Numbers

    WAV files (tracks). In other words, they are units that are larger than tracks. Use the following procedures to select indexes and directories. TASCAM CD-500/500B Using the front panel buttons: When in shift mode (SHIFT indicator lit) use the SKIP Â/¯ [INDEX/DIR SEARCH] buttons to select them.

  • Page 23: Playback Modes

    Selecting the playback mode Use the following procedures to set the desired playback mode using the controls on the player or the included TASCAM RC-500 remote control. Using the front panel buttons: When in shift mode (SHIFT indicator lit), press the CALL [PLAY MODE] button to cycle through the playback modes.

  • Page 24: Various Playback Functions

    03 A-CUE Options: (default value), TASCAM CD-500/500B These values represent auto-cue levels in dB. The point when the signal level of the selected track first exceeds the auto-cue level is recognized as the instant when sound starts.

  • Page 25: Call Function

    REPEAT button on the remote to activate A-B repeat mode. appears of the top of the REPEAT appears of REPEAT SHIFT indicator lit), REPEAT REPEAT button on the remote until REPEAT will blink at the top of REPEAT TASCAM CD-500/500B...

  • Page 26: Intro Check Mode

    1 When stopped or paused, press the remote INTRO CHECK button to enable intro check mode. appears on the right side of the display. TASCAM CD-500/500B NOTE If you press the INTRO CHECK button on the remote control during playback, the right side of the display and intro check starts immediately.

  • Page 27: Setting The Pitch Adjustment Increment

    PITCH [MENU] knob to exit program setting mode. Using the remote control: 1 When stopped, press the PGM button to enter program setting mode. The display appears as follows. 04 Prog Program number Track number Program number Track number TASCAM CD-500/500B...

  • Page 28: Checking The Program

    2 Use the number buttons or SKIP Â/¯ buttons to select the desired track. 3 Press the SEARCH  button to confirm the change. TASCAM CD-500/500B Inserting tracks into the program ª Using the front panel buttons: 1 Turn the PITCH [MENU] knob or press the SEARCH Ô/...

  • Page 29: Skip Back Playback

    Using the front panel buttons: 1 Prepare the program as necessary. 2 When in shift mode (SHIFT indicator lit), press the 1 [FLASH] number button. NOTE Setting the menu item to 19 FLASH effect (default value: TASCAM CD-500/500B menu item. has the same...

  • Page 30: Relay Playback

    Using the remote control: Press the FLASH button to exit flash start mode. Relay playback Multiple CD-500 and CD-500B units can be used together and set so that when playback ends on one unit, playback can automatically start on another unit.

  • Page 31: Other Functions

    PITCH [MENU] knob to confirm the setting. Setting range: 0–5 minutes (10-second increments, default value: 0 seconds) NOTE The interval time setting is retained even when the power is turned off. (default value), ” begins to 16 INTVAL menu item. TASCAM CD-500/500B...

  • Page 32: Outputting In Mono

    The mono output on/off setting is retained even when the power is turned off. Controlling the player with a foot switch You can connect a TASCAM RC-3F foot switch (sold separately) to the REMOTE jack on the front panel and use it to control the player. TASCAM RC-3F...

  • Page 33: Event Start

    13 232C Select (9600 bps, default value), (38400 bps). For further details, please contact TASCAM customer support. NOTE The baud rate setting is retained even when the power is turned off. Restoring factory default settings You can restore the unit to factory default settings that are stored in the backup memory.

  • Page 34: User Data Settings (cd-500b Only)

    ← NO DISC Tally ← SEARCH (Back) Track Play: 1* SEARCH (Forward) Track Play: 2* ← TASCAM CD-500/500B PLAY Tally 10 PAUSE Tally 11 FADER START/STOP 12 STOP 13 PLAY 14 PAUSE 15 +5V IN: active low external command reception (operates...

  • Page 35: Troubleshooting

    Please check the following items if the unit is not functioning properly. If you are still unable to resolve the problem please contact the retailer where you purchased the unit or TASCAM customer support. Power does not turn on ª...

  • Page 36: Error Messages

    9 – Error Messages When one of the following error messages appears, refer to the response below and resolve the cause. If you are still unable to resolve the problem please contact TASCAM customer support. Message Meaning Clean or change the disc.

  • Page 37: Specifications

    • cue level, program, fade in/out, relay playback, power on play, mono output, resume, EOM time, incremental playback, pitch step, RS232C baud rate, skip back, remote control receipt, interval time, frame display, foot switch, user data, parallel mode) TASCAM CD-500/500B...

  • Page 38: General

    10 – Specifications General Power supply AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz Power consumption 10 W (CD-500), 11 W (CD-500B) Dimensions (W x H x D) 482.6 x 44.9 x 300.5 mm Weight 3.5 kg (CD-500), 3.7 kg (CD-500B) Operating temperature range 5º–40°...

  • Page 39

    Notes TASCAM CD-500/500B...

  • Page 40

    CD-500/500B TEAC CORPORATION Phone: +81-42-356-9143 1-47 Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo 206-8530, Japan TEAC AMERICA, INC. Phone: +1-323-726-0303 7733 Telegraph Road, Montebello, California 90640 USA TEAC CANADA LTD. Phone: +1905-890-8008 Facsimile: +1905-890-9888 5939 Wallace Street, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1Z8, Canada TEAC MEXICO, S.A. de C.V.

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