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Rechargeable floor sweeper
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• Do not expose the rechargeable battery floor
sweeper to extreme temperatures or moisture.
• Do not therefore store it near ovens, heating ele-
ments, burners or in the bathroom.
• Never leave the device without it having been
switched off - the rechargeable battery could be
damaged through depletion.
Store the appliance at a dry and dust-free place.


To dispose of the appliance in an environmentally
friendly way, you must remove the battery from the
1. Disconnect the appliance from the mains power
Remove the battery from the appliance ONLY if you
want to scrap/dispose of the appliance! The appli-
ance is permanently defective after you have remo-
ved the battery!
2. Remove the dirt collector.
3. Remove the screw next to the unlocking button
and then take the cover off.
4. Pull the battery out and sever the cable.
5. Dispose of the battery in an environmentally
friendly way. Pay heed to the currently applica-
ble regulations. In case of doubt, please contact
your waste disposal centre.
Do not dispose of the appliance in your
normal domestic waste. This product is
subject to the European guideline
Dispose of the appliance through an approved dis-
posal centre or at your community waste facility.
Observe the currently applicable regulations.
In case of doubt, please contact your waste disposal
Dispose of all packaging materials in an
environmentally friendly manner.
Warranty & Service
The warranty for this appliance is for 3 years from
the date of purchase. The appliance has been ma-
nufactured with care and meticulously examined be-
fore delivery. Please retain your receipt as proof of
purchase. In the event of a warranty claim, please
make contact by telephone with our Service Depart-
ment. Only in this way can a post-free despatch for
your goods be assured.
The warranty covers only claims for material and
maufacturing defects, but not for transport damage,
for wearing parts or for damage to fragile compo-
nents, e.g. buttons or batteries. This product is for
private use only and is not intended for commercial
use. The warranty is void in the case of abusive and
improper handling, use of force and internal tampe-
ring not carried out by our authorized service branch.
Your statutory rights are not restricted in any way by
this warranty.
The warranty period will not be extended by repairs
made under warranty. This applies also to replaced
and repaired parts. Any damage and defects extant
on purchase must be reported immediately after un-
packing the appliance, at the latest, two days after
the purchase date. Repairs made after the expira-
tion of the warranty period are subject to payment.
Service Great Britain
Tel.: 0871 5000 720 (£ 0.10/Min.)
IAN 75164
Service Malta
Tel.: 80062230
IAN 75164


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