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Attaching The Smartphone To The Selfie Stick; Taking Selfies; Using The Mini-Tripod - Silvercrest SSBS 3.0 A1 Manual

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Attaching the smartphone to the selfie stick

Open the clamps on the smartphone holder 2 .
Place the smartphone between the clamps on the smartphone
holder 2 by pushing the top clamp apart against the spring
force . Make sure your smartphone is securely in place .
Loosen the set screw 3 and adjust the vertical tilt angle of
the smartphone . Fix the smartphone in the desired position
by re-tightening the set screw 3 .
If necessary, attach the remote trigger 8 to the first element
of the telescopic rod 4 via the remote trigger holder r .

Taking selfies

Unlock the telescopic rod 4 by turning it counterclockwise .
Now, pull out the telescopic rod 4 to the desired length .
Turn the individual elements of the telescopic rod 4 clock-
wise to lock them in place .
If you want to loosen the telescopic rod 4 again, turn the in-
dividual elements in the opposite direction (counterclockwise) .
Turn your smartphone's camera function on .
Press the
Your smartphone will take a picture . The power LED 0
briefly flashes blue once .
If you do not press the
the remote trigger 8 automatically turns off.

Using the mini-tripod

Screw the mini-tripod 1 into the ¼ inch thread 7 on the
bottom of the handle 5 .
Always fold out the legs of the mini-tripod 1 completely
for the best possible stability .
button q on the remote trigger 8 .
button q for approx. 6 minutes,
SSBS 3.0 A1



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