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Connection; Connecting The Indoor Unit With Integrated Electric Booster Heater; Filling The Outdoor Unit, Indoor Unit And Heating; System - Bosch Compress 3000 AWES 2-6 Installation Manual

Indoor unit for air to water heat pump
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Connecting the indoor unit with integrated electric booster
Install the following connections at the indoor unit:
1. Run the drain hose from [6] fig. 7 to a frost protected outlet.
Fig. 7
Connection of an indoor unit with an immersion heater to a heat pump and heating system
Heat transfer medium out to ODU outdoor unit 3/8" (Liquid)
Heat transfer medium in from ODU outdoor unit 5/8" (Gas)
Flow to heating system
Waste water outlet, outlet from pressure relief valve
Return from heating system
Water/air filter
Filling the outdoor unit, indoor unit and heating system
Purge the heating system first. If the DHW cylinder is connected to the
system, it must be filled with water and also purged.
Then fill the heating system.
After the system has been filled, vent it thoroughly and clean the water
▶ Fill the system according to these instructions.
▶ Start the system according to the instructions for the control unit.
▶ Vent the system according to the chapter 6.1.
▶ Clean the particle filter as described in chapter 7.1.
2. Connect heat transfer medium pipes from the heat pump to [2] fig.
3. Connect heat transfer medium pipes to the heat pump [1] fig. 7.
4. Connect the return from the heating system to [7] fig. 7.
5. Connect the flow from the heating system to [5] fig. 7.
Compress 3000 AWES – 6720892204 (2020/06)



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