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Miele 11 271 870 Operating And Installation Instructions

Steam oven with microwave
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Operating and installation instructions
Steam oven with microwave
To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance it is essential
to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time.
en-AE, SA
M.-Nr. 11 271 870


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Summary of Contents for Miele 11 271 870

  • Page 1 Operating and installation instructions Steam oven with microwave To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time. en-AE, SA M.-Nr. 11 271 870...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Warning and Safety instructions................ 7 Caring for the environment ................ 19 Guide to the appliance .................. 20 Steam oven ......................20 Accessories supplied .................... 21 Controls........................  23 On/Off sensor control.................... 24 Movement sensor....................24 Sensor controls ..................... 25 Touch display ......................27 Symbols.........................
  • Page 3 Contents Oven interior lighting ..................... 38 Before using for the first time ................ 39 Miele@home ......................39 Basic settings ......................40 Cleaning for the first time ..................41 Set the correct boiling point for water..............42 Settings ........................  43 Settings overview ....................43 Opening the “Settings”...
  • Page 4 Contents Operation...................... 63 Changing values and settings for a cooking programme........64 Changing the temperature................64 Changing the microwave power level .............. 65 Setting cooking durations ................65 Changing the set cooking durations ..............66 Deleting the set cooking durations..............66 Interrupting the cooking process for functions which use microwave power..
  • Page 5 Contents Sous-vide (vacuum) cooking ................ 94 Special applications .................. 102 Reheating with steam..................102 Defrosting with steam ..................105 Blanching......................108 Bottling ........................ 108 Prove dough ......................111 Disinfect items ....................111 Menu cooking – automatic .................. 112 Heating damp flannels ..................113 Dissolve vegetal gelatine..................
  • Page 6 Contents Maintenance......................140 Descaling the steam oven ................140 Soak ....................... 141 Problem solving guide .................. 142 Optional accessories .................. 147 Service........................  148 Contact in case of malfunction ................148 Guarantee......................148 Installation...................... 149 Safety instructions for installation ............... 149 Building-in dimensions ..................
  • Page 7: Warning And Safety Instructions

    Miele cannot be held liable for injury or damage caused by non- compliance with these instructions. Keep these instructions in a safe place and pass them on to any...
  • Page 8 These special lamps must only be used for the purpose for which they are intended. They are not suitable for room lighting. Replacement lamps may only be fitted by a Miele authorised technician or by your Miele dealer.
  • Page 9 Warning and Safety instructions Safety with children  Activate the system lock to ensure that children cannot switch on the steam oven inadvertently.  Children under 8 years of age must be kept away from the steam oven unless they are constantly supervised. ...
  • Page 10  Unauthorised installation, maintenance and repairs can cause considerable danger for the user. Installation, maintenance and repairs must only be carried out by a Miele authorised technician.  Radiation by microwaves: Service or repairs which necessitate the removal of any casing must only be carried out by a suitably trained service technician.
  • Page 11 Miele authorised technician. Otherwise the warranty is invalidated.  Miele can only guarantee the safety of the appliance when genuine original Miele replacement parts are used. Faulty components must only be replaced by Miele spare parts. ...
  • Page 12 Warning and Safety instructions  If the steam oven is installed behind a furniture front (e.g. a door), do not close the furniture front while the steam oven is in use. Heat and moisture can build up behind the furniture front when closed. This can result in damage to the steam oven, the housing unit and the floor.
  • Page 13 Warning and Safety instructions Correct use  Risk of injury caused by hot surfaces and steam. The steam oven gets hot during operation. You could burn yourself on the oven compartment, side runners, accessories, food or steam. Wear oven gloves when placing hot food in the oven or removing it and when adjusting oven shelves, for example, in a hot oven compartment.
  • Page 14 Warning and Safety instructions  The door can support a maximum weight of 8 kg. Do not sit on or lean against an open door, and do not place heavy objects on it. Also make sure that nothing can get trapped between the door and the oven cavity.
  • Page 15 Warning and Safety instructions  Risk of injury caused by hot food. When heating food up, the heat is created directly in the food itself. For this reason the crockery will remain cooler than the food (except when using oven-proof stoneware).
  • Page 16 Warning and Safety instructions  Eggs can be cooked without their shells using microwave power only if the yolk membrane has been punctured several times first. The pressure could otherwise cause the egg yolk to explode.  Eggs in their shells will explode if cooked with microwave power, even after taking them out of the oven.
  • Page 17 Warning and Safety instructions  Non-microwave-safe plastic dishes can sustain damage or damage the steam oven if used with the Microwave  function or with functions that use microwave power. Do not use any crockery or cutlery made from or containing metal, aluminium foil, lead crystal glassware, temperature-sensitive plastics, wooden utensils or cutlery, metal clips, or plastic or paper-covered wire ties.
  • Page 18 Accessories  Only use genuine original Miele accessories and spare parts with this appliance. Using accessories or spare parts from other manufacturers will invalidate the guarantee, and Miele cannot accept liability.
  • Page 19: Caring For The Environment

    Please dispose of it at your local community waste collection / recycling centre or contact your Miele dealer for advice. Ensure that it presents no danger to children while being stored for disposal.
  • Page 20: Guide To The Appliance

    Guide to the appliance Steam oven a Control elements b Ventilation outlet c Automatic door release for steam reduction d LED oven interior lighting e Side runners with 4 shelf levels f Steam inlet g Drip channel h Door seal i Water container with removable spill guard j Suction tube k Compartment for water container l Temperature sensor...
  • Page 21: Accessories Supplied

    (voltage, frequency and maximum rated load). Please have this information to hand, 1 glass tray should you need to contact your Miele The glass tray is suitable for use with all dealer regarding any questions or cooking functions.
  • Page 22 Guide to the appliance DMSR 1/1L The cooking containers provided and the rack are not suitable for use with   function. Microwave DGG 1/2-80L 1 rack for placing your own crockery on Descaling tablets For descaling the appliance 1 solid cooking container   Gross capacity 4.2 litres / Usable capacity 3.6 litres 375 x 197 x 80 mm (W x D x H)
  • Page 23: Controls

    For switching on the oven interior lighting and the display, and to acknowledge the buzzer when b Optical interface movement is detected (For your Miele dealer only) h  sensor control c  sensor control To go back a step For controlling the steam oven via i  sensor control...
  • Page 24: On/Off Sensor Control

    Controls On/Off sensor control The  On/Off sensor control is recessed and reacts to touch. Use this sensor control to switch the steam oven on and off. Movement sensor The movement sensor is located under the touch display next to the  sensor control.
  • Page 25: Sensor Controls

    Function control  If you want to control the steam oven from your mobile device, you must have the Miele@home system, switch on the Remote control  setting and touch this sensor control. The sensor control then lights up orange and the MobileStart function is available.
  • Page 26 Controls Sensor Function control  If a menu appears in the display or if a cooking programme is in progress, you can use this sensor control to set a minute minder (e.g. when boiling eggs) or an alarm (a specific time) at any point (see “Alarm and minute minder”).
  • Page 27: Touch Display

    Controls Touch display The sensitive surface of the touch display can be scratched by pointed or sharp objects, e.g. pens. Only touch the display with your fingers. Make sure that water cannot get behind the touch display. The touch display is split into multiple areas. 12:00 ...
  • Page 28: Symbols

     The system lock or sensor lock is on (see “Settings – Safety”). The controls are locked.  Remote control (only appears if you are in the Miele@home system and have selected the  | setting) Remote control ...
  • Page 29: Using The Appliance

    Using the appliance You operate the steam oven via the Changing a value or setting touch display by touching the desired Changing a setting in a list menu option. The current setting is highlighted in Each time you touch a possible option, orange.
  • Page 30: Changing The Setting With A Segment Bar

    Using the appliance Changing the setting with a segment Displaying the context menu In some menus you can display a Some settings are represented by a bar context menu, e.g. to rename User         with seven segments. If all programmes or to move entries of the segments are illuminated, the under ...
  • Page 31: Displaying The Pull-Down Menu

    The  sensor control lights up. You to drag the pull-down menu down. can operate your steam oven remotely with the Miele@mobile app.  Touch the WiFi function symbol  to switch the function on or off. Directly operating the steam oven via...
  • Page 32: Description Of Functions

    Description of functions Temperature Steam cooking mode Some functions have a pre-set Water container recommended temperature. This The maximum filling volume is 1.5 litres temperature can be altered for a single and the minimum is 0.5 litres. There are programme, a specific programme markings on the water container.
  • Page 33: Heating-Up Phase

    Description of functions Heating-up phase Steam reduction While the steam oven is being heated If you are cooking at a temperature of up to the set temperature, the display approx. 80 °C or above, the steam oven will show Heating-up and the rising oven door will automatically open a little compartment temperature.
  • Page 34: Microwave Power

    Description of functions Suitable crockery Microwave power In order for microwaves to reach the How it works food, they must be able to penetrate the The steam oven contains a magnetron crockery being used. Microwaves can that converts electrical energy into pass through porcelain, glass, electromagnetic waves (microwaves).
  • Page 35 Description of functions Suitable crockery Tip: To protect the environment, avoid the use of disposable containers.  Fire hazard due to inflammable Plastic dishes and bags that are not materials. heat-resistant may deform and fuse Disposable containers made out of with the food inside.
  • Page 36 Description of functions – The rack and cooking containers Unsuitable crockery supplied are only suitable for cooking Crockery and lids with hollow with the   Rapid steam cooking handles or knobs can collect function and with functions that do moisture in the hollow spaces. When not use microwave power.
  • Page 37 Description of functions – Plasticware made of melamine Cover Melamine absorbs microwave energy and gets hot. When purchasing plasticware, make sure that it is suitable for use in a microwave oven. – Non-heat-resistant plastic containers Tip: Covers are available from retail and bags outlets.
  • Page 38: Glass Tray

    Description of functions Glass tray Oven interior lighting Functions/applications involving steam: For energy saving reasons, the oven When using perforated containers, compartment lighting has been set at place the glass tray on shelf level 1. the factory to go out after the This collects any drops of liquid and programme has begun.
  • Page 39: Before Using For The First Time

    – a WiFi network, Therefore, the availability of featured functions cannot be guaranteed. – the Miele@mobile app, and – a Miele user account, which can be Miele@home availability created from the Miele@mobile app. The ability to use the Miele@mobile app...
  • Page 40: Basic Settings

    The steam oven gets hot during date. operation. For safety reasons, the steam oven  To set up Miele@home now, select may only be used when it has been the desired connection method. fully installed. You will then be guided by the display and the Miele@mobile app.
  • Page 41: Cleaning For The First Time

    Before using for the first time Setting the water hardness level Cleaning for the first time  Remove any protective wrapping and Contact your local water supplier to stickers from the steam oven and find out the hardness of the water in accessories.
  • Page 42: Set The Correct Boiling Point For Water

    Before using for the first time Setting the correct boiling point for Set the correct boiling point for water following a house move water If you move house, the appliance will Before cooking food for the first time, need to be re-set for the new altitude if you must adjust the steam oven to the this differs from the old one by 300 m or boiling temperature of the water, which...
  • Page 43: Settings

    Settings Settings overview Menu option Available settings ... |  |  | ... Language  deutsch english Country Time Display * |  | Night dimming Clock type * | Analogue Digital Clock format 24 h * | 12 h (am/pm) Date Lighting "On" for 15 seconds Start screen Main menu Oven functions...
  • Page 44 Settings Menu option Available settings Volume Buzzer tones         Keypad tone         Welcome melody * | Units Weight * |  | lb/oz Temperature °C * | °F Quick MW Power level Duration Popcorn...
  • Page 45 Settings Menu option Available settings Furniture front recognition Miele@home Activate Deactivate Connection status Set up again Reset Set up Remote control SuperVision SuperVision display  | Display in standby  | Only if there is a fault Appliance list Display this appliance  |...
  • Page 46: Opening The "Settings" Menu

    Settings Opening the “Settings” menu Time In the   Settings menu, you can Display personalise your steam oven by Select how you want the time of day to adjusting the factory default settings to show in the display when the steam suit your requirements.
  • Page 47: Date

    MyMiele settings to a WiFi network and signed into the appear in the status display straight Miele@mobile app, the time will be away (see “MyMiele”). synchronised based on the country This new status display will then appear setting in the Miele@mobile app.
  • Page 48: Display

    Settings Display Volume Brightness Buzzer tones The display brightness is represented If buzzers are switched on, a buzzer will by a bar with seven segments. sound when the set temperature is reached and at the end of a set time. –...
  • Page 49: Quick Mw

    Settings Quick MW Keeping warm function The maximum microwave power level Using the Keeping warm function you of 1000 W and the maximum cooking can keep food warm after cooking. duration of 1 minute are pre-set for Food is kept warm at a pre-set starting the microwave oven temperature or microwave power for a immediately.
  • Page 50: Steam Reduction

    Settings Steam reduction Recommended power levels – If you often cook with different power If you are cooking at a temperature of levels, it makes sense to change the approx. 80 °C or above, the steam recommended microwave power levels. oven door will automatically open a You can change the recommended little shortly before the end of the power levels for the...
  • Page 51: Water Hardness

    Settings Water hardness Water hardness Calcium content Setting mg/l Ca The steam oven must be adjusted to °dH mmol/l the local water hardness level to ensure ppm (mg Ca that it works correctly and to ensure that descaling is carried out at the correct interval.
  • Page 52: Proximity/Movement Sensor

    Settings Switch the appliance on Proximity/Movement sensor – The movement sensor detects when If the time is displayed, the steam you approach the touch display, e.g. oven switches on and the main menu with your hand or body. appears as you approach the touch If you want the movement sensor to display.
  • Page 53: Safety

    Settings Sensor lock Safety The sensor lock prevents the cooking System lock  programme being switched off by The system lock prevents the steam mistake or settings being changed. oven being switched on by mistake. Apart from the  On/Off sensor control, the activated sensor lock prevents the You can still set an alarm and a minute sensor controls and fields in the display...
  • Page 54: Furniture Front Recognition

    – Call up information on the when you are using the steam oven. programme sequence of your Leave the furniture door open until appliance the steam oven has cooled down completely. – Set up a Miele@home network with other Wi-Fi enabled Miele appliances...
  • Page 55: Remote Control

    Deactivate This setting is only visible if Remote control Miele@home is activated. If you have installed the Miele@mobile Miele@home remains set up, the WiFi app on your mobile device, have function is switched off. access to the Miele@home system and –...
  • Page 56: Supervision

    Settings Appliance list SuperVision All household appliances signed in to The steam oven is a Miele@home- the Miele@home System are shown. compatible appliance with Once you have selected an appliance, SuperVision functionality for you can access further settings: monitoring other household appliances in the Miele@home system.
  • Page 57: Remoteupdate

    Otherwise, the update will be aborted and will not be Deactivate RemoteUpdate if you do not installed. want any updates to be downloaded automatically. – Some software updates can only be carried out by your Miele Dealer.
  • Page 58: Software Version

    Software version Factory default The software version is intended for – Appliance settings your Miele dealer. You do not need this Any settings that have been altered information for domestic use. will be reset to the factory default settings.  Confirm with OK.
  • Page 59: Alarm + Minute Minder

    Alarm + minute minder Using the  sensor control, you can set Changing an alarm a minute minder, e.g. for boiling eggs,  Select the alarm in the display or or an alarm for a specific time. select the  sensor control and the desired alarm.
  • Page 60: Using The Minute Minder Function

    Alarm + minute minder If you are cooking at the same time or if Using the Minute you are in a different menu, the minute minder function minder duration and  will appear at The  minute minder can be used to the top right-hand side of the display. time other activities in the kitchen, At the end of the minute minder e.g. boiling eggs.
  • Page 61: Main And Sub-Menus

    Main and sub-menus Menu Recommen Range ded value Oven functions   Steam cooking   100 °C 40–100 °C Microwave   1000 W 80–1000 W 300 W 80–300 W   Rapid steam cooking 100 °C 80–100 °C Sous-vide   65 °C 45–90 °C  ...
  • Page 62 Main and sub-menus Menu Recommen Range ded value MyMiele     User programmes   Settings Maintenance   Descale Soak...
  • Page 63: Operation

    Operation  Switch the steam oven on. If you have set a temperature, you will see the temperature increasing. A The main menu will appear. buzzer will sound when the set  If you want to cook using a steam temperature is reached for the first time.
  • Page 64: Changing Values And Settings For A Cooking Programme

    Operation Cleaning the steam oven Changing values and settings for a cooking programme  Risk of injury caused by hot water. Depending on the function, as soon as a cooking programme is in progress, At the end of a steam cooking you can change the values or settings programme, hot water left in the for this programme.
  • Page 65: Changing The Microwave Power Level

    Operation Changing the microwave power level – Finish at Specify when you want the cooking Go to Settings  | Recommended power programme to end. The oven heating levels to permanently set the will switch off automatically at the recommended power level to suit your time you have set.
  • Page 66: Changing The Set Cooking Durations

    Operation Changing the set cooking durations Interrupting the cooking process for functions which  Select , the duration or Timer use microwave power  Select the desired time and change it. You can interrupt cooking when using  Confirm with OK. Microwave  ...
  • Page 67: Interrupting The Cooking Process For Functions Involving Steam

    Operation The steam oven will heat up again and Interrupting the cooking the display will show the temperature in process for functions involving the oven compartment as it rises. Once steam the set temperature has been reached, In functions involving steam, opening the display will show the time left as it the door will interrupt the cooking counts down.
  • Page 68: Cancelling A Cooking Programme

    Operation Cancelling a cooking Changing the function programme You can change to another function during a cooking programme. If you cancel a cooking programme, the oven heating and lighting will switch off.  Touch the symbol for the selected Any cooking durations set will be function.
  • Page 69: Quick Mw And Popcorn

    Quick MW and Popcorn  Select the  sensor control. These functions can only be used Touching the sensor control when no other cooking programmes repeatedly increases the cooking are in use. duration in set stages. Always use the glass tray. The time left will appear in the display.
  • Page 70 Quick MW and Popcorn  Select the  sensor control. Popcorn If you select the  sensor control, the The time left will appear in the display. microwave oven starts with a set You can interrupt the cooking microwave power level and cooking programme at any time with Stop , or...
  • Page 71: General Notes On Steam Cooking

    General notes on steam cooking Your own containers This section contains general information on steam cooking. You will You can also use your own containers. find more detailed information about However, please note the following: particular foods and how to cook them –...
  • Page 72: Shelf Level

    General notes on steam cooking Shelf level Cooking duration You can select any shelf level for the During steam cooking, the cooking cooking containers and the rack. You duration does not begin until the set can also cook on several levels at the temperature is reached.
  • Page 73: Steam Cooking

    Steam cooking Eco Steam cooking Notes on the cooking tables  You can use the Eco Steam cooking Follow the instructions on cooking function to save energy during steam durations, temperatures and cooking cooking. This function is suitable mainly notes. for cooking fish and vegetables.
  • Page 74: Vegetables

    Steam cooking Shelf level Vegetables To avoid any colour transfer when Fresh cooking vegetables with a distinctive Prepare fresh vegetables in the usual colour (e.g. beetroot) in a perforated way, i.e. wash, clean and cut them up. container, do not place other food underneath the perforated container.
  • Page 75 Steam cooking  [min] Vegetables Artichokes 32–38 Cauliflower, whole 27–28 Cauliflower, florets Beans, green 10–12 Broccoli, florets 3–4 Chantenay carrots, whole 7–8 Chantenay carrots, halved 6–7 Chantenay carrots, chopped Chicory, halved 4–5 Chinese cabbage, chopped Peas Fennel, halved 10–12 Fennel, sliced 4–5 Kale, chopped 23–26...
  • Page 76 Steam cooking  [min] Vegetables Peppers, diced or sliced New potatoes, firm 30–32 Mushrooms Leeks, sliced 4–5 Leeks, halved lengthways Romanesco, whole 22–25 Romanesco, florets 5–7 Brussels sprouts 10–12 Beetroot, whole 53–57 Red cabbage, chopped 23–26 Black salsify, whole 9–10 Celeriac, cut into batons 6–7 Asparagus, green Asparagus, white, whole...
  • Page 77: Fish

    Steam cooking Temperature Fish 85 °C – 90 °C Fresh For gently cooking delicate types of Prepare fresh fish in the usual way, i.e. fish, such as sole. clean, gut and fillet. 100 °C For cooking firmer types of fish, e.g. Frozen food cod and salmon.
  • Page 78 Steam cooking Tips – Adding herbs and spices, such as dill, will help bring out the full flavour of the fish. – Cook large fish in swimming position. To help maintain the shape of the fish, place a small cup or similar upside down in the cooking container, and arrange the fish belly- side down over the cup.
  • Page 79 Steam cooking  [°C]  [min] Fish 5–7 Perch fillet 8–10 Seabream fillet Trout, 250 g 10–13 Halibut fillet 4–6 Cod fillet Carp, 1.5 kg 18–25 Salmon fillet 6–8 Salmon steak 8–10 Salmon trout 14–17 Basa fillet Rosefish fillet 6–8 Haddock fillet 4–6 Plaice fillet 4–5...
  • Page 80: Meat

    Steam cooking Tips Meat – To retain the flavourings, use a Fresh perforated cooking container. Place Prepare the meat in the usual way. an unperforated cooking container underneath in order to collect the Frozen food concentrate. You can use the Meat should be thoroughly defrosted concentrate to enhance your sauces before cooking in the steam oven (see...
  • Page 81 Steam cooking  [min] Meat Leg steak, covered with water 110–120 Chicken breast 8–10 Top rib, covered with water 110–120 Veal strips 3–4 Lamb stew 12–16 Poularde 60–70 Turkey roulades 12–15 Turkey escalopes 4–6 Short rib, covered with water 130–140 Beef goulash 105–115 Whole chicken, covered with water...
  • Page 82: Rice

    Steam cooking Rice Rice swells when cooked and needs to be cooked in liquid. The proportion of rice to liquid will vary depending on the type of rice. The rice absorbs all the liquid during the cooking process and so none of the nutrients are lost.
  • Page 83: Grain

    Steam cooking Grain Grain swells during cooking and needs to be cooked in liquid. The proportion of grain to liquid depends on the type of grain. Grain can be cooked whole or cracked. Settings   | | ... | Automatic programmes Grain  ...
  • Page 84: Pasta

    Steam cooking Pasta Dry pasta Dry pasta swells when it is cooked and needs to be cooked in liquid. The liquid must cover the pasta. Using hot liquid gives better results. Increase the cooking time stated by the manufacturer by approx. ¹/₃. Fresh food Fresh pasta, such as the kind you can buy from the supermarket chilled counter, does not need to absorb water.
  • Page 85: Dumplings

    Steam cooking Dumplings Ready made boil-in-the-bag dumplings need to be well covered with water as otherwise they can fall apart. This is because even though they have been soaked in water beforehand they will not absorb enough moisture. Cook fresh dumplings in a greased, perforated container. Settings  ...
  • Page 86: Dried Pulses

    Steam cooking Dried pulses Soak pulses for at least 10 hours in cold water before cooking. Soaking makes the pulses more digestible and shortens the cooking duration required. Soaked pulses must be covered with liquid during cooking. Lentils do not need to be soaked before cooking. With unsoaked pulses a certain ratio of pulses to liquid is required depending on variety.
  • Page 87 Steam cooking Unsoaked  [min] Ratio Pulses : Liquid Beans Kidney beans 1 : 3 130–140 Adzuki beans 1 : 3 95–105 Black beans 1 : 3 100–120 Pinto beans 1 : 3 115–135 Haricot beans 1 : 3 80–90 Lentils Brown lentils 1 : 2 13–14 Red lentils 1 : 2 Peas Yellow split peas 1 : 3 110–130 Green split peas...
  • Page 88: Hen's Eggs

    Steam cooking Hen's eggs Use a perforated container to boil eggs in the steam oven. The eggs do not need to be pierced before cooking as they are gradually warmed during the heating up phase and so do not burst when they are cooked with steam.
  • Page 89: Fruit

    Steam cooking Fruit Cook fruit in a solid container so that none of the juice is lost. If you wish to cook fruit in a perforated container, place a solid container directly underneath it to collect the juice. Tip: You can use the juice which has collected in the solid container to make a glaze for a fruit flan.
  • Page 90: Shellfish

    Steam cooking Shellfish Preparation Defrost frozen shellfish before cooking with steam. Peel, remove and discard the intestines, and then wash the shellfish. Cooking containers If using a perforated container, grease it first. Duration The longer shellfish are cooked, the tougher they become. Use the cooking durations given in the chart.
  • Page 91: Mussels

    Steam cooking Mussels Fresh food  Danger of food poisoning from spoiled mussels. Spoiled mussels can cause food poisoning. Only cook mussels which are closed. Do not eat mussels which have not opened after being cooked. Steep fresh mussels in water for a few hours before cooking to rinse out any sand. Then scrub the mussels thoroughly to clean them.
  • Page 92: Menu Cooking (Cooking Whole Meals) - Manually

    Steam cooking Duration Menu cooking (cooking whole meals) - manually If you are increasing the recommended temperature, shorten the cooking Before cooking meals with the duration by approx. ¹/₃. manual menu cooking function, switch off steam reduction (see Example “Settings – Steam reduction”). Food cooking durations (see cooking tables in “Steam cooking”) When cooking a menu, you can...
  • Page 93 Steam cooking Cooking a whole menu  Place the rice in the oven compartment first.  Set the 1st cooking duration: 18 minutes.  After the 18 minutes, place the fish into the appliance.  Set the 2nd cooking duration: 2 minutes.  After the 2 minutes, place the broccoli into the appliance.
  • Page 94: Sous-Vide (Vacuum) Cooking

    Sous-vide (vacuum) cooking With this gentle cooking method, food Use only fresh food which is in a is cooked slowly and at a low, constant good condition. temperature in vacuum packaging. Ensure hygienic conditions and that food has not been out of the With vacuum cooking, no moisture refrigerator too long, e.g.
  • Page 95 Sous-vide (vacuum) cooking – Cooking at a lower temperature and Important for a longer duration can result in For an optimum cooking result: increased residual water in the cooking compartment. This does not – Use fewer herbs and spices than for affect the cooking result.
  • Page 96 Sous-vide (vacuum) cooking – Briefly fry meat and firm types of fish Tips (such as salmon) before serving for a – In order to reduce cooking times, you roasted aroma. can vacuum-seal food items 1–2 – Use the stock or marinade of days before the cooking programme.
  • Page 97 Sous-vide (vacuum) cooking Using the Sous-vide function Possible reasons for unsatisfactory results  Rinse the food with cold water and dry it. The bag has opened:  Place the food in a vacuum sealing – The seal was not clean or strong bag and add spices or liquid if enough and has opened.
  • Page 98 Sous-vide (vacuum) cooking The cooking durations given in the tables are guidelines only. We recommend selecting the shorter duration initially. You can cook for longer if necessary. The cooking duration only begins when the set temperature is reached.  [°C] ...
  • Page 99 Sous-vide (vacuum) cooking Food Added in  [°C]  [min] advance Sugar Salt Medium* Well done* Meat Duck breast, whole Saddle of lamb Beef fillet steak, 4 cm thick Beef rump steak, 2.5 cm – thick  Temperature /  Duration * Degree of doneness The „Done“...
  • Page 100 Sous-vide (vacuum) cooking Reheating Only reheat brassicas, such as kohlrabi and cauliflower, in combination with a sauce. Without sauce, an unpleasant cabbage-like taste and grey-brown colour may develop. Food with a short cooking duration or which continues cooking during reheating, such as fish, is not suitable for reheating.
  • Page 101 Sous-vide (vacuum) cooking Chart for reheating Sous-vide cooked food  [°C] Food  [min] Well Medium done Meat Saddle of lamb Beef fillet steak, 4 cm thick Beef rump steak, 2.5 cm thick – Vegetables Cauliflower florets, medium to large Kohlrabi, sliced Fruit Pineapple, sliced Miscellaneous...
  • Page 102: Special Applications

    Special applications Tips Reheating with steam – Do not reheat large items, such as a To reheat food which was cooked joint of roast meat, whole. Divide it using the sous-vide method, use the into portions and reheat these as Sous-vide  ...
  • Page 103 Special applications The durations specified in the table are guidelines only. We recommend selecting the shorter duration initially. You can increase the duration if necessary. * [min] Food Vegetables Carrots Cauliflower 6–7 Kohlrabi Beans Side dishes Pasta 3–4 Rice Potatoes, halved lengthways 12–14 Dumplings 15–17...
  • Page 104 Special applications * [min] Food Stew 4–5  Duration * These times apply to food heated on a plate and covered with a plate.
  • Page 105: Defrosting With Steam

    Special applications Cooking containers Defrosting with steam Use a perforated container with a glass It is much quicker to defrost food in the or condensate tray underneath it when steam oven than at room temperature. defrosting food which will drip, such as ...
  • Page 106 Special applications Food to be defrosted Quantity  [°C]  [min]  [min] Dairy products Cheese slices 125 g Quark 250 g 20–25 10–15 Cream 250 g 20–25 10–15 Soft cheese 100 g 10–15 Fruit Apple sauce 250 g 20–25 10–15 Apple pieces 250 g 20–25 10–15 Apricots 500 g...
  • Page 107 Special applications Food to be defrosted Quantity  [°C]  [min]  [min] Goulash 1000 g 50–60 10–15 Liver 250 g 20–25 10–15 Saddle of hare 500 g 30–40 10–15 Saddle of roebuck 1000 g 40–50 10–15 Cutlets / sausages 800 g 25–35 15–20 Poultry Chicken 1000 g 15–20...
  • Page 108: Blanching

    Special applications Blanching Bottling Blanch vegetables before freezing Only use unblemished, fresh produce them. Blanching helps maintain the which is in good condition for bottling. quality of the produce when it is frozen. Glass jars Blanching vegetables also helps them Use clean glass jars and accessories retain their original colour.
  • Page 109 Special applications Vegetables Tips Rinse, clean and cut up vegetables. – Make use of residual heat by leaving the jars in the oven for 30 minutes Vegetables should be blanched before after it has switched off. bottling to help them retain their colour (see “Special applications”...
  • Page 110 Special applications  [°C] * [min] Food to be bottled Berries Currants Gooseberries Cranberries Fruit with stones Cherries Mirabelle plums Plums Peaches Greengages Fruit with pips Apples Apple sauce Quinces Vegetables Beans Broad beans Gherkins Beetroot  Temperature  Duration * Bottling times apply to 1.0 l jars. If using 0.5 l jars, reduce the duration by 15 minutes. If using 0.25 l jars, reduce the duration by 20 minutes.
  • Page 111: Prove Dough

    Special applications Prove dough Disinfect items  Prepare the dough according to the The steam oven can be used to recipe. disinfect baby bottles and other containers so that at the end of the  Place the dough, uncovered, in a programme they are as germ free as bowl on the rack.
  • Page 112: Menu Cooking - Automatic

    Special applications  Repeat for the third type of food as Menu cooking – automatic required. When cooking a menu automatically, After confirming Start menu cooking , you you can combine up to 3 different foods will be prompted to place the food with with different cooking durations, e.g.
  • Page 113: Heating Damp Flannels

    Special applications Heating damp flannels Dissolve vegetal gelatine  Moisten the flannels and then roll  Soften vegetal gelatine leaves by them up. leaving them in a bowl of cold water for 5 minutes. The vegetal gelatine  Place them beside one another in a leaves have to be fully covered with perforated cooking container.
  • Page 114: Decrystallise Honey

    Special applications Decrystallise honey Melt chocolate  Loosen the lid and place the jar of You can use the steam oven for melting honey in a perforated container. any type of chocolate. When using a cake covering, place it in ...
  • Page 115: Make Yoghurt

    Special applications  Mix 100 g yoghurt with 1 l milk or Make yoghurt make up the mixture with yoghurt To make yoghurt, you will need either enzyme, following the instructions on fresh live yoghurt or yoghurt culture, the packaging. obtainable from health food shops. ...
  • Page 116: Sweat Onions

    Special applications Possible reasons for unsatisfactory Sweat onions results Sweating means cooking the onions in Yoghurt has not set: their own juices, with the addition of a Incorrect storage of starter yoghurt, too little fat if necessary. much time out of the refrigerator, e.g. in ...
  • Page 117: Extracting Juice With Steam

    Special applications Extracting juice from fruit Extracting juice with steam  Put the prepared fruit into a This appliance is ideal for extracting perforated cooking container. juice from soft, firm and hard fruit.  Place a solid container or a glass or It is best to use overripe fruit, as the condensate tray (depending on the riper the fruit, the greater the quantity of...
  • Page 118: Skinning Vegetables And Fruit

    Special applications Skinning vegetables and fruit Apple storage  Cut a cross in the top of tomatoes, You can treat homegrown apples in the nectarines, etc. This will allow the steam oven to increase the length of skin to be removed more easily. time for which you can store them.
  • Page 119: Rapid Steam Cooking

    Rapid steam cooking You can defrost, reheat and cook food with a combination of steam and microwave power with the Rapid steam cooking   function. During the heating-up phase, the oven compartment is initially heated to the set temperature using just steam power. As soon as this temperature has been reached, the microwave switches on so that the steam generator and magnetron are both switched on throughout the entire cooking phase.
  • Page 120: Cooking New Potatoes (Waxy)

    Rapid steam cooking Cooking new potatoes (waxy)  Place the glass tray on shelf level 1.  Place the washed new potatoes adjacent to each other in a perforated cooking container. Settings   | | ... | Automatic programmes Vegetables Potatoes New potatoes Firm Rapid...
  • Page 121: Cooking Rice

    Rapid steam cooking Cooking rice Rice swells when cooked and needs to be cooked in liquid. The proportion of rice to liquid will vary depending on the type of rice. The rice absorbs all the liquid during the cooking process and so none of the nutrients are lost.
  • Page 122: Microwave Defrosting And Reheating

    Microwave defrosting and reheating We recommend using the following microwave power levels to defrost or reheat foods:  [W] Defrosting Very delicate food: cream, butter, gateaux and filled sponge cakes, cheese All other types of food Reheating Food for babies and children Various types of food;...
  • Page 123: Defrost

    Microwave defrosting and reheating Defrosting frozen food Defrost Gentle defrosting of frozen goods Use containers that are microwave means that the vitamins and minerals safe. are generally retained.  Place the frozen food in the middle of the glass tray on shelf level 1. ...
  • Page 124 Microwave defrosting and reheating Notes in the table Take note of the recommended microwave power levels, heating times and standing times. These take the consistency, the quantity and the initial temperature of the food into account. Choosing durations  You are generally advised to select the middle duration.
  • Page 125 Microwave defrosting and reheating Defrosting in microwave mode    Frozen food Quantity Stir/turn/ Cover [min] [min] rearrange Dairy products Every Cream 250 ml 10–15 5 minutes At the Butter 250 g 12–14 5–10 halfway stage 10–15; After Cheese slices 250 g 6–7 3 minutes Fan out the cheese...
  • Page 126 Microwave defrosting and reheating Frozen food Quantity    Stir/turn/ Cover [min] [min] rearrange Currants 250 g 13–14 5–10 At the halfway stage At the Plums 500 g 13–15 5–10 halfway stage Meat 8–9 Twice Minced beef 500 g 10–15 every 10 minutes 17–19 Chicken...
  • Page 127: Reheat

    Microwave defrosting and reheating Reheat Risk of injury caused by hot liquids. When heating food, and in particular It is essential that the section entitled liquids, using the “Correct use” in the “Warning and Microwave   function, the boiling safety instructions” is observed. point may be reached without the ...
  • Page 128 Microwave defrosting and reheating  During heating: Tips Stir, turn or rearrange the food once – Always cover food when heating it, again. Stir the food from the outside except when heating beverages or towards the middle, as food heats meat/fish coated in breadcrumbs.
  • Page 129 Microwave defrosting and reheating Heating in microwave mode    Food Quantity Stir/turn/ Cover [min:s] [min] rearrange Drinks Coffee, drinking 1 cup 1000 1:10–1:20 – Before temperature 60– (200 ml) heating 65 °C Milk, drinking 1 cup/ 1000 1:20–1:30 – Before temperature 60–...
  • Page 130 Microwave defrosting and reheating Food Quantity    Stir/turn/ Cover [min:s] [min] rearrange Gravy 250 g 4:10–4:40 At the halfway stage and before serving 250 g 4:00–4:30 At the halfway stage and before serving Soup/stew 500 g 7:00–7:30 At the halfway stage and before serving  Microwave power level,  Duration,  Standing time...
  • Page 131: Automatic Programmes

    Automatic programmes The wide range of automatic Usage notes programmes enables you to achieve – The degree of cooking is represented excellent results with ease. by a bar with seven segments. You can set how well you want the food Categories cooked by touching the relevant The  automatic programmes are...
  • Page 132: Search

    Automatic programmes Search (Depending on language) Under Automatic programmes , you can search by the name of the categories and the automatic programmes. There is a full text search function which can also be used to search for parts of words.
  • Page 133: Mymiele

    MyMiele Under MyMiele  , you can save Deleting entries frequently used applications.  Select  MyMiele  . It is particularly useful with automatic  Touch the entry you want to delete programmes as you do not need to and keep your finger on it until the work through every screen in order to context menu appears.
  • Page 134: User Programmes

    User programmes You can create and save up to 20 of Creating user programmes your own programmes.  Select User programmes  . – You can combine up to 9 cooking  Select Create programme stages to accurately programme your favourite or most frequently used You can now specify the settings for the recipes.
  • Page 135 User programmes  Confirm with OK. Changing cooking stages You can start the saved programme Cooking stages in automatic immediately, delay the start or change programmes that have been saved the cooking stages. under a different name cannot be changed. Starting user programmes ...
  • Page 136 User programmes Renaming User programmes Deleting User programmes  Select   Select  User programmes  . User programmes  .  Touch the programme you want to  Touch the programme you want to change and keep your finger on it delete and keep your finger on it until until the context menu appears.
  • Page 137: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care  Stubborn soiling could damage the Risk of injury caused by hot steam oven in certain circumstances. surfaces. Once the oven has cooled, clean the The steam oven gets hot during oven compartment, the inside of the operation.
  • Page 138: Cleaning The Steam Oven Front

    Cleaning and care Unsuitable cleaning agents Cleaning the steam oven front  Clean the appliance front with a To avoid damaging the surfaces of your appliance, do not use: clean, soft sponge and a solution of warm water and washing-up liquid. –...
  • Page 139: Cleaning The Water Container

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the automatic door opener Accessories Ensure that the door opener does All accessories are dishwasher safe. not become soiled with food residues. Cleaning the glass tray, rack and cooking containers  Wipe away soiling immediately with ...
  • Page 140: Cleaning The Side Runners

    Start at cleaning in a dishwasher. not available with maintenance programmes. Descaling the steam oven We recommend using Miele descaling tablets (see “Optional accessories”) to descale the appliance. These have been specially developed for use with Miele appliances to optimise the descaling process.
  • Page 141: Soak

     Fill the water container with lukewarm  Leave the appliance door open until fresh tap water up to the level the oven compartment is completely marker  and drop 2 Miele descaling dry. tablets in it. Soak  Wait until the descaling tablets have dissolved.
  • Page 142: Problem Solving Guide

     If, after resetting the trip switch in the mains fuse box and switching the appliance back on, the appliance will still not heat up, contact a qualified electrician or your Miele dealer. The oven compartment Demo mode is active.
  • Page 143  Check that the steam oven plug is correctly inserted into the socket.  Check whether the fuse has tripped. Contact a qualified electrician or your miele dealer. If the display does not respond, there is a fault with the controls.
  • Page 144 The door seal is damaged, e.g. cracks can be seen. The door seal needs to be replaced.  Contact your Miele dealer.  Do not use any microwave modes / functions until the door seal has been replaced.
  • Page 145 Problem solving guide Issue Cause and remedy The food is not The microwave oven was not restarted after sufficiently heated or is interrupting a cooking programme. not cooked at the end  Restart the cooking programme to ensure the food of a set duration when is heated or cooked properly.
  • Page 146 Cause and remedy The oven interior The lamp is defective. lighting is not working.  Contact your Miele dealer to have the lamp replaced. Communication fault  Switch the steam oven off and then back on again after a few minutes.
  • Page 147: Optional Accessories

    – Descaling tablets (6) and conditioning products for your Miele appliances. – All-purpose microfibre cloth for removing finger marks and light These can be ordered from your Miele soiling dealer (see end of this booklet for contact details). Miscellaneous Containers...
  • Page 148: Service

    Miele dealer. please contact your Miele dealer. See end of this booklet for contact details. Contact details for your Miele dealer are given at the end of this document.
  • Page 149: Installation

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Safety instructions for installation  Risk of damage from incorrect installation. Incorrect installation can cause damage to the steam oven. The steam oven must only be installed by a qualified person.  The connection data (frequency and voltage) on the steam oven’s data plate absolutely must correspond with those of the electricity supply in order to ensure that no damage can occur to the steam oven.
  • Page 150: Building-In Dimensions

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Building-in dimensions All dimensions are given in mm. Installation in a tall unit The furniture housing unit must not have a back panel fitted behind the building-in niche.
  • Page 151: Installation In A Base Unit

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Installation in a base unit The furniture housing unit must not have a back panel fitted behind the building-in niche. When building the steam oven into a base unit underneath an electric or induction hob, please also observe the installation instructions for the hob as well as the building-in depth required for the hob.
  • Page 152: Side View

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Side view A Glass front: 22 mm Metal front: 23.3 mm...
  • Page 153: Connection And Ventilation

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Connection and ventilation a Front view b Mains connection cable, L = 2000 mm c Ventilation cut-out, min. 180 cm d No connections permitted in this area...
  • Page 154: Installing The Steam Oven

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Installing the steam oven  Connect the mains cable to the steam oven. Risk of damage from incorrect transportation. Lifting the steam oven by the door handle could cause damage to the  Secure the steam oven to the side door.
  • Page 155: Electrical Connection

     Danger of injury. connection cable, type H 05 VV-F (PVC- insulated), available from your Miele Miele cannot be held liable for dealer. unauthorised installation, maintenance and repair work as this can be dangerous to users.
  • Page 156 *INSTALLATION* Installation Disconnecting from the mains  Risk of electric shock from mains voltage. There is a risk of electric shock if the appliance is reconnected to the mains supply during repair or service work. After disconnection, ensure the appliance cannot be switched back on by mistake.
  • Page 157: Copyrights And Licences

    Copyrights and Licences Miele uses their own and third party software which is not subject to any so-called Open Source Licence for the operation and control of the appliance. This software/ these software components are protected by copyright. The copyright powers of Miele and third parties have to be respected.
  • Page 159 Tel. +966 11 2013501, Fax. +966 11 2013502 Taif Hadiya Street Tel. +966 12 7327001, Fax. +966 12 7369596 Khobar Al Zahran Road Tel. +966 13 8646150, Fax. +966 13 8646190 Manufacturer: Miele & Cie. KG, Carl-Miele-Straße 29, 33332 Gütersloh, Germany...
  • Page 160 DGM 7840 en-AE, SA M.-Nr. 11 271 870 / 00...

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