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Tascam CD-A550 Owner's Manual

Compact disc player/reverse cassette deck.
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Compact Disc Player/Reverse Cassette Deck


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  • Page 1

    D01057520B CD-A550/CD-A750 Compact Disc Player/Reverse Cassette Deck OWNER'S MANUAL...

  • Page 2: Important Safety Precautions

    CE Marking Information a) Applicable electromagnetic environment: E4 b) Peak inrush current: 2.5 A In North America use only on 120V supply. TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 WARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE.

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    CAUTION: Danger of explosion if battery is incor- • rectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type. Excessive sound pressure from earphones and • headphones can cause hearing loss. TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 4

    Do not heat or disassemble batteries. Do not put • them in fire or water. Batteries could rupture or leak, causing fire, injury or stains around them. TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 If the battery fluid leaks, wipe away any fluid on • the battery case before inserting new batteries. If the battery fluid gets in an eye, it could cause loss of eyesight.

  • Page 5

    4 inch (10cm) or more of space at the rear. Use the rack-mounting kit to mount the unit in a stan- dard 19-inch equipment rack, as shown in this sec- tion. Remove the feet of the unit before mounting. TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Selecting a track ... 24 Skipping to the next or previous track .. 24 Selecting by track number ... 24 TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 Selecting a folder (data CDs only) ... 24 Search forward and backward ... 25 Folder playback (data CDs only) ... 25 Setting the folder playback mode with the remote control ...

  • Page 7

    Analog audio ... 49 CD player section ... 49 Cassette tape section ... 50 Headphones section ... 50 Digital audio ... 50 CD player section ... 50 Control I/O (CD-A750 only) ... 50 General ... 50 Dimensional drawing... 51 TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 8: Introduction

    1 – Introduction Thank you very much for purchasing a TASCAM CD-A550/750 Compact Disc Player/Reverse Cassette Deck. Before using your unit, please read this manual carefully so that you will understand the correct operating procedures and be able to use all its functions fully. We hope that you will enjoy using this product for many years to come.

  • Page 9: About Trademarks

    Cautions are instructions that must be followed to avoid possible injury, equipment malfunction or damage to CDs or cassette tapes. About trademarks TASCAM is a trademark of TEAC Corporation. • Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. • Dolby and the double D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

  • Page 10: About Cassette Tapes

    Irregular cassette tapes • Cassettes that are deformed, have irregular tape TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 movement or that make unusual noises during fast- forwarding and rewinding should not be used. Long-play tapes •...

  • Page 11: Names And Functions Of Parts

    When not in menu mode, this functions as the SHIFT q OPEN/CLOSE key Press to open and close the disc tray. w STOP key Press to stop CD playback. TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 key to switch to text SHIFT key to switch between text key.

  • Page 12

    ( ). (See “Selecting the reverse mode” on ä page 38.) TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 j STOP key Press to stop the cassette tape. k PLAY [Ó] key Press to play a cassette tape in the reverse direction.

  • Page 13: Rear Panel

    (See “Using the RS-232C connector” on page 45.) Q VOLTAGE SELECTOR SW Use this switch to set the input voltage to either 230V or 120V. The voltage selector is only available on units for specific markets. TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 14: Wireless Remote Control (rc-a550)

    INPUT key Press to select the source to be recorded on the cassette tape. (See “Selecting the recording source” on page 38.) TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 CD DUB key Press to record (dub) the CD playback sound to a cassette tape. (See “Dubbing a CD to a tape” on page 39.)

  • Page 15: Display

    FOLDER Ó/Á key Press to switch the folder on a data CD. CD function display FOLDER A.CUE A.READY A.SPACE when the CD folder playback function, auto ready function, auto cue function and auto space function are ON, respectively. TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 indicators appear...

  • Page 16

    (when CD and tape are stopped). blinks during CD playback. blinks during cassette tape playback. TAPE TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 r DUB indicator This appears during CD dubbing. Cassette section t Level meters ALBUM These show the cassette tape playback and recording sound levels.

  • Page 17: Menu

    The menu item that was last selected the previous time that the menu was used is shown. MENU key MENU key Press the MENU key when the menu item selection is shown to return to the standard display. TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 MENU...

  • Page 18

    The menu item name and currently set value are shown. Use the following steps to change the settings. ENTER key TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 4 Use the –/+ keys on the main unit or the remote con- –/+ key trol to select the desired value.

  • Page 19: Preparations

    CD ANALOG OUTPUT both (XLR) and BALANCED UNBALANCED 4 – Preparations External controller jacks, while the CD-A550 model has only jacks. jack on the In addition, the CD playback signal can be output digitally from the CD DIGITAL OUTPUT jack PHONES CD OUTPUT jack.

  • Page 20: Setting The Common Output Signal

    COMMON OUT item to “AUTO” or “MIX.” By doing so, this unit outputs the signal of the CD and/or the tape depend- ing on their playback status. TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 Preparing the remote control Installing the batteries MENU item on the main 1 Open the cover on the back.

  • Page 21: Considerations For The Use Of The Remote Control

    3 Use the –/+ keys on the main unit or the remote con- trol to select a value between 1 and 10. The higher the number the brighter the display becomes. (The default value is 7.) 4 Press the key to return to the standard dis- ENTER play. TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 MENU...

  • Page 22: Playing Back Cds

    CD. Folders that do not directly contain audio files are not given numbers. For example, in the illustration below the folder that contains folder 5 is not given a number. TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 Folder MP3/WAV file An Example of Data CD Structure...

  • Page 23: Tray Lock Function

    CONTINUE (continuous playback mode) unless otherwise specified. key on the main CD PLAY CD-PLAY key CD PLAY key key on the main unit or the key on the main unit or the remote TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 24: Selecting A Track

    1 Use the remote control numeric keys (0–9) to input the track number. Input the track number starting with the first digit as in the example below. TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 Numeric keys (0-9) • To select track 1: Press the “...

  • Page 25: Search Forward And Backward

    FOLDER PLAY FOLDER PLAY key key again to change the set- FOLDER PLAY FOLDER appears MENU keys on the main unit or the remote FLDR PLAY? key on the main unit or the remote ENTER TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 26: Playback Modes

    TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 You cannot skip through folders during playback or when paused if the current playback mode is program mode.

  • Page 27: Programmed Playback

    CD and the lower one is of a data CD. ?” in the key. key to return to the standard dis- keys Ô Â ¯  keys on the remote SKIP Â ¯ PROGRAM PROGRAM EDIT key TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 28: Clearing The Entire Program

    CD player pauses. You must press the to advance to the next program step. TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 The same track can be added to the program mul- • tiple times.

  • Page 29: Playback Time Display Mode

    • The track title is shown. ARTIST indicator • The track artist name is shown. TIME/DISPLAY key on the main unit (or SHIFT key on the remote control). Press DISPLAY [Audio CD/Data CD title] [Data CD file name] TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 30: Repeat Playback

    ON ( appears on the display) and play all tracks repeat- edly. REPEAT key REPEAT key TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 If the folder playback function is ON when using a • data CD, only the tracks in the current folder are played.

  • Page 31: Pitch Control

    OFF. MENU keys on the main unit or the remote con- on the main display, AUTO CUE? ENTER key. key to select the desired value from the key to return to the standard dis- A.CUE appears on the TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 32: Turning Auto Cue On And Off Using The Remote Control A.cue Key

    A.READY appears on the display when the auto ready function is ON. A.READY key TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 Turning the auto ready function ON and OFF from the main unit The auto ready function can be turned ON and OFF from the main unit using the menu. (See “Using the menu” on page 17 for details about how to use the menu.)

  • Page 33: Turning The Auto Space Function On And Off From The Main Unit

    MENU ” on the main display, key. key to return to the standard dis- blinks on TRACK key on the main unit or the remote CALL key CALL key TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 34: Resume Playback

    The folder is changed – The playback mode is changed – TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 EOM function Turn the EOM (End Of Message) function ON to have the unit start blinking the playback time display when the audio CD reaches the remaining playback time set in advance. In...

  • Page 35: Playing Back Cassette Tapes

    B side. TAPE PLAY key TAPE PLAY key You can play both a CD and a cassette tape at the same time. Stopping playback ª Press the key. TAPE STOP TAPE STOP key TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 Ó...

  • Page 36: Tape Counter

    TAPE STOP fast-forwarding or rewinding. TAPE Ô/ key TAPE Ô/ key TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 Tape counter The tape counter value increases as the tape runs from left to right, and it decreases as it runs from right to left. Press the COUNTER RESET remote control to reset the tape counter to “0000.”...

  • Page 37: Rtz

    CD pitch control ON and OFF, there is no key to turn the cassette recorder pitch control ON and OFF. To play a tape at the standard pitch, set the PITCH CONTROL knob to its center (indented) position. key does TAPE PITCH CONTROL knob knob on the main TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 38: Recording Cassette Tapes

    Using the INPUT key on the remote control ª The remote control key can be used to select INPUT TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 the input source. Press the key repeatedly to cycle through the input sources. The active input source appears on the main area of the display.

  • Page 39: Recording

    Press the key again or PAUSE key to restart recording. key on the REC MUTE key on the main unit or the PAUSE key on the main unit REC MUTE CD DUB key on CD DUB TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 40: Adjusting The Record Level When Dubbing

    CD to a tape by default, but the record level can be adjusted with the knob when dubbing. INPUT TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 1 Set "CD" as the recording source. (See “Selecting the recording source” on page 38.) 2 When in standard display mode, press the key on the main unit or the remote control to enter menu mode.

  • Page 41: Recording From The Middle Of A Tape

    π 7 – Recording Cassette Tapes 3 Press the CD DUB remote control. Dubbing in the set recording direc- tion begins from that position. ” key on the main unit or the TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 42: Other Functions

    2 Press the key. TAPE PLAY TAPE PLAY key CD PLAY key TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 TAPE PLAY key CD PLAY key Depending on the key pressed, the CD or tape begins to play. When playback of the selected media ends, playback of the other media automatically starts.

  • Page 43: Power-on Start

    ” on the main display, DEFAULT? key on the main unit or the ENTER ” appears on the display to SURE? key on the main unit or the remote TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 44: Mono Playback

    • OFF. The CD digital output is not affected by this setting; • it cannot be set to mono. TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 Viewing information about this unit Checking versions appears on MONO You can check the unit’s firmware version and build number.

  • Page 45: Using The Control I/o (cd-a750 Only)

    Use to set the signal stop bit to 1 (default) or 2. RS-232C settings are retained even if the power is • turned OFF. Please contact TASCAM customer support for infor- • mation about this unit’s RS-232C command protocol. Using the parallel connector...

  • Page 46: 10 - Message List

    Message lit or Message blinking No Call Pt! No Program! PGM Full! TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 Meaning The disc tray is closing. There is no disc or the disc cannot be verified. The disc has no files that can be Load a disc that has MP3 or WAV files.

  • Page 47: Error Messages

    The CD drive hardware is broken. Please contact a TEAC repair center. The track cannot be accessed. Clean or change the disc. Meaning The cassette mechanism is broken. Please contact a TEAC repair center. Response Response TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 48: 11 - Troubleshooting

    • Has the write-protection tab been removed from the cas- • sette to prevent the unintentional erasure of recordings? TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750 Cannot play a CD. ª If using an MP3 file, confirm that its bit rate is one that •...

  • Page 49: 12 - Specifications

    Standard output level: +4 dBu Maximum output level: +20 dBu Output impedance: 100Ω CD LINE OUTPUT [UNBALANCED] jacks ª Analog unbalanced output Connector: RCA pin jacks Standard output level: –10 dBV Maximum output level: +6 dBV Output impedance: 200Ω TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 50: Cassette Tape Section

    • AC 120 V, 60 Hz (U.S.A./Canada) AC 230 V, 50 Hz (U.K./Europe) AC 240 V, 50 Hz (Australia) Power consumption: 14 W (CD-A550), 15 W (CD-A750) • External dimensions: 483 x 138 x 275 mm (width x • height x depth) Weight: 6.3 kg (CD-A550), 6.5 kg (CD-A750)

  • Page 51: Dimensional Drawing

    12 – Specifications Dimensional drawing TASCAM CD-A550/CD-A750...

  • Page 52

    CD-A550/CD-A750 TEAC CORPORATION Phone: +81-42-356-9143 1-47 Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo 206-8530, Japan TEAC AMERICA, INC. Phone: +1-323-726-0303 7733 Telegraph Road, Montebello, California 90640 USA TEAC CANADA LTD. Phone: +1905-890-8008 Facsimile: +1905-890-9888 5939 Wallace Street, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1Z8, Canada TEAC MEXICO, S.A. de C.V.

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