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Speaker Terminals; Hints On Speaker Placement; Plugging In - Pioneer SX-316-S Operating Instructions Manual

Pioneer operating instructions audio multi-channel receiver sx-316-s
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Connecting up

Speaker terminals

Make sure that all the bare speaker wire is
twisted together and inserted fully into the
speaker terminal. If any of the bare speaker
wire is touching the back panel when you
switch the unit on, the power may cut off as a
safety measure. Use good quality speaker wire
to connect the speakers to the receiver.
• These speaker terminals carry
HAZARDOUS LIVE voltage. To prevent the
risk of electric shock when connecting or
disconnecting the speaker cables,
disconnect the power cord before touching
any uninsulated parts.

Hints on speaker placement

Speakers are usually designed with a
particular placement in mind. Some are
designed to be floorstanding, while others
should be placed on stands to sound their best.
Some should be placed near a wall; others
should be placed away from walls. We have
provided a few tips on getting the best sound
from your speakers (following), but you should
also follow the guidelines on placement that
the speaker manufacturer provided with your
particular speakers to get the most out of
• Place the front left and right speakers at
equal distances from the TV.
• When placing speakers near the TV, we
recommend using magnetically shielded
speakers to prevent possible interference,
such as discoloration of the picture when
the TV is switched on. If you do not have
magnetically shielded speakers and notice
discoloration of the TV picture, move the
speakers farther away from the TV.
• Place the center speaker above or below
the TV so that the sound of the center
channel is localized at the TV screen.
• If possible, place the surround speakers
slightly above ear level.
• Try not to place the surround speakers
further away from the listening position
than the front and center speakers. Doing
so can weaken the surround sound effect.
• If you choose to install the center speaker
on top of the TV, be sure to secure it with
putty, or by other suitable means, to reduce
the risk of damage or injury resulting from
the speaker falling from the TV in the event
of external shocks such as earthquakes.
• Make sure no exposed speaker wire is
touching the rear panel, this may cause the
receiver to turn off automatically.
• These speaker terminals are hazardous
when live. To prevent the risk of electric
shock when connecting or disconnecting
the speaker cables, disconnect the power
Extra Power mode speaker setup
See Using the Advanced surround effects on
page 20 to switch on the Extra Power mode (EX
Front left
Listening position

Plugging in

After making sure that everything is connected
properly, connect the attached power cable to
a wall outlet.
Front right

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