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Notes Regarding Radio Interface; Safety Instructions For Batteries - Silvercrest SSBS 3.0 A1 Manual

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Notes regarding radio interface

Turn the device off when you are in an airplane, a hospital,
an operating room, or a medical electronics system . The
transmitted radio waves can affect sensitive devices in their
function .
Keep the device at a distance of at least 7 .87 inches from
a pacemaker or implanted defibrillator, as radio waves
may interfere with the proper functions of the pacemaker
or implanted defibrillator .
The transmitted radio waves can cause noise in hearing aids .
Do not place the product near flammable gases or in a
potentially explosive atmosphere (e .g . paint shop) with radio
components turned on, as the transmitted radio waves can
cause an explosion or fire .
The range of radio waves depends on environmental and
surrounding conditions .
For data transmission via a wireless connection, it is also
possible for unauthorized third parties to intercept the data .

Safety instructions for batteries

Follow these basic safety instructions for safe handling of
Incorrect handling of batteries can result in fire, explosions,
leakage of hazardous substances, or other dangerous
This product contains a button cell . If this button cell is
swallowed, it can cause serious internal burns within
2 hours that may result in death .
Keep batteries out of the reach of children . Children could
put batteries in their mouths and swallow them . If you suspect
that a battery may have been swallowed or otherwise entered
some part of the body, seek medical attention right away .
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Table of Contents

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