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Panasonic PAW-FC Installation And Maintenance Manual

Fan coils
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Original Language"
PAW-FC Fan Coils
Wall mounted
Read through the Installation Instructions before you proceed with the installation. In particular, you will need to read
under the " IMPORTANT ! " section at the top of the page
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April 2021



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  • Page 1 MAINTENANCE MANUAL “ Original Language” PAW-FC Fan Coils Wall mounted Read through the Installation Instructions before you proceed with the installation. In particular, you will need to read under the “ IMPORTANT ! ” section at the top of the page IMM_PAW-FC_WMD_EN_04.21...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    8.4 Installation ......................16 8.5 Mounting ......................16 8.6 Wiring ........................ 16 8.7 Operation instructions ..................17 Optional Advanced wired remote controller: PAW-FC-RC1 ......18 9.1 Specifications ..................... 18 9.2 Dimensions ......................19 9.3 Functions ......................19 9.4 Installation ......................19 9.5 Operation instructions ..................
  • Page 3 9.7 Error messages ....................21 10. Modbus communication protocol ..............21 10.1 Modbus register types ..................21 10.2 Discrete Input Register ..................21 10.3 Coils Register ....................22 10.4 Input Register ....................22 10.5 Holding Register ....................22 11. Operation instructions of guide vane ..............24 12.
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT! tubing are completed or reconnected and checked. Highly dangerous electrical voltages are used in this • system. Carefully see the wiring diagram provided with Please Read Before Starting the IMM Manual when wiring. Improper connections This equipment must be installed by the sales dealer or and inadequate grounding can cause accidental injury installer.
  • Page 5: General Recommendations

    The manufacturer declines any responsibility and the Do not touch the air inlet or the sharp aluminium fins of • warranty becomes void if these instructions are not the coil of the unit. You may get injured. respected. • Do not sit or step on the unit, you may fall down If you meet a problem, please call the Technical Department accidentally.
  • Page 6: Inspection And Storage

    Inspection and storage unit must not be damaged by changes in the weather (high and low temperatures). Excessively high temperatures (above 60°C) can harm certain plastic materials and cause At the time of receiving the equipment carefully cross check permanent damage. Moreover, the performance of certain all the elements against the shipping documents in order to electrical or electronic components can be impaired.
  • Page 7: Presentation

    Presentation The range of PAW-FC Fan Coil includes the wall-mounted (AC) configuration which is available in 4 sizes. The cooling capacity is from 1,0 to 3,9 kW and the heating capacity is from 1,4 to 4,1 kW. The version available is reversible 2-pipes, with AC fan.
  • Page 8: Unit Description

    4.2 Unit description Power cable Front panel Filter Guide louver Wall pipe Bind type Drain pipe 4.3 Technical data PAW-FC2A-K007 PAW-FC2A-K009 PAW-FC2A-K018 PAW-FC2A-K022 2-pipe PAW-FC2A-K007IR PAW-FC2A-K009IR PAW-FC2A-K018IR PAW-FC2A-K022IR Total cooling capacity Low/Med/High 1,0 / 1,3 / 1,7 1,6 / 1,7 / 2,4 2,8 / 3,0 / 3,5 2,9 / 3,1 / 3,9 Sensible cooling capacity...
  • Page 9: Installation

    Installation CAUTION The unit installation work must be done by qualified personnel according to the local rules and this manual. The unit should not be installed in a bathroom, a laundry, a sauna or a swimming-pool. During the installation: Take care to avoid any rough handling or impacts when All these sections have been inspected before leaving the •...
  • Page 10: Rear Panel Installation

    5.4 Rear panel installation CAUTION: Always mount the rear panel horizontally. Due to potential for two-way outlet water drainage design, the outlet of water tray should be adjusted slightly down during installation, by is taking the outlet of the water tray as the centre of a circle, then including an angle between the coil and level should be 0 or more, that is good for condensing water drainage.
  • Page 11: Piping Position

    6.2 Piping position CAUTION: THE PIPING CAN BE LEAD OUT FROM LEFT SIDE OR REAR LEFT. When routing the piping and wiring from the left side of the unit, removal of the chassis cut-outs is necessary. Remove cut-out 1 when routing the wiring only; Remove both cut-out 1 and 2 when routing both the wiring and piping.
  • Page 12: Install The Connection Pipe

    6.4 Install the connection pipe Align the centre of the piping flare with the relevant valve. Screw in the flare nut by hand and then tighten the nut with spanner and torque wrench: HEX NUT DIAMETER TIGHTENING TORQUE 6.00 15 – 20 Nm 9.52 31 –...
  • Page 13: Electrical Connections

    Electrical connections WARNING Before carrying out any work on the equipment, make sure that the electrical power supply is disconnected and that there is no possibility of the unit being started inadvertently. Non-compliance with the above instructions can lead to injury or death by electrocution. The appliance shall be installed in accordance with national wiring regulations.
  • Page 14: Safety Requirements For Electric Appliances

    The PAW-FC-903TC thermostat is both easy to operate and install. The devices feature microprocessor-based control and large backlit LCD screens which display operation status (cooling, heating, and ventilation), fan speed, room temperature and set- point.
  • Page 15: Specifications

    8.1 Specifications Built-in sensing element 100 kΩ NTC, type 3 Housing Flame-retardant PC Accuracy ±1 °C Dimensions 86 x 86 x 14.5 mm Set-point range 5 to 35 °C (3.40” x 3.40” x 0.57”) Display range 0 to 50 °C (shown in 0.5 °C Wall box BS wall box, min.
  • Page 16: Installation

    8.4 Installation − Install the thermostat about 1.5 m (59”) above the floor − Make sure the device is powered off prior to installation/service − Do not install in locations that can be affected by radiant heat or in places with high levels of sunlight −...
  • Page 17: Operation Instructions

    8.7 Operation instructions The meaning of each key is shown below. On/Off M - Mode selection Down Fan speed / Eco Mode Power On/Off automatically set to 16 °C with the fan running at low speed. A short press of the On/Off button will turn the power on. When the key card is returned to the reader, the indoor Another short press of the On/Off button will turn off the power, display and ECO...
  • Page 18: Optional Advanced Wired Remote Controller: Paw-Fc-Rc1

    Optional Advanced wired remote controller: PAW-FC-RC1 PAW-FC-RC1 is a 230 VAC electronic fan-coil thermostat for room temperature control. It is suitable for every kind of building where reduced energy consumption and high comfort need to be met. The ability to switch between control modes depending on occupancy, makes it particularly suitable for public spaces, such as hotel rooms, offices, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • Page 19: Dimensions

    9.2 Dimensions 9.3 Functions The room thermostat regulates heating and/or cooling in a room via digital outputs on/off for valves and for 3-speed fan control. The touch screen shows the actual operating state and is also used to access all parameters, such as setpoint, hysteresis, fan speed etc. The unit has a built-in room temperature sensor.
  • Page 20: Operation Instructions

    9.5 Operation instructions The display behaves differently depending on the mode and the state that the controller is currently operating in. The thermostat can be in one of the following states: Off: Energy stop state where the Occupied: Comfort (Standard) state Standby: Energy saving state where controller neither heats nor cools.
  • Page 21: Error Messages

    9.7 Error messages The controller shows an error message, if the measured temperature is outside the limits or there is no connection to the sensor. The following messages may appear: Value Description To do Measured value at AI less than low limit 0°C Check the temperature of the pipeline and the value of the disconnected sensor (must HI Measured value at AI exceeds high limit 80°C be between 1kΩ...
  • Page 22: Coils Register

    10.3 Coils Register Variable address Description Minimum fan speed. The fan runs at least at speed 1, except in Off state. 0 = Not Active 1 = Active Mould protection 0 = Not Active 1 = Active Not used NC/NO for terminal DI 0 = NO 1 = NC 11-14 Not used...
  • Page 23 Default Variable address Description Unit Scale value value value Number of fan speed used 1 = 1 fan speed is used 2 = 2 fan speeds are used 3 = 3 fan speeds are used Change-over mode (0-3) and fan release function (4-7) via heat pump supply sensor 0 = Manual setting in display 1 = Manual Heat 2 = Manual Cool...
  • Page 24: Operation Instructions Of Guide Vane

    Calibration of the external temperature sensor (terminal Temp) Is used to eliminate cable resistance for the temperature measuring and -100 thus correct the temperature reading from Temp if needed. Filter factor for temperature on analog input Temp Low pass filter to avoid temperature spikes and flickering. Calibration of the internal temperature sensor -100 Is used to correct the internal temperature reading if necessary.
  • Page 25: Check After Installation And Test Operation

    Check after installation and test operation Items to be checked Possible malfunction Has the unit been fixed firmly? The unit may drop, shake or emit noise. Has a water leakage test been carried out? It may cause insufficient cooling (heating) capacity. Is heat insulation sufficient? It may cause condensation and dripping.
  • Page 26: Cleaning And Maintenance

    If the air filter cannot be installed, please mount the healthy filter on the front case. B = Healthy filter Mount the air filter properly along the arrow direction, and then close the panel cover 13.2 Cleaning and maintenance Take out the healthy filter before cleaning and reinstall it after cleaning according to the installation instruction. Pay special attention that the silver ion filter cannot be cleaned with water.
  • Page 27 Take down the air filter At the slot of surface open the panel at an angle as shown, pulling the air filter downward to remove it from the unit. Clean the air filter Note: To clean the dust adhering to the Never use water above 45°C to filters, you can either use a vacuum clean, or it can cause deformation...
  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Phenomenon Troubleshooting Unit does not operate immediately when the air conditioner is Once the air conditioner is stopped, it will not operate for restarted. approximately 3 minutes to protect itself The unit has no peculiar smell by itself. If it has, that is due to the smell accumulated in the ambient environment.
  • Page 29 Notes ......................
  • Page 30 ......................
  • Page 31 ......................
  • Page 32 Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning Europe a division of Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Hagenauer Strasse 43, 65203 Wiesbaden, Germany IMM_PAW-FC_WMD_EN_04.21 Panasonic. April 2021