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Pure Clean PUCRC455 User Manual

Pure Clean PUCRC455 User Manual

Automatic robot cleaning vacuum with app download and remote control


Smart Vacuum Cleaner
Automatic Robot Cleaning Vacuum
with App Download and Remote Control


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Summary of Contents for Pure Clean PUCRC455

  • Page 1 PUCRC455 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Robot Cleaning Vacuum with App Download and Remote Control...
  • Page 2 SAFETY REGULATIONS Before using this product, please read the following safety instructions and follow all routine safety precautions. Please read the instructions carefully and keep them for future reference. Any operation that does not conform to the instructions may cause damage to the product.
  • Page 3 Warning: 1. Use only the original rechargeable battery and charging seat specially equipped by the manufacturer. Non - rechargeable batteries are strictly prohibited, please refer to "product parameters" for battery speci cation information. 2. It is forbidden to use products in environments with open ames or fragile objects. 3.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Product Composition / Package Contents Product Composition / Part Name Product Usage / Preparation Product Use / Robot Charging APP Setting Instuction Product Use / Start Cleaning Product Use / Pause, Wake up and Shut down Product Usage / Time Scheduling Setting Component Maintenance /Dust Box Component Maintenance / Main Brush and Side Brush Component Maintenance / Charging Dock Pins,...
  • Page 5: Product Composition / Package Contents

    PRODUCT COMPOSITION / PACKAGE CONTENTS Charging dock Romote Control Robot (with bettery x2) Instruction manual Adapter Cleaning Brush Dust Box Side Brush x2 Hepa filter
  • Page 6: Product Composition / Part Name

    PRODUCT COMPOSITION / PART NAME Front Start/Pause Surface Cover Omnidirectional Lens Dust Box Back Downsense Sensor Side Brush Drive Wheel Dust Box Charging Pole Piece Universal Wheel Battery Main Brush Assembly
  • Page 7 Dust box High E ciency Strainer High E ciency Net Cover Primary Filter Strainer Dust Box Side Dust Box Cover Metal Sheet Dust Box Conductive Sheet Charging Dock Signal Indicator DC Plug Charging Duck Pins Remote Control Screen Display Auto Cleaning mode Mode Switching Start/Pause Direction Control...
  • Page 8: Product Usage / Preparation

    PRODUCT USAGE / PREPARATION Remove Protection Before using the Robot, remove the protective strip on the Robot. Remove the protective strip PRODUCT USE / ROBOT CHARGING 1. Placing and charging: The charging seat is against the wall and placed on a at ground.
  • Page 9 4. Charging: Place the Robot on the charging seat for charging (during charging, the indicator light ashes and even charging is over, and the light is always on. The charging time is about 5 hours.) During the cleaning process, the host can sense that its power is insu cient and automatically start the recharging mode to automatically nd the charging seat to charge.
  • Page 10: App Setting Instuction

    APP SETTING INSTUCTION A. Download the APP and register 1. Please sacn the QR code of photo1 or search “Smart Life” and download App . 2. After the App is installed, please following the App instruction registered the account and login B.
  • Page 11: Product Use / Start Cleaning

    PRODUCT USE / START CLEANING According to di erent cleaning needs, this product has a variety of cleaning mode to choose from. You can start various cleaning mode through a Robot, remote control or app. AUTO CLEANING Applicable scenario: The most commonly used cleaning method is that the main engine uses a bow-shaped path to plan and clean the whole house according to the actual home environment.
  • Page 12: Product Use / Pause, Wakeup And Shutdown

    EDGE CLEANING Applicable scenario: For indoor comer cleaning, the Robot cleans along the perimeter of xed objects (such as walls), and returns to the charging seat after the edge cleaning is nished. Setting method: Click the remote control mode switch button to select the Edge cleaning mode to start the edge cleaning.
  • Page 13: Component Maintenance /Dust Box

    COMPONENT MAINTENANCE / DUST BOX A. Press the dust box button B. Open the dust box side cover to take out the dust box C. Dumping garbage D. Open the high e ciency net cover
  • Page 14 E. Open the high-e ciency screen cover F. Rinse the primary lter screen and take out the high-e ciency screen and the primary-e ciency screen, high- e ciency screen does not recommend water washing. Tap gently to remove dust. G. The dust box is scrubbed clean with H.
  • Page 15: Component Maintenance / Main Brush And Side Brush

    I. Replace the primary lter screen and the high e ciency lter screen into the dust box; Note: 1. Before installing the lter screen, please ensure that the high e ciency lter screen and the primary lter screen are in a dry state. 2.
  • Page 16: Component Maintenance / Charging Dock Pins, Down View Sensor, Drive Wheel And Universal Wheel

    COMPONENT MAINTENANCE / CHARGING DOCK PINS, DOWN VIEW SENSOR, DRIVE WHEEL AND UNIVERSAL WHEEL Warm Tip: The interior of the charging pole piece, the down-view sensor and the striking plate all contain sensitive electronic components, please use dry dish cloth when cleaning, and do not use wet dishcloth to prevent damage caused by water in ow.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Prompt Tone Cause of Failure Solution Please put the Robot back Wheels o the ground Robot suspended to the ground and press the cleaning key again. Return the dust box to the Dust box removed Dust box not installed Robot and press the and not installed cleaning key again.
  • Page 18: Features And Technical Specs

    Slim Low-Pro le Housing Slides Underneath Furniture • Perfect for the Home or O ce • *Unlock Wet Mop Floor Clean Ability with the Water Tank Mopping Kit, Pure Clean Model: ‘PRTPUCRC4558’ (Sold Separately) The ‘Smart Life’ Mobile App: • Selection of Cleaning Modes •...
  • Page 19 What’s in the Box: • Smart Robot Vacuum • Charging Dock Base • Digital Remote Control • Removable Dust Bin • (2) Sweep Brushes • (2) HEPA Filters • (2) ‘AAA’ Batteries Questions? Issues? • Cleaning Brush We are here to help! Phone: (1) 718-535-1800 •...

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