Assembling The Floor Sweeper; Battery Charging; Working With The Floor Sweeper - Silvercrest SAB 4.8 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Rechargeable floor sweeper
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Assembling the floor sweeper

The numbers before the operating steps refer to the
illustrations on the fold-out page.
Assemble the broomstick by inserting the 3
elements into each other and turn to secure.
Screw the stick in the device mounting.
Attach the wall bracket with the enclosed

Battery charging

The rechargeable battery floor sweeper is supplied
with an empty Ni-MH rechargeable battery. To
ensure that the battery will receive its full efficiency
it is necessary to charge the battery for 16 hours
prior to initial use. Charging processes thereafter
take 12 - 16 hours.
With fully charged battery the device provides an
operating time of 30 minutes before recharging be-
comes necessary.
To charge the battery, ensure that the battery brush
is switched off.
if necessary, switch it off at the switch,
insert the plug of the charger into the charging
socket of the appliance and then the mains plug
into a mains power socket.
The red charging lamp is illuminated during the
charging process. If this is not the case, check
the plug connections.
Once the charging process is over, the device
switches over to the charge maintenance position
(management function). However, it is not advisable
to leave the device permanently connected to the
mains charging device so as to prevent the batteries
from possibly getting damaged.
• Only use the enclosed charger
200 mA). Other charging devices could
irreparably damage the appliance!
• Only operate the device with the enclosed
rechargeable battery. It could otherwise get
• Do not attempt to remove the rechargeable
battery for charging.
• Do not attempt to open the rechargeable battery
jacket or dismantle the battery, this would
destroy it.

Working with the floor sweeper

• Never use the device with the dirt container
removed. The dirt would only be swirled around!
• Keep end of rotating brush, wands and other
openings away from your face and body. Risk of
Press the switch to start the rechargeable battery
floor sweeper. Press again to switch off the
• Guide the rechargeable battery floor sweeper
over the floor.
• You can leave the floor sweeperstick locked in
vertical position during work interruptions.
With some types of carpet the rechargeable battery
floor sweeper could rattle or bounce. In this case
work slowly and in the opposite direction.
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