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Getting Started - Kenwood KIC93FF Instruction Book


Getting Started

Switching on your Fridge/Freezer
1 Before connecting the Fridge/Freezer to the mains supply make
sure that the thermostat control dial is set at position 0 which is
Off. This is located on the control panel on the outside of
the Fridge/Freezer.
2 Turn the thermostat knob anti-clockwise to set it to the desired
position, bear in mind that the further round the dial is,
the colder the temperature.
3 Wait 24 hours before placing food into the Fridge/Freezer,
the temperature inside your Fridge/Freezer will then be cool
enough to chill and freeze foods sufficiently.
Adjusting the temperature
The internal temperature of your Fridge/Freezer is controlled by
a thermostat.
The thermostat control dial for the Fridge/Freezer is located on the
control panel at the top of your Fridge/Freezer.
Low position
This setting should be used when the appliance
is used in a colder environment
(e.g. during winter).
Medium position
This setting should be used in hot environments
(e.g. during summer).
High Position
Super Freezing. This setting can be used for
freezing fresh food quickly but should not be
used for normal operation.
See 'Super Freezing' below.
NOTE: The Fridge/Freezer may not operate at the correct
temperature if it is in a particularly hot or cold room or if you open
the Fridge/Freezer door too often.
Thermostat control dial
Super Freezing
This function is for freezing fresh food. This makes your
Fridge/Freezer colder (approx -30°C). Therefore food will be
frozen quicker, helping to retain more of the goodness. Freezing
will be complete after 24 hours. After this time turn the thermostat
control dial back to position 3-4, to allow the Fridge/Freezer to
return to its normal temperature (-18°C). Never freeze large
quantities of fresh food at one time.
Is the Fridge/Freezer cold enough?
If you are at all concerned that your Fridge/Freezer is not being
kept cold enough, or you occasionally wish to check the
temperature, you can purchase a fridge/Fridge/Freezer
thermometer. These are available from most supermarkets and
hardware shops. Place the thermometer in the middle basket of the
Fridge/Freezer, where it can be read easily. Leave overnight,
the correct temperature should be -18°C or lower.
Control lights
Mains power
Alarm button
This light glows continually when electricity is being supplied to
the Fridge/Freezer.
If the light goes out, check:
• That the plug has not been removed accidentally
• That the switch on the electricity socket is turned on
• That the fuse in the plug has not blown
Try another household appliance, such as a lamp, in the socket.
If all the above are in order, the green light bulb may have blown.
Contact the local store where your purchase was made.
This light glows when the temperature inside the Freezer raises
above the set temperature. An alarm will sound when if this
happens, press the alarm button to switch off.