Description Of The Device; Product Characteristics - Siemens CP 5612 Operating Instructions Manual

Simatic net, pg/pc - profibus
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Description of the device


Product characteristics

The CP 5612 is a communications processor for connecting PCs (personal computers) or PGs
(programming devices) to PROFIBUS and MPI networks. The essential properties are as
• Transmission speeds up to 12 Mbps.
• Floating RS-485 connector.
• Linking of up to 32 devices (PC, PG, SIMATIC S7 or ET 200) to form a network segment.
– By linking several segments with repeaters, up to 64 nodes can be connected.
• The additional interface signals for a direct link to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
are supported up to 187.5 Kbps.
• Installation in PGs and PCs with a PCI slot. The following is supported:
– PCI, 33 MHz / 66 MHz, 32 bits / 64 bits
– Plug and play
CP 5612
Operating Instructions, 05/2021, C79000-G8976-C278-04


Table of Contents

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