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  • Page 1 Owner’s Manual ®...
  • Page 2 This equipment has been certified to comply with FCC standards, which are applied to the U.S.A. only. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Brother Industries, Ltd. could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. Under the terms of an agreement with Xyron, Inc., the purchase or other acquisition of this product confers no right or license to use the product in the Retroreflective Field.
  • Page 3 Brother Cool Laminator LX-1200 Fax-Back System Brother Customer Service has installed an easy-to-use Fax-Back System, so you can get instant answers to common technical questions and product information for all Brother products. This system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use the system to send faxes to any fax machine, not just the one from which you are calling.
  • Page 4 Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card, you can order accessories directly from Brother. (In the USA, you can visit us online for a complete selection of Brother accessories and supplies available for purchase or you may order supplies and accessories by mail using the order form on page 3.)
  • Page 5 Put the total on the “Total Due” line. Clearly print your name and address below. Send the Order Form, along with proper payment to the address below. Send Order Form To: Brother International Corp. Attn: Consumer Accessory Div. P .O.Box 341332 Bartlett, TN 38184-1332 Name:...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Getting started ... 5 Features ... 5 Precautions ... 6 Package list... 7 Part names... 8 Outside of the machine... 8 Inside of the machine... 8 Control Panel ... 9 Film Cartridge... 9 Setup... 10 Turning the machine on/off ... 10 About Auto Power Saver...
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    Getting started Thank you for purchasing a Brother Cool Laminator. This machine has been designed to be easy to use, but can be utilized to its fullest potential by taking some time to read this owner’s manual. Features • Depending upon the type of film used, this machine turns a variety of documents into professional, self- adhesive stickers, dual-sided, coated lamination sheets, magnetic signs etc.
  • Page 8: Precautions

    Brother can not be held liable for loss or damage of items used in the laminator machine. Under the terms of an agreement with Xyron, Inc., the purchase or other acquisition of this product confers no right or license to use the product in the Retroreflective Field.
  • Page 9: Package List

    Package list 1 Machine 2 Film cartridge (Starter cartridge includes 13.1’ or 4m of film)* 3 AC adapter 4 Owner’s manual 5 Compatible accessory list 6 Supplemental PC software (CD-ROM) 7 Cartridge adapter * The film cartridge is already installed into the machine. - 7 - 1 (Double side laminate type)
  • Page 10: Part Names

    Part names Outside of the machine DC connector Top cover Viewing window Document tray Document supporter Document guide Document tray cover Control panel Document output Corner cutter slot Corner cutter trimmer tray Corner cutter dust box AC adapter Inside of the machine Film cartridge Roller holder lever Roller holder...
  • Page 11: Control Panel

    Control Panel POWER DIAL ON/OFF Feed Continuous Extra Border Start Stop Border No Border Cutter Off Error Cut button Continuous button Error Feed Error indicator Feed button Extra Border button Film Cartridge Cutting line Shutter Shutter buttons Film slit Shutter buttons Film slit Turns the machine on/off.
  • Page 12: Setup

    Setup POWER Stop Start Cutter Off WARNING: Do not plug your machine into an electrical outlet until it has been completely assembled. Do not try to disassemble or repair this equipment yourself. Service should be performed by authorized personnel only. Warranties will be voided if the unit is repaired by unauthorized technicians.
  • Page 13: Operating The Machine

    Operating the machine Laminate documents, create magnetic signs, and create adhesive stickers: (1) Open the document supporter. (2) Load the document to be laminated onto the document tray. Insert the document face up. When using the adhesive laminating film, documents can be placed face down on the document tray to apply the adhesive to the front of the document (Great for Window Stickers).
  • Page 14 POWER Start Border Cutter Off Stop Start Cutter Off CAUTION: Do not attempt to remove or pull on the document while the machine is operating. Do not turn the machine off during a job except in the event of a malfunction. Except when using Continuous Mode, do not place the next document on the document tray until the current operation is completed.
  • Page 15 Note If you use the adhesive laminate film, the back surface of the laminated output is a liner which will need to be peeled off. To mount the laminated document on a surface for display, peel off the liner as illustrated. For easy peeling, there is a crack in the liner approx.
  • Page 16: Document Size

    Document Size The size of the document that you wish to laminate should not be larger (or smaller) than the width that your machine can accommodate. The document should be between 2.0 and 11.7 inches (50 and 297 mm) wide. The minimum paper length should be 3.5 inches (90 mm).
  • Page 17: The Auto Sheet Feeder

    The Auto Sheet Feeder The Auto Sheet Feeder automatically feeds your document into the machine, one sheet at a time. Load only a single document at a time onto the document tray. The Auto Cross Cutting System The Auto Cross Cutting System automatically detects the width and length of the inserted document. The built-in mechanism precisely trims each side of the square or rectangular document.
  • Page 18: How To Define The Cutting Position (Creating Borders)

    How to define the cutting position (creating borders) The Auto Cross Cutting System automatically detects the size of your document and trims each edge of your square or rectangular document. The cutting position can be adjusted to create a margin on each edge of the laminated document Auto Cutter Mode –...
  • Page 19: Auto Cutter Mode - Extra Border

    Auto Cutter Mode - Extra Border This mode is ideal for making documents for filing purposes. The Extra Border will always be generated on the last part of the document to be fed through the machine. You can choose 0.8” (20 mm) or 1.2” (30 mm) extra margin. Change the width of the Extra Border by pressing the Extra Border button.
  • Page 20: How To Use Continuous Mode

    How to use Continuous mode Continuous mode can reduce the wasted film between documents when laminating multiple documents. Stop Start Cutter Off (1) Set the first document on the document tray and press the Continuous button. The green Continuous LED will light. (2) Press Start.
  • Page 21 Note If a new document is not placed in the feeder within 7 seconds, the machine will restart and finish the current document. If Start button is pressed after placing the next document in the feeder, the laminating process will restart without waiting 7 seconds.
  • Page 22: Manual Feeding And Manual Cutting

    Manual feeding and manual cutting You can manually feed and cut the document using the Cool Laminator. (1) Place the document in the document tray. (2) Press the Feed button to feed the document manually. The Feed button is a self-repeating key.
  • Page 23: Corner Cutting

    Corner cutting After laminating, you can round each corner of the document. Note The maximum thickness of the original document (before lamination) that the corner cutter unit can cut is 0.008” (30 lbs. paper). Do not use the corner cutter to trim magnetic back output. (1) Carefully insert a corner of the document all the way into the corner-cutter slot so that the corner of the laminated document is flush with...
  • Page 24: Corner Cutter Dust Box

    Corner cutter dust box The trimmings from the corner cutter are collected in the corner cutter dust box located just below the corner cutter slot. Pull the dust box towards you to discard the trimmings and place the box back into its original position.
  • Page 25: About Film Rolls

    This machine supports 12.0 inch (A3), 9.0 inch (A4) or 4.8 inch (A6) width cartridges. Use only Brother authorized film cartridges or film refills. The above mark appears on all packages of authorized film cartridges or film refills that are compatible with the machine. Brother cannot be held responsible for any problem arising from the use of unauthorized supplies.
  • Page 26: Replacing The Film Cartridge

    Replacing the film cartridge WARNING: Never touch the surface of the blades when installing/replacing the film cartridge. (1) Turn the POWER dial to Off and open the top cover. (2) Pull the roller holder levers up and lift the roller holder upwards. (3) Remove the film cartridge taking care not to grab the cartridge by the shutter.
  • Page 27 Note -The type of the currently installed cartridge can be viewed through the window in the top cover. -Store the film cartridge at below 113°F (45°C). (4) Carefully install the new film cartridge, square end down, film slit facing towards the front of the machine.
  • Page 28: Installing/Replacing The Film Roll In The Cartridge

    Installing/replacing the film roll in the cartridge Cartridges can be recycled by replacing the film roll. Be sure to use Brother-authorized LC film refills only. Refill cartridges using the following instructions: (1) Remove the film cartridge from the machine being careful not to grab the cartridge by the shutter.
  • Page 29 (4) Take the new refill roll of film from the sealed package. Remove the separator sheet. Holding the yellow colored plastic side holders of the film roll. Place the film into the cartridge as illustrated. The film can only be placed into the cartridge in the correct direction.
  • Page 30 (7) Press on the two shutter buttons marked "PUSH" to release the shutter. (8) The top edge of film should be aligned with the cutting line of the cartridge. If any film extends beyond the cutting line, cut away the excess film as illustrated before installing the cartridge into the machine.
  • Page 31 CAUTION: To prevent the film from drying out, never open the sealed pack until you are ready to install the cartridge. (11) Close the top cover. (12) Turn the POWER dial to Cutter Off, Border or No Border. Press the Feed button until you can see the edge of the film to remove any slack from the film.
  • Page 32: Using 9" (A4) Or 4.8" (A6) Film Cartridges

    Using 9” (A4) or 4.8” (A6) film cartridges (1) Turn the POWER dial to OFF and open the top cover. (2) Pull the roller holder levers up and lift the roller holder upwards. (3) Remove the film cartridge carefully. Note If the film is stuck, turn on the machine and press the Cut button to remove the excess film.
  • Page 33 9.0 inch 4.8 inch (4) Place the cartridge adapter into the machine as illustrated. (5) Place the 9.0 inch or 4.8 inch cartridge into the machine. When using the 4.8 inch cartridge, align the cartridge to the right side of the machine. (6) Return the roller holder to its original position and press the roller holder levers as illustrated.
  • Page 34 (7) Close the top cover. (8) Turn the POWER dial to Cutter Off, Border or No Border. Press the Feed button until you can see the edge of the film to remove any slack from the film. - 32 -...
  • Page 35: Regular Maintenance And Troubleshooting

    Regular maintenance and troubleshooting You can keep your machine in optimum condition by cleaning it on a regular basis. Regular maintenance Avoid small debris and objects Be careful not to let anything slip into the machine, especially metal objects such as paper clips and staples. For optimum lamination results, do not place the machine and cartridges in a dusty environment.
  • Page 36 (4) Remove the film cartridge from the machine. Note Use scissors or Cut to extract the jammed film and remove the film cartridge, if necessary. (5) Open the cartridge shutter and remove the document from the film slit of the cartridge. Note Do not pull the document from the opposite side.
  • Page 37 Note If the film has creases or bubbles, press the Feed button until the creases disappear (should be okay after a few inches of film have been fed). If feeding the film does not correct the problem, check to make sure the refill is installed correctly in the cartridge (refer to page 26).
  • Page 38: Replacing The Side Cutter Units

    Replacing the side cutter units Cutter performance will decline as blades become dull through use or become coated with adhesives. Follow these steps to replace the side cutter units. CAUTION: Do not touch the surface of the blade when replacing the cutter units. Handle the blades with great care to avoid personal injury.
  • Page 39 (5) Slide the old side cutter towards the center of the machine. Remove the side cutter. (6) Place the new side cutter on the metal bar and slide it towards the side of the machine. (7) When the cutter is in the correct position lift the tab and bring it upwards towards the front of the machine to lock the side cutter into place.
  • Page 40: Replacing The Corner Cutter Trimmer Tray

    Use the following operation to replace the corner cutter trimmer tray when necessary. Note Use Brother authorized cutter units (SC-2 or CC-3) only. Other cutter units, (top/bottom cutter unit and the upper blade of the corner cutter) are not user replaceable.
  • Page 41: Troubleshooting

    Change the setting of the POWER switch. Please consult your dealer. Use Brother Adhesive Film Roll LC-A12, LC-A9 or LC-A5. Remove the liner using the crack and peel on the back of the document.
  • Page 42: Specifications

    Cutting system: Life of the cutter: Noise level: Unit dimensions: Unit weight (not including film cartridge and AC adapter) 8.3kg (18.3lbs.) LX-1200 Cold pressure method AC adapter (included) 120V±10% (60Hz) Output DC 18V 700mA 2.0” – 11.7” (50mm – 297mm) 3.54”...
  • Page 43: Index

    Index AC adapter...7,10,39 Adhesive back laminate film...13 Adhesive sticker...23 Alert buzzer...39 Auto Cross Cutting System ...15,16 Auto Cut Mode Border ...16 Auto Cut Mode Cutter Off...6,16,39 Auto Cut Mode No Border...16 Border ...9,16 Business card-size paper...14 Buzzer...12 Cartridge ...9 Cartridge cover ...26 Compatible accessory list ...7 Control panel...8,9 Corner cutter ...21...
  • Page 44 Setup...10 Shutter ...9,25,26,28,34 Shutter button...9,28,34 Side cutter...37 Side cutter arm...8 Side cutter unit ...8,36,37 Side holder ...27 Start button ...10,12,39 Start/Stop button ...9 Stickers ...39 Supplemental PC software (CD-ROM) ...7 The Auto Cross Cutting System ...15 The Auto Sheet Feeder...15 Top cover ...8,24,25,33,35,38,39 Top/bottom cutter units ...6 Type of paper ...14...
  • Page 45 Table of Contents Appendix (About PrintMasster Gold Software)... 44 Getting Started... 46 System Requirements ... 46 Starting PrintMaster Gold in Windows 95/98... 46 Starting PrintMaster Gold in Windows 3.1x or Windows for Workgroups ... 46 Installing PrintMaster Gold... 47 Launching PrintMaster Gold after installing ... 47 Removing PrintmMaster Gold...
  • Page 46: Appendix (About Printmasster Gold Software)

    IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machine, Inc. You don’t need a computer to use the Cool Laminator. However, if you have a computer and printer, the bundled PC software, PrintMaster Gold makes it easy to produce beautiful projects you'll love to show around.
  • Page 47 GERMANY Keltenring 12 82041 Oberhaching Germany Tel: Fax: E-mail: FRANCE 122, avenue de General Leclerc 92514 Boulonge Cedex France Tel: E-mail: Web: NETHERLAND PO Box 94791 1090 GT Amsterdam The Netherlands Tel: E-mail: ++49 89/613 092 35 ++49 89/14827-411 +33 1 55 38 48 58
  • Page 48: Getting Started

    Getting Started Before installing, check the system requirements listed below to make sure your computer is able to work with PrintMaster Gold. System Requirements PrintMaster Gold performs on any computer with the following features: • IBM PC with a 486DX2 66 MHz (or higher) •...
  • Page 49: Installing Printmaster Gold

    Installing PrintMaster Gold 1. Click the Install button or press ENTER to continue the installation. The PrintMaster Gold Installation screen appears with the default drive and directory, which you may change or accept as shown. 2. Click Continue or press ENTER to install PrintMaster Gold into the default directory, C:\PMW. or Click the Custom button to install PrintMaster Gold into the drive and directory of your choice.
  • Page 50: Reinstalling Printmaster Gold

    Reinstalling PrintMaster Gold Though unlikely, PrintMaster Gold files may become corrupted and the program may not run properly. If so, you can reinstall PrintMaster Gold, which cleans out all old files and restores original functionality. In Windows 95/98 1. Start Windows 95/98. 2.
  • Page 51: Viewing/Printing Printmaster Gold User's Manual

    Viewing/Printing PrintMaster Gold user's manual The full contents of user's manual is stored in the PrintMaster Gold CD-ROM. Please install the Adobe Acrobat Reader to see the online manual. How to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader 1. Double click the file Ar32e301 in the Acrobat 3 folder on the CD-ROM. 2.
  • Page 52: The World Of Printmaster Gold

    The World of PrintMaster Gold This section introduces you to the PrintMaster Gold environment. As soon as you open the program, you'll notice PrintMaster Gold has several interrelated areas, each with it's own individual purpose and look. Each area-including the Hub, Art Gallery, Sentiments Gallery, With Help Designer, and Workspace-offers you different tools to help create a unique card, calendar, or newsletter.
  • Page 53: The Workspace

    The workspace The Workspace is your own personal drafting board, with all the text, drawing, and editing tools you'll need to make a beautiful project. Here, you can put the finishing touches on your project, add new pictures, type in your personal message, and print. Below, we will introduce you to the main menu bar and the five toolbars in the Workspace.
  • Page 54: The Global Toolbar

    The Global Toolbar The Global Toolbar, which is displayed across the top of the Workspace, provides quick mouse access to some of the most commonly used PrintMaster Gold actions such as closing the current project, going to the Ready Made Gallery, starting a With Help project, and starting a Brand New project. These buttons are also one-step alternatives to using the menu bar for saving, printing, viewing Print Preview, cutting, Pasting, and others.
  • Page 55: Add Toolbar

    Add Toolbar The Add toolbar holds all the tools you need to add graphics, sentiments, and your own art to your project. To hide or display the Add toolbar, access the View menu, the Toolbar/Add Bar. Add a picture Click here to go to the PrintMaster Art Gallery. In the Art Gallery, you can choose from thousands of graphics, pictures, photos, and borders for your project.
  • Page 56: Modify Toolbar

    Modify Toolbar Use the Modify toolbar to make adjustments to your art and text. With these tools, you can easily change the color of text and pictures, change line widths, add shadows, and crop pictures. To hide or display the Modify toolbar, access the View menu, then Toolbars/Modify Bar. Color Use the tool to add color to your pictures and text.
  • Page 57: Status Bar

    Status bar The Status toolbar is displayed at the bottom of the PrintMaster Gold window. Use this area to change your view of your project or to check the accuracy of your measurements. To hide or display the Status toolbar, access the View menu, then Toolbars/Status Bar. View Side Window Click either the left arrow or the right arrow to see the different sides of your project.
  • Page 58 LC0458001 Printed in China 0008 ENGLISH...

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