Pioneer SX-316-S Operating Instructions Manual: Installing The Receiver; Using The Quick Setup

Pioneer operating instructions audio multi-channel receiver sx-316-s.
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Before you start

Installing the receiver

• When installing this unit, make sure to put
it on a level and stable surface.
Don't install it on the following places:
– on a color TV (the screen may distort)
– near a cassette deck (or close to a device that
gives off a magnetic field). This may interfere
with the sound.
– in direct sunlight
– in damp or wet areas
– in extremely hot or cold areas
– in places where there is vibration or other
– in places that are very dusty
– in places that have hot fumes or oils (such as
a kitchen)
Using the Quick Setup
You can use the Quick Setup to get your
system up and running with just a few button
presses. The receiver automatically makes the
necessary settings after you have selected your
room size and listening position.
If you want to make more specific settings,
refer to The System Setup menu on page 23.
Use the front panel controls for the steps
STANDBY/ON to switch on.
Use the MULTI JOG dial to choose your
room size.
Depending on the distance of your speakers
from the listening position, choose between
small, medium, or large (S, M or L), M being an
average-sized room.
Press ENTER .
Use the MULTI JOG dial to choose your
listening position.
You can cycle between the following choices:
• FWD – If you are nearer to the front
speakers than the surround speakers
• MID – If you are equal distance from the
front and surround speakers
• BACK – If you are nearer to the surround
speakers than the front speakers
Press ENTER to confirm your setup.
The display shows the room size and listening
position that you have selected.


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