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Verifying The Aix Device Driver Software; Upgrading A Sas Raid Storage Adapter; Pcie Adapter Details - IBM Power System Series Manual

Managing pcie adapters for the machine types 9008, 9009, 9040, 9080, 9223, and the emx0 pcie3 expansion drawer
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What to do next
You can verify if the device driver has installed for the PCI adapter. For instructions, see "Verifying the AIX
device driver software" on page 50.

Verifying the AIX device driver software

Find information about how to verify if whether the AIX device driver is installed for a PCI adapter.
About this task
To verify that the AIX device driver for an adapter is installed, do the following steps:
1. If necessary, log in as root user.
2. At the command line, type lslpp -l devices.xxxxxxxxxx where xxxxxxxxxx is the device
package name.
3. Press Enter.
If the adapter device driver is installed, the following is an example of the data that is displayed on the
File set
Path: /usr/lib/objrepos
Verify that the file sets are installed at the AIX version level you are running. Level is an example.
If no data is displayed on your screen, the adapter device driver was not installed correctly. Try
reinstalling the driver.

Upgrading a SAS RAID storage adapter

Find information about upgrading the PCI-X and PCIe SAS RAID storage adapters with PCIe2 or PCIe3
SAS RAID storage adapters.
The PCIe2 and PCIe3 SAS RAID adapters add the industry standard T-10 Data Integrity Fields (DIF) for
superior data protection. The T-10 DIF attaches three fields to each data block. During the operation, the
DIFs can be checked at different points to detect data corruption or inappropriate use. When upgrading
from PCI-X and PCIe SAS RAID storage adapters (which did not utilize the T-10 DIF fields) to PCIe2 or
PCIe3 SAS RAID storage adapters, an automatic conversion process is performed to generate the T-10
DIFs on each data block. Once this conversion is performed, the devices are not usable on the previous
PCI-X or PCIe SAS RAID storage adapters unless they are reformatted.

PCIe adapter details

Find information about using and managing the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe)
adapters that are supported for the IBM Power System L922 (9008-22L), IBM Power System S922
(9009-22A), or IBM Power System H922 (9223-22H), and EMX0 PCIe Gen3 I/O expansion drawer. Also,
find information about specifications and installation notes for specific adapters.
PCIe 2-line WAN with modem (FC 2893, FC 2894, FC EN13, and FC EN14; CCIN 576C)
Learn about the features of the PCIe 2-Line WAN with Modem.
This adapter is a 2-line per port WAN with modem PCIe adapter. Port 0 is the modem port and supports
V.92 56K Async PPP, V.92 data modem, V.44 data compression, V.34 FAX modem and FAX functions, such
as ECM and 2D/1D conversion. Port 0 does not provide Sync modem capabilities (SDLC and Sync PPP).
Port 1 is the RVX port and supports multiple communications protocols, including synchronous
50 Power Systems: Managing PCIe adapters
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