Meaning Of The Led Display - Siemens CP 5612 Operating Instructions Manual

Simatic net, pg/pc - profibus
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Description of the device

1.3 Meaning of the LED display

Meaning of the LED display
LED display
The meaning of the LED display is as follows:
Green and yellow LED
Green on
Green off
Green flashing fast, yellow off
Green and yellow flashing alternately
Green and yellow flashing synchro-
Yellow on
Yellow off
Yellow flashing at one-second intervals
Indicates token rotation (in other words, normal operation)
Incorrect bus parameters, defective bus (e.g. short-circuit)
or CP not in operation
Module not started; normal status following reset
When using more than one module in a PG/PC:
Identification of the module using a diagnostics tool
Exception state; error in firmware
DP slave mode
Not DP slave mode
Error in DP slave mode.
Operating Instructions, 05/2021, C79000-G8976-C278-04
CP 5612


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