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Miele CM 5000 Operating Instructions Manual

Miele CM 5000 Operating Instructions Manual

Freestanding coffee machine
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Operating Instructions

Freestanding coffee machine
CM 5000
en - US, CA
To prevent accidents
and machine damage
read these instructions
installation or use.
M.-Nr. 07 995 281
Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Miele CM 5000

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions Freestanding coffee machine CM 5000 en - US, CA To prevent accidents and machine damage read these instructions before installation or use. M.-Nr. 07 995 281...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS....... . . 4 Guide to the machine ..........8 Accessories .
  • Page 3 Contents Timer ............37 Default settings .
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using electrical appliances basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following: Read all instructions before installation or use of the coffee system. Proper use Please read these instructions This coffee system is not designed carefully to prevent accidents and for commercial use.
  • Page 5: Technical Safety

    Contact Defective components should be Miele. replaced by Miele original spare parts only. Only with these parts can the Ensure that the power cord will not manufacturer guarantee the safety of be pinched or damaged by any sharp the appliance.
  • Page 6 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Never open the outer casing of the machine. The water should be changed appliance. Tampering with electrical daily to prevent bacteria or mold connections or components and growth. mechanical parts is dangerous and Do not use deionized or mineral may cause machine damage.
  • Page 7: Quick Guide

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Never place a cup with an alcohol-coffee mixture under the coffee dispenser. Plastic parts of the unit could catch fire! Do not place anything that produces an open flame such as a candle on top of or next to the coffee machine. Danger of fire! Disconnect the coffee machine from the electrical supply before cleaning.
  • Page 8: Guide To The Machine

    Guide to the machine a Bean container, ground coffee chute k Cappuccinatore control, to select hot and rotary selector to control the milk, hot water or milk froth fineness of the ground coffee l Air intake nozzle b Display and controls m Milk tubing c Steam and hot water control valve n Milk flask with tubing...
  • Page 9: Display And Controls

    Guide to the machine Display and controls Control Action Function Coffee button Press To dispense coffee Espresso button Press To dispense espresso On/Off button - Press Turns the machine On/Off (Standby mode) Rotary selector Turn in either Displays options or settings direction OK button Press...
  • Page 10: Accessories

    – Descaling tablets for descaling the water pipework These accessories and others are – Test strips available from your Miele dealer or to determine the water hardness online at level – Milk flask for storing and preparing milk...
  • Page 11: First Steps To Use

    See "Filling the water tank"). ^ Turn On "I" the main switch at the back of the machine.. ^ Press the On/Off - button. The welcome message MIELE - WILLKOMMEN appears briefly in the display. Setting the language ^ Turn the rotary selector until the desired language appears in the display.
  • Page 12: Water Hardness

    First steps to use Water hardness Setting the clock ^ Turn the rotary selector until the The hardness of the water used in the desired clock format (12 hour or 24 coffee system must be determined and hour) appears in the display. programmed into the appliance.
  • Page 13 First steps to use The appliance can be set to one of 4 hardness levels: – Level 1 (soft): 0 - 3 gr/gal (0 - 3 °d) – Level 2 (moderate): 4 - 7 gr/gal (4 - 7 °d) – Level 3 (hard): 7 - 15 gr/gal (7 - 14 °d) –...
  • Page 14: Filling The Water Tank

    Filling the water tank ^ Fill the water tank with fresh, cold tap The quality of the water used plays an important part in the overall quality of water to the "Max." mark. the coffee. Be sure the area under the water The water tank should be emptied tank is clean and free of and filled with fresh, cold tap water.
  • Page 15: Filling The Coffee Bean Container

    Filling the coffee bean container Fill the coffee bean container with roasted espresso or coffee beans. Important: Only use roasted espresso or coffee beans in the container. Anything else, including ground coffee, will damage the grinder. Important: Do not use coffee beans ^ Open the lid on the right of the coffee that have been treated with sugar, system a.
  • Page 16: Turning The Machine On / Off

    Turning the machine On / Off The On/Off - button (Standby) can be Turning off used to turn the coffee system on or off, ^ Press the On/Off button -. if the main switch at the back of the machine is turned on. If the automatic rinsing function has been turned on, the pipework will be rinsed before the coffee system turns...
  • Page 17: Pre-Heating Cups

    Pre-heating cups In order to allow the flavor of the coffee to develop and be retained, the cups should be pre-heated. The smaller the volume of coffee/espresso and the thicker the cup, the more important it is to pre-heat the cup. ^ Turn the cappuccinatore dial to .
  • Page 18: Preparing Coffee Or Espresso

    Preparing coffee or espresso Preparing two portions at one When the buttons are pressed, the coffee system automatically grinds time the beans to brew the coffee. Two portions of coffee or espresso can be prepared at the same time. The coffee system will make two portions one right after the other.
  • Page 19: Adjusting The Height Of The Coffee Dispensers

    Preparing coffee or espresso Canceling preparation Adjusting the height of the coffee dispensers The coffee/espresso preparation can be canceled when STOP? appears in The coffee dispensers can be raised or this display. Any coffee beans which lowered to the height of your cup. If the have already been ground will be dispensers are closer the beverage will directed into the waste container.
  • Page 20: Making Coffee Or Espresso Using Ground Coffee

    Making coffee or espresso using ground coffee One portion at a time of coffee or The following message appears in this espresso can be using ground coffee. display: GROUND COFFEE This allows you to prepare a < YES B > decaffeinated coffee, if the bean ^ To prepare the coffee/espresso using container is already filled with regular...
  • Page 21: Preparing Coffee/Espresso Using Ground Coffee

    Making coffee or espresso using ground coffee Preparing coffee/espresso Canceling preparation using ground coffee Coffee preparation can be canceled when STOP? appears in this display. The following message appears in this Any coffee which has already been display: ground will be directed into the waste SELECT DRINK container.
  • Page 22: Frothing And Heating Milk

    Frothing and heating milk The coffee system draws milk through a tube from the milk flask. Steam is then used to heat the milk in the cappuccinatore. If desired, the milk can also be frothed this way. In order to produce the best milk froth, use cold milk.
  • Page 23: Preparing Milk Froth

    Frothing and heating milk Preparing milk froth ^ Turn the cappuccinatore dial to . ^ Place a cup or suitable container under the cappuccinatore. ^ Press the button. The coffee system will heat up. HEATING-UP PHASE will appear in the display.
  • Page 24: Preparing Hot Milk

    Frothing and heating milk Preparing hot milk Canceling preparation Milk preparation can be canceled when STOP? appears in this display. ^ Press the OK button. The preparation is canceled. After preparing milk To prevent the build-up of milk residues, the cappuccinatore needs to be cleaned if more than one hour has elapsed since a drink with milk was prepared.
  • Page 25: Milk Temperature

    Frothing and heating milk Milk temperature Preparing a cappuccino ^ Fill the cup half way with milk froth. The cappuccinatore dial can be used to adjust the temperature of the milk. ^ Place the cup under the coffee dispensers and prepare an espresso. Preparing a Latte Macchiato ^ Fill a Macchiato glass one third full with hot milk.
  • Page 26: Preparing Hot Water

    Preparing hot water If the cappuccinatore has been used to prepare hot milk or milk froth, the cappuccinatore needs to be rinsed. See "Cleaning and care". Use caution. Danger of burning or scalding on the cappuccinatore. The liquid and steam dispensed are very hot.
  • Page 27: Adjusting The Grinder Setting

    Adjusting the grinder setting ^ Place a suitable container under the The grinder setting should be adjusted to suit the type of coffee you are using. coffee dispensers. ^ Open the lid on the right hand side of When the beans are ground correctly the coffee or espresso will flow evenly the coffee system.
  • Page 28: Adjusting The Strength Of The Coffee

    Adjusting the strength of the coffee The ground coffee amount can be set The coffee ground amount can be between 0.2 ounces and 0.5 ounces altered by selecting a different setting. (6 - 14 grams). The greater the quantity Three settings are available: the stronger the coffee or espresso will –...
  • Page 29: Pre-Brewing The Coffee

    Pre-brewing the coffee During pre-brewing a small amount of hot water moistens the ground coffee before the remaining water is pushed through the grounds at high pressure. This helps release the flavor of the coffee. This function can be turned on or off. The machine is delivered with the pre-brewing function turned off.
  • Page 30: Brewing Temperature

    Brewing temperature The ideal brewing temperature depends on the type of coffee, and whether espresso or coffee is being prepared. Three temperatures are available for coffee and espresso: – low – normal – high TIP Not all coffee can withstand high temperatures.
  • Page 31: Setting The Serving Size

    Setting the serving size Programming the amount The amount of water used for each serving of espresso, coffee or hot water using the buttons can be set to suit your taste and cup ^ Press and hold (as desired) for size.
  • Page 32 Setting the serving size Programming the amount using the SETTINGS menu ^ Select PROG. THE AMOUNT from the settings menu. ^ Press and hold the OK button for two seconds. SETTINGS PROG. THE AMOUNT ^ Turn the rotary control until PROG. THE AMOUNT appears in the display.
  • Page 33: Settings Menu

    SETTINGS Menu The SETTINGS menu can be used to customize the coffee system to your preferences. Options currently selected are marked with a check B. If a button has not been pressed for some time, the coffee system will revert to the main menu.
  • Page 34: Options Menu

    SETTINGS Menu Options menu Option Available settings Language Deutsch (German), English and other languages Maintenance Rinse the system Descale Clean the brew unit Time of day Clock display (available in Comfort mode) 12 H / 24 H Timer (available in Comfort mode) switch on at / switch off after (1:00) / switch off at Activate switch on at (12:00) / switch off at (12:00)
  • Page 35: Language

    Language The desired display language can be selected in the SETTINGS menu. ^ Press and hold the OK button for two seconds. SETTINGS < SPRACHE F ^ Turn the rotary selector until LANGUAGE F appears in this display. Confirm with OK. ^ Turn the rotary selector until the desired language appears in this display.
  • Page 36: Time Of Day And Clock Display

    Time of day and clock display Setting the time of day If the coffee system is being operated in Comfort Mode you can set the Time ^ Turn the rotary selector until SET of day and the clock display in the appears in the display.
  • Page 37: Timer

    Timer Setting the timer The timer is only available if you are ^ Press and hold the OK button for two operating the coffee system in seconds. Comfort Mode. SETTINGS The timer can be set so that the coffee < TIMER >...
  • Page 38 Timer ^ Turn the rotary control until the Switch off after desired minutes appear in the If none of the buttons have been display. Confirm with OK. pressed and no drinks have been The setting is now saved. Once you prepared after one the coffee system have activated the timer function (see will turn itself off to save energy.
  • Page 39: To Activate And Deactivate The Timer

    Timer To activate and deactivate the timer If the setting "Switch on at" has been activated, the symbol will appear in the display when the coffee system is in Standby mode. ^ Press and hold the OK button for two seconds.
  • Page 40: Default Settings

    Default settings The settings can be reset to the factory default settings as they were when the machine was first turned on. Refer to the "Options menu" for the default settings marked in bold. The following settings will not be reset: Language Time of day...
  • Page 41: Operating Modes

    Operating modes To select the operating mode The coffee system can be operated in either Eco Mode or Comfort Mode. ^ In the main menu, press and hold the When the coffee machine is operated in OK button for two seconds. Eco Mode, the following will appear in SETTINGS the display while the machine is heating...
  • Page 42: System Lock

    System lock Temporarily deactivating the The coffee system can be locked to prevent it from being used without your system lock consent, e.g. by children. ^ Press and hold the OK button for three seconds. Activating / Deactivating the You are now able to prepare drinks. system lock Once the machine is turned off the If the system lock is activated the...
  • Page 43: Displaying Information

    Displaying information The INFO option can be used to check: – the total number of portions of espresso, coffee, steam and hot water dispensed (TOTAL PORTIONS), – the number of portions of espresso and coffee dispensed (COFFEE), – how many times steam for hot milk and milk froth has been prepared (STEAM), –...
  • Page 44: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Quick guide The coffee system must be cleaned every day to prevent a build-up of bacteria. How often Necessary cleaning If it is going to be more than one Rinse the cappuccinatore hour before dispensing milk again Every day Wash the cappuccinatore (after the last drink of the day is...
  • Page 45: Rinsing The System

    Cleaning and care Turning the automatic rinsing On / Allow the coffee system to cool before cleaning. The water in the The pipework is rinsed automatically drip tray can be very hot. when the coffee system is turned off if May cause burns! this function is turned on, or when the coffee system has prepared at least...
  • Page 46 Cleaning and care Rinsing the system manually The system will need to be rinsed manually if the machine has been used and the automatic rinsing is turned off. ^ Place a suitable container under the coffee dispensers. ^ In the main menu, press and hold the OK button for two seconds.
  • Page 47: Cappuccinatore

    Cleaning and care Cappuccinatore Cleaning the cappuccinatore The cappuccinatore can become Danger of burns. The clogged with milk residues, therefore it cappuccinatore is very hot after use. should be rinsed through if more than Allow it to cool down before an hour has passed since it was last cleaning.
  • Page 48: Milk Flask

    Cleaning and care Water tank ^ Clean all the parts with a mild solution of warm water and liquid The water should be changed everyday dish soap. If necessary a small soft to prevent the build-up of bacteria. brush can be used to remove stubborn soiling.
  • Page 49: Drip Tray Cover

    Cleaning and care Drip tray cover Drip tray and waste container ^ Remove the cover from the drip tray. Clean the drip tray and waste ^ The cover can be cleaned in the container everyday. dishwasher or with a mild solution of The waste container is located in the warm water and liquid dish soap.
  • Page 50 Cleaning and care Drip tray Waste container ^ Push the coffee dispensers up as far The waste container will usually contain as they will go. some residual water from the rinsing process. ^ Push the coffee dispensers up as far as they will go.
  • Page 51: Coffee Bean Container

    Cleaning and care Coffee bean container Brew unit Disconnect the coffee system from Rinse the brew unit by hand only. the electrical supply before Do not use soap. cleaning. If the brew unit cannot be removed ^ Open the lid on the right hand side of or it is difficult to do, the brew unit the coffee system.
  • Page 52 Cleaning and care If the brew unit cannot be remove or is To replace the brew unit, repeat the difficult to do, the brew unit may not be previous steps in the reverse order: in the correct position (see the ^ Push the brew unit back into the "Frequently asked questions").
  • Page 53 The cleaning tablets can ^ Open the lid on the right side of the be purchased from Miele. coffee system. As a reminder the display shows CLEAN THE BREW UNIT after 200 portions have been dispensed and then count down until the machine is cleaned.
  • Page 54: Exterior

    Cleaning and care Exterior Avoid the following on all surfaces: – cleaners containing soda, ammonia, Remove any soiling as soon as thinners, or chlorides possible. If not removed right away the surface of the machine could – cleaners containing descaling alter or discolor.
  • Page 55: Descaling

    PROGRAM will appear in the display. system to optimize the descaling. The descaling tablets can be The descaling program must now be purchased from Miele. performed. The program takes approx. Other agents may damage the 20 minutes. machine and affect the taste of The coffee system can be turned off if coffee and hot water.
  • Page 56 Descaling Selecting Descale via the ^ Replace the water container in the coffee system. MAINTENANCE menu When FILL WATER CONTAINER AND ^ In the main menu press and hold the PLACE IN MACHINE appears in this OK button for two seconds. display: SETTINGS ^ remove the water tank and rinse it...
  • Page 57: Energy Saving Mode

    Energy saving mode Eco-Mode Turning off When using Eco Mode the coffee If the machine will not be used for an system will save energy. extended period of time, turn it off using the main switch at the back of the The coffee system will switch to Eco machine.
  • Page 58: Transport

    Transport ^ When OPEN THE VALVE appears in If the coffee machine will not be used for an extended period of time, e.g. the display turn the valve to the I vacation, or it needs to be moved the symbol. following precautions should be taken: Caution! The cappuccinatore will –...
  • Page 59: Fault Messages

    The coffee machine has overheated Wait approx. one hour and then turn it on again. ^ If the fault still appears, contact Miele Technical Service. Fault - 28 There is too much coffee in If more than one level scoop is put into the the ground coffee chute.
  • Page 60 ^ The drip tray sensor is not working correctly. ^ Turn the coffee system off and then on again using the main switch. If the fault still appears, contact Miele Technical Service. Noises can be heard from the pump and FILL WATER CONTAINER AND PLACE IN THE MACHINE appears in the display.
  • Page 61 ^ Fill the water container with fresh, cold tap water and replace it in the coffee system. If the fault still appears, contact Miele Technical Service. PROCESS STOPPED WATER CONT. EMPTY appears in the display and the dispensing stops.
  • Page 62 Frequently Asked Questions Preparation / dispensing problems Water is dispensed from the coffee dispensers when coffee has been selected. ^ If ground coffee has not been added to the The ground coffee chute lid ground coffee chute, NO must be selected was opened and closed when prompted to use GROUND COFFEE.
  • Page 63 Frequently Asked Questions The coffee or espresso is not hot enough. ^ Pre-heat the cups (see "Pre-heating cups"). The cup has not been pre-heated. ^ Set a higher brew temperature (see "Brewing The brewing temperature is set temperature"). too low. ^ Clean the brew unit.
  • Page 64 Frequently Asked Questions General problems When a drink is selected very little or nothing at all is dispensed from the coffee dispensers. The brew unit filters are blocked. ^ Clean/degrease the brew unit. See "Cleaning and care". Water has stopped flowing when programming the amount. The maximum amount possible was reached.
  • Page 65 ^ The machine is not plugged in. ^ Check that the fuse had not blown or is defective. If the fuse has blown contact Miele's Technical Service Department. The coffee system turns off suddenly. ^ If desired set a new turn off time (see The programmed turn off time has been reached.
  • Page 66 This will initialize the brew unit motor and the brew unit will move into the start position. ^ If the brew unit can still not be removed or replaced in the machine, contact the Miele Technical Service Department. The grinder control will not move.
  • Page 67 Frequently Asked Questions The descaling program was started accidently. ^ Complete the descaling program (see The descaling program cannot "Descaling".) be canceled once the OK button has been pressed. This is a safety measure to ensure that the machine is fully descaled.
  • Page 68: After Sales Service

    After sales service Repairs In the event of a fault which you cannot correct yourself please contact the Miele Service Department by phone number at the back of this booklet. ^ Please quote the model type and number of your appliance.
  • Page 69: Installation Instructions

    Installation instructions Information is subject to change. Please refer to our website to obtain the most current product specification, technical & warranty information.
  • Page 70: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of packing material Disposal of an old appliance The cardboard box and packing Old appliances may contain materials materials protect the appliance during that can be recycled. Please contact shipping. They have been designed to your local recycling authority about the be biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Page 71: Electrical Connection

    Contact a qualified electrician. Do not operate any appliance with a The socket should be located next to damaged cord or plug. Contact Miele the machine and be easily accessible. Technical Service. If the appliance is connected to the...
  • Page 72: Installation

    Installation If the coffee machine is installed in a Danger of overheating! niche, the minimum dimensions of the Ensure that there is sufficient niche are: ventilation around the coffee system. Be sure the vents at the top of the Height 20"...
  • Page 73: Dimensions


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