Reversing The Door Swing - Kenwood KNF55B17 Installation Instructions Manual

55cm total frost free fridge freezer
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reversing the door swing

tools required: Philips style screwdriver / Flat bladed screwdriver / Hexagonal spanner
• Ensure the unit is unplugged and empty.
• To take the door off it is necessary to tilt the unit backwards. You should rest the unit
on something solid, e.g. a chair just below the top panel.
• All parts removed must be saved to do the reinstallation of the door.
• Do not lay the unit flat as this may damage the coolant system.
• We recommend that 2 people handle the unit during assembly.
• If you want to have the door swing reversed, we recommend that you contact a
qualified technician. You should only try to reverse the door yourself if you believe that
you are qualified to do so.
1. Remove the upper hinge cover, screws
and upper hinge. Lift the upper door and
place it on a padded surface to prevent
from being scratched. Remove the screw
hole cover from the opposite side and
move to cover the hole here.
Upper hinge cover has left and right
side. The upper hinge cover packed
as an accessory is for the left side.
2. Remove the screw and stop block from the
bottom of the upper door and move it to
the opposite side. Remove also the door
stopper and keep it for future use. For the
opposite side, use the door stopper for left
side. Screw tightly.
Door stopper has left and right side.
The door stopper packed as an
accessory is for the left side.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents