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Additional Information; Troubleshooting - Pioneer SX-316-S Operating Instructions Manual

Pioneer operating instructions audio multi-channel receiver sx-316-s
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Additional information

Chapter 7:
Additional information


Incorrect operations are often mistaken for trouble and malfunctions. If you think that there is
something wrong with this component, check the points below. Take a look at the other
components and electrical appliances being used, because sometimes the problem may lie there.
If the trouble isn't sorted out even after going through the checks below, ask your nearest Pioneer
authorized independent service company to carry out repair work.
• If the unit does not operate normally due to external effects such as static electricity,
disconnect the power plug from the outlet and insert again to return to normal operating
The power does not turn on.
No sound is output when a
function is selected.
Considerable noise in radio
Broadcast stations cannot be
selected automatically.
• Connect the power plug to the wall outlet.
• Disconnect the power plug from the outlet, and insert again.
• Make sure there are no loose strands of speaker wire touching the
rear panel. This could cause the receiver to shut off automatically.
• If the power shuts off automatically, take the unit to your nearest
Pioneer authorized service center or your dealer for servicing.
• Make sure the component is connected correctly (refer to Connecting
up on page 7).
• Press MUTE on the remote control to turn muting off.
• Adjust the MASTER VOLUME.
• Tune in the correct frequency.
• Connect the antenna and adjust the direction and position for best
reception(refer to page 9).
• Route any loose cables away from the antenna terminals and wires.
• Fully extend the FM wire antenna, position for best reception, and
secure to a wall.
• Connect an outdoor FM antenna (refer to page 10).
• Connect an additional internal or external AM antenna (refer to
page 10).
• Turn off the equipment causing the noise or move it away from the
• Move antennas farther away from equipment causing the noise.
• Connect an outdoor antenna (refer to page 10).

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