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Managing Pcie Adapters For The 9040-Mr9 System - IBM Power System Series Manual

Managing pcie adapters for the machine types 9008, 9009, 9040, 9080, 9223, and the emx0 pcie3 expansion drawer
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Table 5. SAS RAID Controllers supported for the 9009-41A, 9009-42A, or 9223-42H system (continued)
Feature Code
For more information about the PCIe3 SAS RAID controllers, see the following topics:
• SAS RAID controllers for AIX
• SAS RAID controllers for IBM i
• SAS RAID controllers for Linux
• SAS subsystem for the 9040-MR9

Managing PCIe adapters for the 9040-MR9 system

Find information about using and managing the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe)
adapters that are supported for the IBM Power System E950 (9040-MR9) server. Also, find information
about specifications and installation notes for specific adapters.
Overview of managing PCIe adapters for the 9040-MR9 system
Find information about using and managing Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) adapters.
The following features are electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Class B features. See the Class B Notices
in the Hardware Notices section.
Table 6. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Class B features
The adapter information that is shown here is used during non-directed service activities. The information
can be used to:
• Identify an adapter
• Find specific technical information about an adapter
• Where applicable, show special installation or cabling instructions
• Show signal names for the output-pins of the adapter connectors
• Where applicable, show the settings for switches or jumpers
Adapters can be identified by their feature code (FC) or their custom-card identification number (CCIN).
Normally, the CCIN number is labeled on the adapter. The field replaceable unit (FRU) part number (P/N)
of your adapter might not match the FRU P/N listed in this information. If the part numbers do not match,
6 Power Systems: Managing PCIe adapters
12 SFF with RDX - PCIe3 x8
cache SAS RAID internal adapter
6 Gb (FC EJ1M; CCIN 57D8);
Adapter FRU number: 01JC773
POWER GXT145 PCI Express Graphics Accelerator
4 Port Async EIA-232 PCIe Adapter
PCIe2 2-port 10 GbE BaseT RJ45 Adapter
Storage backplane with dual integrated SAS
controllers with write cache. High-performance
controllers run SFF-3 SAS bays, 1.8-inch SSD
cage bays if supported, and DVD bay in the system
unit. Dual controllers (also called dual I/O
adapters or paired controllers) and their write
cache are placed in integrated slots and do not
use PCIe slots.
The high-performance SAS controllers provide
RAID-0, RAID-5, RAID-6, RAID-10, RAID-5T2,
RAID-6T2, and RAID-10T2 support. Patented
Active/Active configurations with at least two
arrays is supported.



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