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Reversing The Door Swing - Kenwood KIC93FF Instruction Book


Reversing the door swing

Both the Fridge and the Freezer door can be
reversed, however this is done separately.
• Ensure the Fridge/Freezer is unplugged
and empty.
• We recommend you have someone to assist.
Slide the Fridge/Freezer door down about 15cm
[6"] and take off the top hinge pin and lift away
from the Fridge/Freezer.
Remove the screw from the side of the
Fridge/Freezer where the bracket is to be
re-fitted and replace on the other side.
Tools required
• Phillips style screwdriver
• Flat bladed screwdriver
Note: to take the door off. it is necessary to tilt
the Fridge/Freezer backward. You should rest
the Fridge/Freezer on something solid e.g. a
chair just below the top panel.
DO NOT lay the Fridge/Freezer completely flat
as this may cause damage.
Remove the hinge bush at the top of the door
and swap it with the blanking plate on the other
side. Repeat with the hinge bush and blanking
plate on the bottom of the door.
Slide the Fridge/Freezer door back on to the
top hinge, making sure it's the right way up.
Screw the bottom hinge into place on the new
side. Replace the adjustable feet.
Remove the adjustable feet from the bottom of
the Fridge/Freezer hinge brackets. Undo the
two screws in each bracket using the Phillips
Using the flat bladed screw driver remove the
pin from the top bracket. Replace it in the hinge
bracket on the opposite side of the Fridge/Freezer.
Check that door is
aligned horizontally
and vertically and that
the seals are closed on
all sides before finally
tightening the bottom
Re-adjust the levelling
Remove the screws, feet and the bracket. Place
to one side.
Take the bottom hinge and remove the hinge pin
from the bracket, replace it in the alternate hole
and use the screwdriver to re-secure.