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Pure Clean PUCRCX70 User Manual

Pure Clean PUCRCX70 User Manual

Smart vacuum cleaner automatic robot cleaning vacuum


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  • Page 1 PUCRCX70 Pure Clean Smart Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Robot Cleaning Vacuum...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    All the pictures in the User Manual are for reference only. Please refer to the actual items in the package. Contents Safety Instructions Product Component 1. Main machine and accessories 2. Product master diagram 3. Charging base 4. Remote control Product Operation 1.
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions Please read the following safety instructions carefully and comply with all routine preventive measures to ensure safety. • Please read this manual carefully. • Please keep this manual properly. This product may be damaged by any operation which does not conform to this manual DESCRIPTION Danger...
  • Page 4 1. Serious injuries include sequelae and long-term hospitalization, including blindness, burns, electrical shocks, fractures and poisoning. 2. Personal injuries include injuries that do not require hospitalization, including burns or electric shocks. 3. Material loss includes damage to household furniture, nance and pets. Precautions for safe use of main machine, charging base, adapter and accessories.
  • Page 5 Do not damage or process the power cord. Do not place weight on the power cord, do not heat, drag or bend the power cord. The power cord may be damaged and cause a re or electric shock. This is an indoor household product. Please do not use it outdoors. When the product is running and cleaning, please pay attention to the safety of the baby, please do not touch the wheel and side brush, so as to avoid the elderlyor children entangled and injured, and pay...
  • Page 6 Please do not use this product in damp environment (such as bathroom). Do not clean this product when charging. Before using this product, remove all worn items from the oor (such as glasses and lights) and items that may entangle side brushes and suction passages (such as wires, paper and curtains).
  • Page 7 CAUTIONS If abnormal heating occurs during charging, please stop using the product immediately. It may lead to leakage, heat or rupture. To extend the life of the battery, if it will not be used for a long time, please remove it and keep it in a cool and dry environment. It may lead to leakage, heat or rupture.
  • Page 8: Product Component

    Product Component 1. Main machine and accessories Description Number Main machine 1 pcs The adapter 1 pcs Remote control 1 pcs Side brush 2 pair (on the left and right side) User manual 1 pcs Dustbin 1 pcs Mop cloth 1 pcs Hook &...
  • Page 9: Product Master Diagram

    2. Product Master Diagram Signal receiver Bumper Switch button Dustbin cover plate Sensor Universal wheel Left brush Right brush Sensor UV Lamp Sensor Suction outlet Battery cover Left wheel Right wheel Scraping Hook & Loop Preliminary Filter Dust bin Cover High e ciency Dustbin lter...
  • Page 10: Charging Base

    Charging Base Source indicator light Signal transmitting area Charging contact Clasp hands slot Bottom cover Groove of wire Power port Wrapping post
  • Page 11: Remote Control

    3. Remote Control 1. Start/pause button A. In standby mode, the machine will enter the random sweeping mode by pressing this button. B. Under the "operation mode", the machine enters the standby mode by pressing this button. 2. " " Up A.
  • Page 12 3. "Spot cleaning" button During any cleaning mode, press this " " button, the machine will enter the Spot (spiral) mode. Under the standby mode, press this button, the machine will enter the spot cleaning mode. 4. " " button During any cleaning mode, press this button and the machine will enter the zig-zag cleaning mode for 5 minutes.
  • Page 13: Product Operation

    8. Suction Adjustment Press the button to adjust the machine suction in any working mode, there are two-gear adjustment. 9. Recharge button Press this button, the machine enters the automatic charging mode. Attention! A. Please assemble two AAA batteries in it before use. B.
  • Page 14: Start/Stop

    2. Start/stop Standby mode: The power switch is turned on and the machine is not moving. Operation mode: Machine sweeping A. Turn on the power and press the "start/pause" button on the remote control on the robot. B. When the machine is working properly, the red light on the button "...
  • Page 15 Note: • Make sure there is more than 0.5 meters on both sides of the charging seat and more than 1.5 meters in front of it; • The power cord hanging on the ground may be dragged by the device causing power failure of the charging base;...
  • Page 16: Cleaning Mode

    Cleaning mode A. Random cleaning During any cleaning mode, press this button " ", the machine will enter the random sweeping mode. In standby mode, press the "start/pause" button of the remote control or the button " " on the machine, the machine will enable the random cleaning mode.
  • Page 17: Response Function

    Response function When the machine is out of sight or out of hearing, press the "R" button on the remote control and the machine will say "hi" so that you can nd it by voice. Product Maintenance 1. Clean the side brush If the edge brush is dirty, please rinse it with water, then dry it and then use it.
  • Page 18: Cleaning Mop

    D. Remove the initial lter. E. Put down the dustbin until the dust is poured out. F. Clean up the dustbin, the preliminary lter and the high e ciency lter. We suggest to clean the high e ciency lter per 15 to 30 days. The longest life of the high e ciency lter could reach to 24 months.
  • Page 19 3. Assembly Mop Cloth a. As shown in gure 1, stick the hook & loop on the four slots at the bottom of machine. b. Then stick the mop cloth.
  • Page 20: Clean Sensor Lens

    4. Clean sensor lens Use a cleaning tool or a soft cloth to gently wipe the sensor. See the location shown below. sensor sensor
  • Page 21: Product Parameters

    Product parameters Classi cation Items Speci cation Structure Diameter 293mm Net weight 1.8 kgs Voltage 9.6V Electronic Lithium iron phosphate Battery capacity battery 2000mAh Charging mode Auto/Manual charging Cleaning mode Spot cleaning Random cleaning Cleaning Edge cleaning parameters zig -zag cleaning One-time 300-360 Minutes charging time...
  • Page 22 Features: • Keep it Clean: Sweep, Dust & Vacuum, Mop, and Disinfecting • Versatile & Convenient Floor Clean Ability • Smart, Self-Programmed Cleaning Path Navigation • Low-Profile Design Slides Underneath Furniture • Anti-Fall Stair Sensors & Protective Bumper Housing • Obstacle Detection Cleans Around Household Objects •...
  • Page 23 What’s in the Box: • Smart Robot Vacuum • Dock charging base, • Power Adapter • (4) Detachable Brushes • Washable HEPA Filter • Mop cloth (1) + Magic sticker (4), • Remote Control • Cleaning Brush Technical Specs: • Dust Bin Capacity: 0.2L •...
  • Page 24 Questions? Issues? We are here to help! Phone: (1) 718-535-1800 Email:

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