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Settings; Displaying And Changing Settings; Language; Timer: Switch Off After - Miele CM 5310 Series Operating Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
Displaying and changing


The drinks menu is displayed.
 Touch the  sensor control.
 Select
 Select the menu option that you want
to display or change.
 Confirm with OK.
 Change the setting as required and
confirm with OK.


You can select the language (and
country variant of that language) for all
display text.
Tip: If you select the wrong language
by mistake, you can find the
"Language" option again via the
 symbol.

Timer: switch off after

If none of the sensors have been
touched or no drink has been made, the
coffee machine will switch itself off after
30 minutes to save energy.
You can change this pre-setting using
the arrow sensors  to a time of
between 15 minutes and 9 hours.

Eco mode

Eco mode is an energy-saving mode.
The system does not heat up until
someone starts making a drink.
Eco mode
is activated by default.
and confirm with OK.

Info (display information)

You can display the number of drinks
dispensed so far and how many more
can be dispensed until the maintenance
programmes have to be run.
System lock 
You can lock the coffee machine to
prevent it being used without your
knowledge, by children, for example.
Temporarily deactivating the system
lock 
 Press and hold OK for 6 seconds.
The system lock is reactivated when the
coffee machine is next switched off.

Water hardness

Information regarding water hardness is
given in the "Water hardness" chapter.

Display brightness

Change the display brightness using
the arrow sensors .


You can set the volume of buzzer and
sensor tones using the arrow
sensors .
Tip: To switch off the tones, touch the
arrow sensor , until no segments are
filled and
Switched off

Factory defaults

You can reset the coffee machine to its
factory default settings.


Table of Contents