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Preparing The Machine; Programme Selection And Tips For Efficient Washing - Beko WUE6511BS User Manual


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4.3 Operating the product
4.3.1 Control panel
1 - Programme Selection knob (Uppermost
position On / Off)
2 - Spin Speed Indicator LEDs
3 - Child Lock Enabled LED
4 - Door Lock Enabled LED
5 - Delayed Start Indicator LEDs

4.3.2 Preparing the machine

1.Make sure that the hoses are connected tightly.
2.Plug in your machine.
3.Turn the tap on completely.
4.Place the laundry in the machine.
5.Add detergent and fabric softener.

4.3.3 Programme selection and tips for efficient washing

1.Select the programme suitable for the type, quantity and soiling degree of the laundry in
accordance with the "Programme and consumption table" and the temperature table below.
2.Select the desired programme with the Programme Selection knob.
14 / EN
6 - Programme Follow-up LEDs
7 - Start / Pause Button
8 - Delayed Start Setting Button
9 - Spin Speed Adjustment button
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents