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Cleaning And Care; Overview Of Cleaning Intervals - Miele CM 5310 Series Operating Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
Risk to health due to inadequate cleaning
Heat and moisture inside the coffee machine can cause coffee residues to
become mouldy and/or milk residues to go off and pose a risk to health.
Carefully clean the coffee machine regularly.

Overview of cleaning intervals

Recommended frequency
(at the end of the day)
Once a week
(more often if heavily soiled)
Once a month
When prompted
What do I have to clean / maintain?
Water container
Waste container
Drip tray and drip tray cover
Central spout with integrated Cappuccinatore
Brew unit
Area underneath the brew unit and the drip tray
Casing (especially important immediately after descaling)
Milk pipework
Bean container and ground coffee chute
Water container filter
Degrease the brew unit (with 1 cleaning tablet)
Descale the appliance (with 1 descaling tablet)

Cleaning and care



Table of Contents