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Miele CM5300 Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating instructions

Coffee machine

To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance it is essential
to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time.
M.-Nr. 10 793 020



  Summary of Contents for Miele CM5300

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating instructions Coffee machine To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time. en-GB M.-Nr. 10 793 020...
  • Page 2: Miele Coffee

    4 hand-picked types of Arabica beans from the highlands of South America. Miele Coffee is available to order via the Miele webshop, from Miele (see back cover for contact details) or from your Miele dealer.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Miele coffee ...................... 2 Warning and Safety instructions................ 6 Guide to the machine .................. 15 Controls and display ...................  16 Packaging material / Disposal of old machine .......... 17 Accessories ...................... 18 Operation...................... 19 Before using for the first time ................ 20 Before using for the first time ................
  • Page 4 Contents Amount of coffee, brew temperature and pre-brewing ........ 34 Amount of coffee....................34 Brewing temperature ..................... 34 Pre-brewing the coffee ..................34 Portion size ...................... 35 Profiles........................ 37 Accessing profiles ....................37 Creating a profile ....................37 Selecting a profile....................38 Changing a profile ....................
  • Page 5 Contents Descaling the machine .................. 56 Transporting the machine...................  58 Evaporating the coffee machine................58 Packing the machine ..................... 58 Problem solving guide .................. 59 Messages in the display..................59 Unusual performance of the coffee machine ............62 Unsatisfactory results.................... 68 After sales service....................
  • Page 6: Warning And Safety Instructions

    They contain important notes on setting it up, as well as on its safety, operation and maintenance. Miele cannot be held liable for damage caused by non-compliance with these Warning and Safety instructions. Keep the instructions in a safe place and pass them on to any...
  • Page 7 Warning and Safety instructions Correct application  This coffee machine is intended for use in domestic households and similar working and residential environments. Examples of a working or residential environment include – shops, offices and other working environments, – small businesses, showrooms etc., –...
  • Page 8 Warning and Safety instructions Safety with children  Caution! Danger of burning and scalding on the dispensing spouts. Children's skin is far more sensitive to high temperatures than that of adults. Ensure children do not touch hot surfaces of the coffee machine or place parts of their body under the dispensing spouts.
  • Page 9: Technical Safety

    Warning and Safety instructions Technical safety  A damaged coffee machine is dangerous. Check it for any visible damage before setting it up. Never attempt to use a damaged coffee machine.  To avoid the risk of damage to the machine, make sure the connection data (voltage and frequency) on the data plate corresponds to the household supply, before connecting the machine to the mains supply.
  • Page 10 Miele authorised service technician. Otherwise the warranty is invalidated.  Miele can only guarantee the safety of the appliance when genuine original Miele replacement parts are used. Faulty components must only be replaced by genuine Miele original spare parts.
  • Page 11: Correct Use

    Warning and Safety instructions Correct use  Danger of burning and scalding on the dispensing spouts. The liquids and steam dispensed are very hot. Keep well away from the area underneath the spouts when hot liquids and steam are being dispensed. Do not touch hot components.
  • Page 12 Warning and Safety instructions  Only fill the coffee chute with ground coffee beans.  Do not use any caramelised ready ground coffee. The sugar in the coffee will stick to and block the brew unit of the coffee machine. The cleaning tablets for degreasing the brew unit will not remove this type of deposit.
  • Page 13 Descale the coffee machine regularly depending on the water hardness level in your area. Descale the machine more frequently in areas with very hard water. Miele cannot be held liable for damage arising from insufficient descaling, the use of incorrect descaling agent or the use of descaling agent which is not of the appropriate concentration.
  • Page 14 Warning and Safety instructions For machines with stainless steel surfaces:  Do not use sticky notes, transparent adhesive tape, masking tape or other types of adhesive on stainless steel surfaces. These damage the surface, causing it to lose its dirt repellent protective coating.
  • Page 15: Guide To The Machine

    Guide to the machine a Lower panel with drip tray cover f Bean container and ground coffee chute b Central spout with Cappuccinatore g Grinder setting (behind the service and hot water spout panel) c On/Off button  h Brew unit (behind the service panel) d Controls and display i Park position for milk pipework e Water container...
  • Page 16: Controls And Display

    Controls and display a On/Off sensor  f OK For switching the coffee machine on For confirming display messages and and off saving settings b Drink sensors g "Back"  Espresso  For returning to the previous menu, Coffee  cancelling unwanted actions Cappuccino  or h LED Latte macchiato ...
  • Page 17: Packaging Material / Disposal Of Old Machine

    / recycling centre for electrical and electronic appliances, or contact your dealer or Miele for advice. You are also responsible (by law, depending on country) for deleting any personal data that may be stored on the appliance being disposed of.
  • Page 18: Accessories

    These products and other useful Optional accessories accessories can be ordered via the Miele accessories and cleaning and Miele webshop, from Miele (see back conditioning products are available for cover for contact details) or from your your coffee machine. Miele dealer.
  • Page 19: Operation

    The setting which is currently selected  Miele will have a tick  beside it. To select an option, touch the arrow sensors  until the option you want is Select drink highlighted.
  • Page 20: Before Using For The First Time

    (see "Filling the bean container"). Switching on for the first time  Touch the On/Off sensor . The welcome message Miele - Willkommen will appear in the display briefly.  Use the arrow sensors  to highlight the required language.
  • Page 21: Water Hardness

    Water hardness The water hardness level indicates how Setting the water hardness much calcium is dissolved in the water. level The higher the calcium content, the  Touch . harder the water, and the harder the water, the more often the coffee ...
  • Page 22: Filling The Water Container

    Filling the water container  Change the water every day to prevent a build-up of bacteria. Only use cold, fresh tap water to fill the water container. Hot or warm water or other liquids can damage the coffee machine. Do not use mineral water. Mineral water will cause serious limescale deposits to build up in your machine and damage it.
  • Page 23: Filling The Coffee Bean Container

    Filling the coffee bean container Fill the coffee bean container with Tip: You can use a nut or seed grinder roasted coffee or espresso beans if you to grind green coffee beans. These want to use freshly ground coffee beans types of grinder generally have a for each cup of espresso or coffee.
  • Page 24: Switching On And Off

    Switching on and off Switching the coffee machine Switching the coffee machine  Touch the On/Off sensor .  Touch the On/Off sensor . The appliance heats up and rinses the If the coffee machine has been used for pipework. Hot water will run out of the making a drink it will rinse itself before central spout.
  • Page 25: Adjusting The Central Spout To The Correct Cup Height

    Adjusting the central spout to the correct cup height You can adjust the central spout to suit the height of the cup you are using so that the coffee or espresso will not cool down as quickly and the crema will have a better consistency.
  • Page 26: Making Drinks

    Making drinks The following drinks with milk can be  The spouts present a danger of made: burning or scalding. The liquids and steam dispensed are – Ristretto . This is a concentrated, very hot. strong espresso. It is made with the same quantity of ground coffee as for Keep well away from the area an espresso, but with very little water.
  • Page 27: Cancelling A Drink

    Making drinks Cancelling a drink Two portions  To cancel making a drink, touch the You can dispense two portions into one drinks sensor or  for drinks from cup or dispense two portions into two Other drinks again. cups at the same time. The machine will stop dispensing.
  • Page 28: Coffee Pot: Making Several Cups Of Coffee One After The Other

    Miele for the "Coffeee pot" function. other The CK JUG vacuum flask is available You can make several cups of coffee to order via the Miele webshop, from one after the other automatically with Miele (see back cover for contact function (max. 0.75 litre), Coffee pot details) or from your Miele dealer.
  • Page 29: Dispensing Hot Water (Cm5400, Cm5500)

    Making drinks Dispensing hot water (CM5400, CM5500)  Caution! Danger of burning and scalding on the central spout. Water coming out of the spout is very hot. Please note that the water dispensed is not hot enough for making black tea. ...
  • Page 30: Making Drinks Using A Profile (Cm5400, Cm5500)

    Making drinks Making drinks using a profile (CM5400, CM5500) You can tailor drinks to your personal preferences and save them in a profile. If you have already created your own profile (see "Profiles"), you can select this to make a drink according to your own preferences.
  • Page 31: Making Coffee With Milk

    Making coffee with milk Tip: Using cold cow's milk (< 10 °C)  Caution. Danger of burning and with a protein content of at least 3 % scalding from the central spout. will produce the perfect milk froth. Liquids and steam dispensed from You can select milk with a fat content the spouts will be very hot.
  • Page 32: Making Drinks With Milk

    10 °C). select: The MB-CM milk flask is available to Caffè latte, Hot milk and Milk froth order via the Miele webshop, from Miele (see back cover for contact details) or The drink will now be made. from your Miele dealer.
  • Page 33: Grinder Setting

    Grinder setting When the beans are ground correctly, the coffee or espresso will flow evenly into the cup with a good crema. The crema should have an even nut- brown colour. The grinder setting you select will be used for all coffee drinks. There are various ways to tell whether the coffee grinder is set correctly.
  • Page 34: Amount Of Coffee, Brew Temperature And Pre-Brewing

    Amount of coffee, brew temperature and pre-brewing You can set the amount of coffee, the – the espresso or coffee tastes bitter. brewing temperature and pre-brewing Decrease the amount of coffee so that for each drink individually. To do this, less ground coffee is brewed.
  • Page 35: Portion Size

    Portion size The flavour of the coffee produced Changing the portion size depends not only on the type of coffee, while making a drink but also on the amount of water used. You can change and save the portion You can programme the amount of size for Espresso , Coffee , water for all coffee drinks and hot water Cappuccino ...
  • Page 36 Portion size Changing the portion sizes in the Parameters menu You can only change the portion sizes for Long coffee, Caffè Latte, hot milk and milk froth via the "Parameters" menu.  Place a suitable container underneath the central spout.  Touch  and then select Parameters ...
  • Page 37: Profiles

    (CM5400, CM5500) Letters will appear in the display that you can select with the arrow sensors. In addition to the Miele profile, you can You can use the arrow sensors to select enter two individual profiles to cater for numbers, upper case and lower case different tastes and preferences.
  • Page 38: Selecting A Profile

    – To enter new characters, highlight the You can programme the coffee machine relevant character and confirm with so that it changes back to the Miele profile automatically after each drink has been dispensed, so that the Miele – Save the new name by selecting  in profile is always active when the the display and touching OK.
  • Page 39: Settings

    Settings Opening the "Settings" menu Changing and saving settings  Touch . Start in the Settings menu.  Select  Select the setting you wish to change Settings with the  arrow sensor and then touch OK. with the arrow sensors . Touch OK. You can now check or change the ...
  • Page 40: Possible Setting Options

    Settings Possible setting options The factory default for each option has a * next to it. Option Available settings Language  deutsch * English and other languages Country Timer Switch off after (0:30)* Eco mode Info Number of drinks – Total coffee drinks Total no.
  • Page 41: Language

    Settings Language Info (display information) You can select the language (and Info option allows you to see the country variant of that language) for all number of portions made for each display text. drink. Tip: If you select the wrong language You can also see whether more than by mistake, you can find the 50 portions can be dispensed before...
  • Page 42: Water Hardness

    Settings Water hardness Demo mode (Showroom programme) Information regarding water hardness is given in the "Water hardness" chapter. Do not activate this setting for domestic use! Display brightness The coffee machine can be Change the display brightness using demonstrated in the showroom using the arrow sensors .
  • Page 43: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care  Clean the coffee machine regularly to avoid a build-up of bacteria. Cleaning intervals - Quick guide Recommended frequency What do I have to clean / maintain? Daily Water container (at the end of the day) Waste container Drip tray and drip tray cover Once a week Central spout with integrated cappuccinatore...
  • Page 44: Cleaning By Hand Or In The Dishwasher

    Cleaning and care The following components are Cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher safe: dishwasher The maximum temperature of the Please note that the brew unit is not dishwashing programme selected dishwasher safe. must not exceed 55 °C. Clean the brew unit by hand only under warm running water.
  • Page 45 Cleaning and care All surfaces are susceptible to scratching. Scratches on glass can in some circumstances lead to breakage. Contact with unsuitable cleaning agents can alter or discolour the external surfaces. Ensure that any splashes of descaling solution are wiped up immediately.
  • Page 46: Waste Container, Drip Tray And Drip Tray Cover

    Cleaning and care Waste container, drip tray and Clean the lower panel by hand only drip tray cover using hot water, a little washing up liquid and a soft cloth. Clean the drip tray and waste All other parts are dishwasher-safe. container every day to avoid unpleasant smells and mildew.
  • Page 47: Cleaning The Water Container

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the water container Central spout with integrated cappuccinatore Change the water every day to prevent a build-up of bacteria. Clean the stainless steel central spout cover by hand only using Make sure that the valve, the warm water and a little washing-up underside of the water container and liquid.
  • Page 48 Cleaning and care Clean any blockages in the milk pipework under running water with the special brush supplied:  Insert the brush in the pipework. Move it back and forth until all milk residue has been removed. Reassemble the central spout The dispensing unit is easier to reassemble if the individual parts are dampened with water beforehand.
  • Page 49: Milk Pipework

    Cleaning and care Milk pipework Bean container and ground coffee chute  Ensure that all components in which milk is transported are cleaned  Danger of injury from the grinder! carefully on a regular basis. Milk Switch off the machine and naturally contains bacteria that disconnect it from the power supply rapidly multiply if the milk pipework...
  • Page 50: Cleaning The Housing

    Dry all  Select and touch OK. Maintenance parts with a soft cloth. You can now select a maintenance Tip: You can also clean the appliance programme. front with the Miele all purpose microfibre cloth.
  • Page 51: Rinsing The Machine

    Cleaning and care Rinsing the machine Rinsing the milk pipework You can rinse the water and coffee Milk residues can block the milk pipework of the coffee machine pipework. The milk pipework should manually. therefore be rinsed regularly. If a drink has been made using milk, the prompt If coffee has been dispensed, the to insert the end of the milk tube into...
  • Page 52 Miele coffee machines and prevents subsequent damage. It is available to order via the Miele webshop or directly from Miele (see the end of this booklet for contact details). Clean milk pipework maintenance ...
  • Page 53: Degreasing The Brew Unit And Cleaning Inside

    Cleaning and care Start "Degreasing brew unit" Degreasing the brew unit and cleaning inside You need 1 Miele cleaning tablet to degrease the brew unit. Depending on the natural oil content of the coffee used, the brew unit can  Touch .
  • Page 54 Cleaning and care Make sure you regularly remove any damp ground coffee residues to prevent the build-up of mould.  Press and hold the button under the brew unit handle  and, whilst doing so, turn the handle to the left . ...
  • Page 55 Cleaning and care Insert the brew unit with a cleaning tab in it Degrease the brew unit when and close the machine will appear in the prompted to do so. display. No drinks can be made and Degrease the brew unit appears in the display.
  • Page 56: Descaling The Machine

    Descaling must be carried out. The tablets for optimum results. process takes approx. 15 minutes. These have been specially developed The coffee machine prompts you when for use with Miele coffee machines and it needs to be descaled.   No. of uses prevent subsequent damage. will until appliance needs descaling:  50...
  • Page 57 Descaling the machine You will need one descaling tablet to residue remains in the water descale the machine. container. Fill the water container to the  symbol with fresh tap water. The cleaning process is finished at the end of the rinsing cycle. You can now make drinks again.
  • Page 58: Transporting The Machine

    Transporting the machine If you are not going to use the coffee The evaporation process is finished machine for an extended period of time, when Prog. finished appears in the e.g. whilst on holiday, or if it needs to display and the display then goes out. be moved, a number of procedures will ...
  • Page 59: Problem Solving Guide

    Follow the instructions which appear in the display to remedy the problem. If after this, the fault message appears in the display again, contact Miele Service. Problem Cause and remedy F1, F2, There is an internal fault.
  • Page 60 Problem solving guide Problem Cause and remedy F73 or The brew unit cannot be positioned correctly. Check the brew unit  Switch the machine off with the On/Off  sensor.  Switch off at the wall socket and remove the plug. Wait for two minutes before inserting the plug back in the socket and switching on.
  • Page 61 Problem solving guide Problem Cause and remedy Too much ground coffee There is too much ground coffee in the coffee chute. The brew unit cannot compact ground coffee if more than two level spoonfuls of ground coffee are added to the coffee chute. The ground coffee will be emptied into the waste container and the fault message will appear in the display.
  • Page 62: Unusual Performance Of The Coffee Machine

     Switch the coffee machine off at the wall socket and unplug it.  Contact a qualified electrician or Miele Service. The coffee machine The switch-off time programmed using the timer has switches off suddenly.
  • Page 63 Problem solving guide Problem Cause and remedy The water container is Droplets of water have settled between the water empty. container and the side walls of the casing, or this area Fill and replace the water container has not is damp (see illustration). appeared in the display.
  • Page 64 Problem solving guide Problem Cause and remedy Empty the drip tray and the The drip tray is not positioned correctly in the appears machine. waste container in the display, even  Push the drip tray in as far as it will go. though the drip tray has ...
  • Page 65 Problem solving guide Problem Cause and remedy Coffee dispensing is This is not a fault. repeatedly interrupted The brew unit has not detected the ground coffee. and the message Fill the The coffee may be too finely ground or there may not bean container appears in be enough of it.
  • Page 66 Problem solving guide Problem Cause and remedy The milk sputters when The milk temperature is too high. Good milk froth can it is dispensed. Hissing only be achieved with cold milk (below 10°C). noises can be heard  Check the temperature of the milk. when milk is being The central dispenser with integrated cappucinatore is heated up or frothed.
  • Page 67 Problem solving guide Problem Cause and remedy The underside of the Too many drinks have been made one after the other coffee bean container and the ground coffee chute is not closed or not cover is very damp properly closed. Steam has risen up from the brew Drops of water are unit via the ground coffee chute and condensed visible.
  • Page 68: Unsatisfactory Results

    Problem solving guide Unsatisfactory results Problem Cause and remedy The coffee is not hot The cup has not been pre-heated. enough. The smaller the cup and the thicker its sides, the more important it is to pre-heat it.  Pre-heat the cup, for example, with hot water. The brewing temperature has been set too low.
  • Page 69  Fill the container with fresh beans. There may be stones in amongst the coffee beans.  Switch the coffee machine off immediately. Call Miele. The coffee flows too The coffee is too coarsely ground. quickly into the cup.
  • Page 70: After Sales Service

    The appliance warranty is valid for 2 cannot remedy yourself, please contact years from date of purchase. In the UK, your Miele Dealer or Miele Service. you must activate your cover by calling 0330 160 6640 or registering online at Contact information for Miele Service
  • Page 71: Saving Energy

    Saving energy The following tips can help you save energy and money as well as care for the environment: – Operate the coffee machine in "Eco mode" (default setting). – Energy consumption may increase if you change the settings for the "timers".
  • Page 72: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection Before connecting the appliance, make The machine must not be used with so- sure that the connection data on the called energy saving plugs. These data plate (voltage and frequency) reduce the amount of energy supplied match the mains electricity supply. to the machine, causing it to overheat.
  • Page 73: Installation

    Installation If the machine is installed in a niche, the Danger of overheating niche must provide the following Please ensure that there is adequate minimum dimensions: ventilation around the machine. Do not cover the machine with tea Height 510 mm towels or similar objects whilst it is in Width 450 mm use.
  • Page 74: Dimensions

    Dimensions a = 241 mm b = 360 mm c = 460 mm...
  • Page 75: Technical Data

    Technical data Current draw in standby mode < 0.5 Watt (default setting) Pump pressure: max. 15 bar Through-flow heater: 1 stainless steel thermo block Dimensions (W x H x D): 241 x 360 x 460 mm Net weight: 9.48 kg Connection cable length: 120 cm Water container 1.3 l capacity: Bean container 200 g capacity: Waste container max.
  • Page 79 Tel. +971 4 3044 999 Tel: (01) 461 07 10, Fax: (01) 461 07 97 Fax. +971 4 3418 852 E-Mail:, Internet: 800-MIELE (64353) Manufacturer: Miele & Cie. KG E-Mail: Website: Carl-Miele-Straße 29, 33332 Gütersloh, Germany...
  • Page 80 CM5300,  CM5400,  CM5500  en-GB M.-Nr. 10 793 020 / 00...

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