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Tascam CD-VT1MKII Owner's Manual

Portable cd vocal trainer.
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CD-VT1 @#
Portable CD Vocal
This appliance has a serial number located
on the rear panel. Please record the model
number and serial number and retain them
for your records.
Model number
Serial number


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   Summary of Contents for Tascam CD-VT1MKII

  • Page 1

    » CD-VT1 @# Portable CD Vocal Trainer OWNER’S MANUAL This appliance has a serial number located on the rear panel. Please record the model number and serial number and retain them for your records. Model number _____________ Serial number _____________ D00851600A...

  • Page 2: Important Safety Precautions

    WARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. — TASCAM CD-VT1MKII FOR U.S.A. TO THE USER This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital de- vice, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Do not install this apparatus in a confined space such as a book case or similar unit. • The apparatus draws nominal non-operating power from the AC outlet with its POWER switch in the off position. Important Safety Instructions TASCAM CD-VT1MKII —...

  • Page 4: Safety Information

    TACT YOUR NEAREST QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL, AND DO NOT USE THE PROD- UCT IN ITS DAMAGED STATE. Optical pickup: Type KSM-900AAA Manufacturer: SONY CORPORATION Laser output: <1 mW play on the objec- tive lens Wavelength: 775—816 nm — TASCAM CD-VT1MKII...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    About this Manual: When we refer to a key or connector or control on the CD-VT1MKII, the typeface looks like this: PLAY When we refer to items shown on the display, the typeface looks like this: Handling of compact discs ... 6 About the power supply...

  • Page 6: Handling Of Compact Discs

     To keep the laser pickups clean, do not touch them. For the same rea- son, do not leave the disc tray open unnecessarily.  The CD-VT1MKII cannot play unfinalized CD-R/RW discs. In addition, some finalized CD-R/ RW discs may be unplayable on...

  • Page 7: About The Power Supply

    CAUTION We strongly recommend the use of recharge- able Ni-MH batteries (alkaline batteries may also be used). Your CD-VT1MKII may not op- erate properly with batteries of other types. WARNING Misuse of batteries may cause leaks and ex- plosions. Please carefully read and follow the...

  • Page 8

    CD players. The length of battery life in CD-VT1MKII is affected by both the environment and the number of functions in use. Factors that af-...

  • Page 9: Part Names And Functions

    Press and hold down the key For example, in the case of the EFF/SETUP key, the CD effects menu opens when you tap the key lightly and the Setup menu opens if you press and hold the key down. TASCAM CD-VT1MKII —...

  • Page 10

    TASCAM PS-PS5 AC adapter (sold separately). 2) Battery Compartment Remove the battery compartment cover at the back of the CD-VT1MKII in or- der to insert 4 AA (SUM-3) batteries. 3) CD Drive Cover To open, pull up the unlocking lever.

  • Page 11

    Use this stereo jack to connect external devices such as a synthesizer, cassette tape recorder, rack-mount effect unit, etc., to the CD-VT1MKII. This jack has no level control, so you must adjust the output level at the source device. 22) MIC IN 1 Jack Connect a microphone to this jack.

  • Page 12: Making Connections

    You can also connect micro- phones to both jacks and use them together.  The MIC IN jacks (1 and 2) of the CD-VT1MKII accept unbalanced input signals. Use a ¼ inch mono phone plug. — TASCAM CD-VT1MKII Adjusting the microphone level Use the...

  • Page 13

    When you have a recording device connect- LINE OUT ed to the jack, remember that OUTPUT control affects the recording level. NOTE When you are using the CD-VT1MKII with speakers and microphone(s), be careful to avoid feedback (howlround). TASCAM CD-VT1MKII —...

  • Page 14: Using The Menu System

    Tap the CD EFF/SETUP  Metronome menu Press and hold down the STOP key. The menu then shows the menu cate- gory you select, reversed and blinking. — TASCAM CD-VT1MKII Menu Menu Values (default values Category Item are underlined) EFFECT 01-18 –...

  • Page 15

    PREV NEXT keys. Changing the setting values Change the setting values using the DOWN keys. Exiting the menu system Press the TIME/ESC key to exit the menu system and go back to the home display mode. TASCAM CD-VT1MKII —...

  • Page 16: Using The Cd Player

    Using the CD player The CD player in CD-VT1MKII works in much the same way as other CD players, with a few minor differ- ences and special features. Playback Press the PLAY/PAUSE key ( start playback and to pause playback.

  • Page 17: Pitch And Tempo Changes

    0 – +50. When the fine tuning is set to a value other key. than zero, shows in the home dis- play mode. (continued on the next page) TASCAM CD-VT1MKII — shows in FINE NEXT key.

  • Page 18: Using Cd Effects

    Using CD effects Turning CD effects on and off Pressing the CD EFF switch at the side of the CD-VT1MKII turns on the CD effects: vocal cancel, mono moni- tor, split monitor. The symbol is CD EFF shown on the display when the switch is ON.

  • Page 19: Using Built-in Effects

     : outputs stereo mixed sound of CD and microphone(s) from left and right. Using built-in effects The effector of the CD-VT1MKII consists of an effect library and a voice change function. Effect Library There are 18 built-in preset effects.

  • Page 20: Effect Presets

    Quivering Voice Screaming Panning Vocal Shout Lo-Fi Vocal Megaphone Duet — TASCAM CD-VT1MKII Effect Large “pop” reverb sound 1 Large “pop” reverb sound 2 Large “pop” reverb sound 3 Lively “rock” reverb 1 Lively “rock” reverb 2 Lively “rock” reverb 3...

  • Page 21: Using The Metronome / Using The Oscillator

    Using the metronome The CD-VT1MKII has a built-in met- ronome. To use the metronome, press and hold STOP key to open the Metronome menu. Choosing the metronome tempo 1. Press either the PREV NEXT key to select MTRO 2. When the menu is first opened, the metronome sound is off.

  • Page 22: Changing Your Preferences For The Cd-vt1mkii

    Changing your preferences for the CD-VT1MKII Use the Setup menu to make changes to the setup of the CD-VT1MKII. To open the Setup menu, press and hold down the CD EFF/SETUP key. Press either the PREV NEXT key to select between menu items, and press...

  • Page 23: Facts And figures (specifications)

    S/N ratio > 88 dB < 0.01% Digital signal processing 32-bit  Specifications and the appearance of the CD-VT1MKII may change without notice for improvement reasons.  The illustrations in this manual may differ slightly from the actual product. TASCAM CD-VT1MKII —...

  • Page 24

    17 Rue Alexis-de-Tocqueville CE 005 92182 Antony Cedex FRANCE +33-1-42-37-01-02 TEAC ITALIANA S.p.A. Via C Cantu 11 20092 Cinisello Balsamo Milano ITALY +39-02-66010500 TEAC AUSTRALIA PTY., LTD. 280 William St Melbourne Victoria 3000 AUSTRALIA +61-3-9672-2400

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