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Installation And Assembly; F1 Customer Responsibilities; F2 Characteristics Of The Place Of Installation; Figure 5 Recess Dimensions - Electrolux NUC1DDRUKP Manual

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Machine installation operations
must only be carried out by
specialized Technicians pro-
vided with all the appropriate
personal protection equipment
(safety shoes, gloves, glasses,
overalls, etc.), tools, utensils
and ancillary means.
Customer responsibilities
The tasks and works required of the Customer are:
Install a disconnecting switch of capacity not less
than that given in the technical data table, a 30 mA
differential switch and an overcurrent protection
device (manual reset thermal magnetic or fuse)
ahead of the equipment. The device used must be
lockable in the open position in case of mainte-
Install an adequate electrical power supply ahead
of the machine, according to the equipment's tech-
nical specifications (Table 1 and D2 "Power supply
the equipotential connection of the workplace elec-
trical system to the metal structure of the machine
by means of a copper cable of adequate section
(see position "Q" in par. F5.2 "Installation diagram");
ducting for the electrical connection between the
workplace electric panel and the equipment;
the water supply and drain connections and other
connections as indicated in Table 1 and par.
Figure 8 "Unpacking".
Characteristics of the place of installation
The machine is designed for installation in professional
and not domestic-type kitchens. Water collection traps/
metal grates must be arranged in the floor at the
machine discharges (see par. F5.2 "Installation dia-
gram"), possibly replaceable with a single water trap
sized for a flow rate of at least 3 l/s.

Figure 5 Recess dimensions



If the machine is installed on a special support
(e.g. work surface), make sure the support is firmly
secured to the floor. In this case, proceed as follows:
1. Lay the machine gently on a side.
2. Access the bottom of the machine and unscrew the
4 feet.
3. Make four
9 mm though holes in the support,
respecting distances given in Figure 6.

Figure 6 Drill the support

4. Place the dishwasher on the support, matching the
holes just made with the seats of the feet in the bot-
tom of the machine (Figure 7).
5. Secure the machine firmly using M8 screws.

Figure 7 Machine installation on support

431 mm


Table of Contents

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