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Kenwood KIC93FF Instruction Book page 2

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Introducing Your New Fridge/Freezer
Before use
Please read these instructions and the Safety guidelines on page 8 carefully before
using your new Kenwood Fridge/Freezer. The Fridge/Freezer is for indoor,
domestic use only.
Control panel
Internal light
Adjustable shelves
Bottle storage
Salad bin
Ice tray
Freezer draws
Defrosting spout
Levelling feet
(behind kick strip)
Install Your New Fridge/Freezer
When selecting a position for your Fridge/Freezer you should make sure the floor is flat and
firm, and the room is well ventilated with an average room temperature of between 12°C and
32°C. Avoid locating your Fridge/Freezer near a heat source, eg. cooker, boiler or radiator.
Also avoid direct sunlight in lean-to's or sun lounges.
If you are placing your Fridge/Freezer in an out-building such as a garage or annex ensure that
the Fridge/Freezer is placed above the damp course, otherwise condensation will occur on the
Fridge/Freezer cabinet. Never place the Fridge/Freezer in a wall recess or into fitted cabinets or
furniture. When your Fridge/Freezer is working, the grille at the back may become hot and the
sides warm. It must therefore be installed so that the back of the Fridge/Freezer has at least 9cm
") of free space and the sides have 2cm (
the right or the left, depending on the location which suits you. See page 6 if you want to
reverse the door swing. Do not drape the Fridge/Freezer with any
Levelling the Fridge/Freezer
If the Fridge/Freezer is not level, the door and magnetic seal
alignment will be affected and may cause your Fridge/Freezer to
work incorrectly. Once the Fridge/Freezer is placed in its final
location, adjust the Levelling Feet at the front by turning them.
Cleaning before use
Wipe the inside of the Fridge/Freezer with a weak solution of bicarbonate of soda.
Then rinse with warm water using a 'wrung-out' sponge or cloth. Wash the baskets and
shelves in warm soapy water and dry completely before replacing in the Fridge/Freezer.
The external parts of the Fridge/Freezer can be cleaned with wax polish. See page 8 for
more details on cleaning.
Before plugging in YOU MUST
Check that you have a socket which is compatible with the plug supplied with the
Fridge/Freezer. If not, see the section called ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS on the back cover.
Before switching on!
The coolant fluid needs time to settle.
Before filling your Fridge/Freezer
Before storing foods in your Fridge/Freezer, turn the Fridge/Freezer on and wait for 12 hours,
to make sure it is working properly and to allow the Fridge/Freezer to fall to the correct
temperature. See page 4 for more details.
"). The Fridge/Freezer door can either open to



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